Monday, December 14, 2009

Foreigner - Cold As Ice (Stereo)

Oh what a weekend! A lesson learned in the value of family... and friends... and home, even in Dumb Potter's Hell.

I left school early to hit the road... a big freezing rain storm was brewing from the south up through Portland and then on into the gorge... to glaze Dumb Potter's Hell and eventually shut down the gorge freeway. But that is getting ahead of myself.

I managed to get all the way past the turn off to Lebanon... only about half an hour normally... from the Deer Hunter's offering of sanctuary. (Not much football this weekend, but the company is so far impossible to beat.) It's the last time I'll be going there for a few weeks, until Rose Bowl weekend.

That last half hour took me an hour and a half of crawling over slick beads of ice. YIKES! I found a sane person to follow and kept pace with him. Hey... he had a "Go Duks" license plate. Oddly enough, with traffic on I-5 going 10 to 15 miles an hour as soon as I got off in Springfield the Parkway okay for much higher speeds. I guess they do a better job of keeping their roads de-iced than ODOT does.

Once I arrived, I was greatly relieved and settled in for a nice weekend. Pretty normal stuff. We worked on cleaning and organizing his shop, watching videos and some TV. He made a wonderful diner on Saturday. Sunday we were lazy. Then it was time to go home.

I never leave there empty handed. Between him and his mom, I get all sorts of stuff. This time some tools for Squeaky and the offer of Deer Hunter teaching him how to use some of the tools in his shop. I got a Duck's birdhouse... no not for ducks, but The Ducks. It's cute. And a bunch of other odd things I liked. I said I like boxes... so now I get lots of boxes. He sends food home for the boys too. That means that I don't have to cook when I get home. Isn't that nice?

Things on the road home went pretty well until I was almost half way home. Isn't that how it always goes?

I've known for awhile that there was a problem because the battery light would go on for a time then shut off again. We... as in X and I... thought it was a loose battery cable. Wrong. My cruise control shut its self down. Ut-oh. Odd. I kept driving until I noticed that my lights were fading. Not good. I pulled off into a well lit rest stop and parked the car... wiggled the cables and nothing happened. You can't drive without lights obviously.

I texted Bear. My phone was about to die. She texted back to call the Deer Hunter and have him pick me up... so I texted him. He called... my phone died with no solution and no way to contact the Bear. Crap. Okay, worse, I'd taken my blanket out of the car to wash it and forgotten it. Double crap.

Now the Bear is a smart cookie. I knew that when she tried to call me... I could hear it, but not answer it... I knew she would go back into her computer to when I met the Deer Hunter and get his information. You know, the old joke of telling me she needs to know where to look for the "glad bags" after I've been cut into pieces by the strange man I am going to meet. (Though with the Deer Hunter, I had already met him in Dumb Potter's Hell very publicly.)

She did. She called the Deer Hunter who told her that he had lost me in conversation. Both were concerned and a plan formulated for rescue. Meanwhile... I weighed my options. Someone would come for me eventually. I did managed to get my location out and a a request for a fully charged battery before things went to tripple crap.

No blanket, but like most females, I had a ton of clothing with me. Hey... you never know what may come up. But no coat... only my hoodie. I don't own a coat yet. That is a big expese and I was planning on getting one from the Goodwill on payday next weekend when I have nothing better to do. Live and learn. So I put my baggy old way too big sweat pants on over my clothes that I was wearing and covered myself in the remainder of my clothing, then went to sleep.

Sleep is a time machine. If I don't want to be somewhere... I can go to sleep until I do. Time passed totally unnoticed by me. Someone tapped on my window and there was Boo... behind him sweet cousin J! They got exuberant hugs. Yes, they had the battery and in short order we were all back on the road with the guys behind me just in case.

It was very cold by then and my toes were glad to be going home. Naturally there was mist on the windshield, so the wipers were the only things I used besides the headlights. I did not mind being cold for the remainder of the trip if it meant there was a warm place at the end. Ice in the gorge, but I am used to that. It took longer, but hey... here I am!

The first thing I did was sit down to let the Deer Hunter know that I was okay. He gets up super early, so I thought that once he and the Bear had worked things out that he would go to bed. Nope. He still worried. I can't say that makes me sad. We fired some emails back and forth... he likes my Bear. But then who wouldn't? And balled me out for making her sound so mean. He says she's a sweetheart. Yes she is! So everyone is now happy and sleeping like babies... I hope. I intend to do that now for the next 3.5 hours before I have to go to work. Good thing I slept in the car to pass the time. Tomorrow the car goes to the shop. Cool beans.

