Saturday, April 25, 2009


I wish I was talking about baseball. Red Sox beat the Yankees 5 to 4 yesterday. Waaahooo! But, sorry... I am not. I'll leave that to the guys who are good at telling a good sports tale. (Gotta love them.)

Every year our town has a giant town yard sale. People get into this event like you would not believe. They even make foods that you can purchase and eat while you look at their junk... er... stuff. It's such a big deal.

I like to go to yard sales sometimes. I have to have money that I feel that I can spare. I can't spend money easily. We have had some lean times and its just too hard to come by. My friend K tells me that I am being silly. That I can save money buying at yard sales. Yes, if I was going to spend money getting one of those for more money somewhere else. But not if I am grabbing up random stuff because it seems like a good deal. That's not saving... that's spending.

The entire town gets into this. You can buy an "X" on the yard sale map that they print. Signs are everywhere. Balloons too. Lots of balloons to grab our attention.

But the one thing that really drives me wild are the herds of people. They are everywhere and they don't watch what they are doing. Car doors open suddenly as you pass. They walk out from between mini vans in front of your car. They stop in the middle of the street to look at their maps. Or crawl along trying to find an address.

This morning before I had anywhere near enough coffee to deal with idiots... I'm sitting at a stop sign behind a maroon SUV with darkened windows. I sit there and sit there and I'm still sitting there but getting mad. The clown car does not have a normal horn. This car that runs on curses and prayer only honks when it feels like it. That's usually when I have accidentally set my purse on the honk button that refuses to work for me otherwise.

So I am good and steamed at the SUV and I give a good poke at the horn button only to get silence. I roll down my window as I grab my purse and bash the steering wheel with it. The horn honks! The secret it seems is in using a purse. Right about then a woman comes hurrying from the sidewalk around the front of the SUV, she opens the door and jumps inside yelling "Sorry... I just had to stop and..."

I'm glad it only comes once a year. Next weekend is Spring Clean Up where the whole town gets rid of junk and yard debris. They put giant dumpsters out for us to use. So it's interesting to see the stuff going down the road in the back of so many trucks. Sort of a trash on parade. That one I enjoy. Plus the town looks pretty good for awhile.

Well, I hope you have a wonderful weekend and do something you enjoy doing. I did!I got to swing with the Bear, baby Mikey and Squeaky... who will never admit that he got on a swing and had so much fun to anyone who wasn't there. Ha. It was pretty funny. There were only two swings that were not baby swings, so we had to have a knock down drag out to see who got to swing first. The baby sat in his safety swing and laughed at us. Simple times can be sublime.


  1. i agree with your theory on bargains. glad you survived the insanity.

  2. Thanks Lime. Our streets are all narrow and only two lane. The town is tiny. It's like ants on honey.

  3. Wow. Your town is truly a community. There's no way we could do that here. Although, I think it would be cool if we could.

  4. Churlita-- Yes, but we are small. These people are funny. Some save or buy things to sell all year long to stockpile for this sale.

    When someone dies,has a baby, etc. food mysteriously shows up. No child goes without gifts at Christmas and Santa is known to leave wicker laundry baskets full of gifts on the porch, ring the bell and run away. I love him!

    There are some good reasons to live here, but its hard to be accepted at first because they are so close. Once they know your face, you're okay and juicy new part of the gossip mill!

  5. You're right about spending. Looking around at all the stuff we have accumulated over the years, we've recently decided to stop adding to it and try to rid ourselves of some of it. I call it The Great Culling. So far, it's not going so well. We have some packrat tendencies.

  6. Cube-- I am a terrible pack rat. I have a shed that is full and a huge windowed in porch that are filled with boxes and boxes of things we believed we had weeded of junk we don't need. I think I could dump them all and no one would miss them. :-)