Monday, December 28, 2009

The Big Lebowski - Gutterballs

Oh yeah! I wanted to see this today... hope you enjoy it too. Yeah, yeah oh yeah... what condition my condition was in.

Okay... you can all blame Tara for this post. She did one of those things on Facebook where you take a quiz and find out what movie character you are. I'm The Dude! Of course that's what three or four of us ending up being, including Tara and Laura b. and myself... but hey... dudes attract dudes it seems. How could I resist with all that dudage?

I tried getting a writing prompt from Squeaky. I said... what is the funniest thing you remember from childhood? He insisted that nothing funny ever happened. I find this disturbing. Surely he had a few laughs. I did! I thought my kids were hysterical. But then Squeaky is the most serious of the bunch. So I gave up on that.

I think Squeaky suppresses things. I asked him if he remembered getting his drawing titled "B Bunny B" in an art display at the town to the left's art museum.

He said NO. But I know he remembers it. They even had a gala opeing for it... well and other kids art work... with sparkling cider and party weenies, etc. He was very proud of it then. But Squeaky is a writer, not an artist. So maybe it wasn't as big a deal to him as it was to his parents. If I recall correctly, he was wearing his first cast on that night.

Squeaky is an emergency room child. All of them have done lovely things to their bodies over the years. But Squeaky does the best injuries. Let's see... there was the time he was playing in the pick up bed and fell out onto concrete and split his head open. I had a devil of a time convincing the insurance folk that it was not an auto accident just because he had been in the back of one. Sheesh... learn from this.... never mention a vehicle at a hospital or doctor's office or the insurance companies fight over which one has to pay... medical or auto.

Then there was the time that he was playing with the neighbor kid. Did you ever have one kid sit on the ground with his feet up... you sit on them and then they launch you? Well Squeaky broke his wrist the first time that way... the day before he began kindergarten... with his left hand and yes, he is left handed.

Then there was the time when I was on the committee that decided to remove the old wooden play structure at the school and replace it with nice, new plastic stuff like they have at restaurants now. Yep... conviced the powers that be that we needed something nice and safe and then with the help of the PTO, we raised the money to do it. The SECOND day our safe playground was open... Sqeaky falls off a platform not two feet off the ground and somehow managed to break his elbow in three places... on the fresh new bark dust. Miraculous really when you think about it.

A very irrated principal called me in to tell me my son claimed he was hurt and needed his mom. Too late, I was on my way to see him after seeing Squeaky's arm. I said, well yes, I would need to take him to a doctor. He felt that Squeaky should just shake it off and go on with the day. I said "Bob, he has two elbows on one arm... that's just wrong." That one required a specialist. Squeaky tells me on the way home that when he fell, he got up and was goofing around and said "I broke my arm" as a joke... then he panicked when he realized that he really couldn't move it... then he ran to find me. Good thing I worked at the school and was handy.

Its all pay back. Every child injury for what I put my folks through over the years. Oh well, at least none of them played football. I count myself lucky that there were no severed parts to reattach and though all have had stiches, not in the number that I amassed. Yet if nothing else, all the things I managed to do to myself did teach me to be able to ignor blood and parts at weird angles... to keep my calm. If you the parent acts scared, it scares the begeebus out of your kids. I think I may have mentioned before that I tend to laugh at them when they get hurt. Now Bear does it with Turkey. My great legacy to my daughter. Ha.

Okay... as for my day, my favorite frog made it a nice one with emails and a call later, though he was exhausted. I really enjoy this one. He's funny and smart and has done a lot of things that are interesting. Ended my social evening on a great note. As for the other frogs... have a date at noon for luch to meet one, another frog who lives close returned from family holiday stuff... and a new frog peeped in.

Life in the pond goes on.

Well I hope you had a good day. I love to laugh and laugh I did. I hope something gave you a great giggle or two today. Do any of you have plans yet for the New Years Eve thing? If so... whatcha doing?

Now here is another bit of Mr. L to amuse you... please... laugh, it's good for you.

A tribue to The Dude in my favourite movie of all time, The Big Lebowski set to the classic looking out my backdoor by Creedence Clearwater

And remember... The Dude abides! And so do I. Now I promised my favorite frog that I would do something for him... I best get on it.