I hope your weekend was less chilling. hee hee. What did you do with yours?


  1. Sleep is a time machine, but not a very good one. Ideally, when you slept you could choose whether you would want to wake up in the past or in the future.

  2. Yikes! I'm glad you got rescued before you froze your toes off.

  3. I had a great weekend, which I will blog about later.

    But what I want to know is, how can you not have a coat? I can see not having a great coat and wanting a different one and only having the ugly one around for emergencies, but how can you live up north and not have one at all? Did the old one recently burn to death or something?

    I do not have a great coat, but I rarely need one, cause I live in Texas. But still, I think that somewhere in the house I probably have three coats. I don't like them, but when it is actually cold I wouldn't refuse to wear them. Mostly, it just doesn't get that cold, and I make do with a sweater. But if I were going for a long drive somewhere, even if I thought that I would only need the sweater, one of the coats would get put in the car before I left. And I wore the ugly coat last weekend on the Riverwalk. I'm not a model anyway. Not like the ugly coat is going to make me look that much worse, but it did keep me warm.

  4. Wow. Nothing quite so lonesome and scary as being in a broken down car in the middle of nowhere. Glad it all worked out. You've been blessed with good people in your life!

  5. Cars with electrical issues. Ugh. Glad it worked out ok.

    One good investment I think I made was to buy a bunch of space-blankets and a few therma-paks at a dollar store. You can throw them in the glovebox or under the seat and you'll never be tempted to use them unless you need them. Just a thought.

  6. First of all, let me say that I'm glad you were rescued before you froze off your extremities. Like my niece used to say when I would do the nose pinch trick and 'take her nose', "I need that."

    Second, I'm with laughingattheslut about the coat. How in the world can you live in frakkin'
    Oregon and not have one? Heck, I live in Florida and I have a Merino wool coat! OK, I have only worn it once, but I figure one day I might get the chance to wear it again.

    Third, I agree with Cricket. We have the same
    dollar store items (also rain parkas) in our vehicles just in case the Earth goes off its axis and Florida turns into frozen tundra ;-)

    Please don't be angry with my criticism... I'm only doing it because I care.

  7. I was so consumed by your post that I forget to talk about my weekend.

    Nothing exciting, mostly the same old stuff.

    The Bucs game should've been the highlight of a quiet, family-oriented weekend, but it was the lowlight. Can these guys suck more? I think not.

    I guess the best part was Mr. Cube's lasagna for Sunday dinner.

  8. Mo-- You're right. The future seems to be the only setting on that machine. :-)

  9. secret agent woman-- Me too, but I wasn't really in danger there. Now if it had happened inside the gorge I might have been in serious danger. Mostly boring and uncomfortable.

  10. laughing-- Okay... I'm seeing a trend in comments here about the coat or lack thereof.

    When Boo was in first grade, I bought a coat. (He's 32 now.) It simply died of exhaustion several years ago. A life well lived for a piece of clothing. It lived so long because I hate coats and avoid wearing them unless we are in serious cold.

    What's there to hate about a coat? They are heavy. Once I get inside a store, etc, I get antsy to get out of it and toss it somewhere... but where? It's like having a super busy toddler that clings to you and is a joy in odd moments, but a frustration the rest of the time. If you put your gloves on first, you can't do-up the frigging evil coat! I cannot stand the feeling of wearing a coat with a seatbelt, so I have to pull over and take it off.

    Where I was raised the most coat you ever really needed was a light rain coat or car coat. Here they sell Michilian Man marshmellow coats that are really sauna suits or your grandma's church coat. Ugh. This year I am getting a man's jacket and by-passing ugly coat land.

    But the most important reason is that I am cold for the first time in my life just this year. Prior to this... my weight or maybe a diabetes thing... who knows... hormones run amok? Hard to say, but my body was overheated all the time. Now it is what I think other normal people feel... in touch with the elements. So I will buy an evil coat... cause I am not any more fond of shivering than I was of cooking.

  11. Suldog-- I was not too nervous because there were lots of people there. Maybe a dozen trukers alone. Lots of families and people with dogs. But I get what you are saying... yes, only me to talk to and not knowing what was going to happen, when, does feel like crud.

    Yep... I am blessed and I know it. :-)

  12. How scary! I hate being cold and I hate it when my car doesn't work. I'm so glad you made it out of that okay.

  13. Cricket-- Stellar idea. I am in fact going to be near a Dollar Store this very day... and I have learned that lesson now. Best get on it and follow your advice... which is greatly appreciated.