  1. You have had a multitude of frogs hanging around, haven't you? I'm glad you're having fun!

  2. Poor Squeaky and poor you. He put you through some scary stuff.

    It's weird how kids can come from the same parents and the same house, but they can have totally different temperaments. My two girls are 180 degrees apart in some ways and exactly the same in others. It's the same with my siblings. Nature vs. nurture. The age old debate.

    Glad to hear the pond is still full and you're having fun with it. Grab all the joy you can get... one of those resolutions I tend to ignore after a few weeks ;-)

  3. "Bob, he has two elbows on one arm..."


  4. I enjoyed that "Bob..." line very much, too.
    Fun in your frog pond, Ananda. Fingers crossed!

  5. secret agent woman-- Well you have to remember that a lot of these guys don't live near me. To those I mostly talk. Some have been willing to travel. So its not like I am busy actually going out.

  6. Cube-- My kids have been an endless source of excitement and fun.

    I know, I am so different from all my siblings but one... Cinderella and she and I are like the angel and the devil on Joey Trivianni's shoulders. Ah... she would be the very good one. The same but wearing different suits!

    I am going to do just that.

  7. I think poor Bob was hoping it would just go away.

  8. Peggy-- Thanks. Its almost time and my shoe stopped the dryer with my coat and shoes in it. I may be a bit cold and squishy on this date.

    yeah... need all the luck I can get.

  9. My youngest daughter is my ER girl. It's a weird year that we don't take at least one trip to the ER with her.

    Have fun with your frogs.

  10. I have to say that your blog is one of the highlights of my day. I love that you seek writing prompts!
    For having five children, I have, so far, gotten off surprisingly lightly in the world of gross injuries. No stitches, no casts! *knocking on wood*
    I am looking forward to hearing more about your current #1 Frog :-) He seems to make you happy and that is key.
    Thanks for all the Dudeage too! We Dudes needed that....

  11. Hi Ananda - Just dropped in to see what condition your condition was in. Glad you seem to be having a good time of it. Have just returned from four days of Christmas unvacation and will have tomorrow entirely to myself. Yay. First day in months.

    I really have to see Big L. It's been recommended to me many times by many people. I should make a list and keep it in my wallet. That way, when I'm in the library, I might actually remember what to look for.

    Btw, I liked the "two elbows" line, too.

  12. Churlita-- Hey, glad I'm not the only one with an er kid.

    I'm actually back from the date now. Sigh. Let's just say it was like dating my dad. But he was very nice and a true gentleman. Nice restaurant. Just no zing.

  13. Laura b.-- Well, I gave that frog the keys to Funch! I do not think that he will ever comment, but he lurks. I asked his permission to include comments about him here. But I have also promised to respect his privacy. I try to do that anyway, but there are ethics involved in this pond thing. The whole reason for a pond, in fact.

    Yes ma'am... I do enjoy him. A very nice man.

    Hey the dudage is my pleasure!!!!
    I'm going to make Squeaky get it for me and watch again.

    I have highly active children who are unafraid to try crazy things. I can't imagine what it would be like not to see injuries. Yay for good insurance most of those years!

  14. Cricket-- Yay for a day to yourself!

    The Big L. is wonderful. You will enjoy it very much.

    I do that too... people tell me about stuff and I think... man, I have got to see that. Then I get to my rental place and my mind goes blank. Or I used to. Now Squeaky is my movie connection. He gets them from his rental deal on line. I'm going to follow your lead and start keeping a list.

    Enjoy your day Cricket!

  15. I picked up the Big Lebowski at a pawn ship for less than $2 last summer. I've not watched it yet. But I've been a fan of Jeff Bridges movies going way back to "Tron" or "Starman", whichever came first.

  16. it's a mystery me how johnny depp makes more money than john goodman. walter rocks!

  17. dmarks-- That was a lucky find! I've also been a fan of Jeff's for as long as he's been acting.

  18. billy pilgrim-- I love Walter! I think we all need a Walter in our lives. Mine is C4C, though I have to admit she's a bit more tame.

  19. You guys are - - - weird, ha ha ha. I hope they don't add much more to the gene pool, it needs to evolve, not devolve, ha ha ha ha

  20. Billy B.-- Have you ever considered that you might be the weird one? Just saying...

    I do not mind being weird at all. I rather like it.

  21. I would of course seem weird to someone that is weird. Just saying is all, the weird get by, the wise just get by better. :-)

  22. Billy B.-- Well you have a healthy ego. Fortunately I do too.