  14. Cube-- First off may I say "Hooray for Mr. Cube's lasagna!" I think it is so nice when a guy cooks. X would have rather chewed his own leg off than cook unless he had to. I love lasagna... bet his is great.

    Sorry about your Bucs sucking. At least your Yankees won. Derek Jeter just won S.I's Sportsman of the year too.

    The coat thing and I... I just don't like them. They restrict me. Drives me nuts. But now that I get cold... I'm going to force myself to get another one. I like cold less.

  15. Churlita-- Thanks, I know you've been there too. I understand some stuff... like I knew exactly what this was and what I needed to be on my way. But often its a mystery when something goes wrong. I am grateful that there were no kids with me.

  16. BTW the lasagna was excellent. Beyond delicious BBQ, he doesn't cook often, but when he does, it's always good.

    I'm the type who thinks if a man offers to cook (or clean), I think, let me get out of your way.

  17. I don't really care so much about baseball anymore. Football is my true love and the Bucs are killing me slowly with their play.

  18. have you tried thrashing your car with a big stick?

    it worked for basil fawlty.

    i put up the outdoor christmas lights and broke countless bulbs. i'm no clark griswold.

  19. How cool that your peeps put together a rescue operation! It sounds like it was a mostly good weekend with just a little too much excitement :-)

    My weekend was noneventful, which I guess can be a good thing.

  20. Cube-- Its wonderful when someone else cooks. I have no doubt that it was that good... now I need to tell my stomach to shut up!

    As to the getting out of the way so he can do his thing... amen!

  21. Cube-- Oh, I still love the Red Sox roller coaster. But I am surprised at how much I have enjoyed football this year after so many years of thinking "Meh." Oh sure... some of it is Deer Hunter himself. Another portion is the excitement of having a winning team. But now if there is a game on... if I am at his home or alone at mine. I am back to being glued to the tube. I can see your point in the interest.

    As for your Bucs, sadly they got a mention in Sports Illustrated today... it was not a very nice one. I felt bad for them. :-(

  22. billy pilgrim-- Hahahaha... I saw that one! My family drove English cars for years and years. My dad used to tell me to sweet talk it and if that did not work... get out and give it a good kick!

    But aren't you glad you're not a Clark? Here is my favorite exchange from that movie.

    Bethany: Is your house on fire, Clark?
    Clark: No, Aunt Bethany, those are the Christmas lights.

    I'm sure your neighbors are glad you are no Clark Griswold. Besides, that kind of power bill would kill you!

  23. lablahblah-- I was very happy to see them, though I never doubted that someone would arrive.

    I repeat for doubters... my children are good kids and worth every cent, every moment, every frustration and so very much more. I knew the Bear would not let go until it was done. As for cousin Jay... he is just the same to me as they are... mine and much loved forever.

    But like most of my troubles, if nothing else, I am given some gift in return. The gift of being loved and cared for cannot be beat and to give kudos to them is my honor. I don't really count it as a trouble anymore. :-) It was the best end to a great weekend I think.

  24. First of all - wow on your weekend roller coaster ride. I am glad you have a girl in your brood. I have a hunch my males would not think much until I didn't show up next week.

    Second of all - kudos to your cyber friends who are prepared - they are a good role model to me.

    Third of all - I have a hunch its the alternator - yes or no?

    Fourth of all - This weekend I went shopping and got back to the blog world.

    Fifth of all - Hello!

  25. c4c-- Yay! Hello! Welcome back.

    I know what you mean about your boys for the most part. Mine miss me most when hungry. HA. But, I must say, those two males were a welcome sight. Cousin J has been in on many rescues.

    My boys have their uses. Glad I am that I have a variety. Squeaky does computer stuff... Max is muscle, humor and companion. Both Max and Boo are protective. J and Mikey P are rescuers. Mikey P is a problem solver for me as well. Good men all.

    I have missed you my very dear friend. Not even the Deer Hunter can replace you... and he is a great friend in the history of my life... and I have had many. I am blessed that way. Big grin to you girl!

  26. ananda - big grin back at cha! i should be a mechanic, except that i have no idea what an alternator looks like or where it's located under the hood - i've just had enough putz out on me to know the sign and synptoms.

  27. c4c-- yah, sadly, me too! I'm lucky I got off the freeway before some cop pulled me off for low lights.

  28. yah - tha's actually happened to me :-(

  29. All I have to say is why do you call him Boo? Isn't his name Wubby? Or call him what I like to callhim- B-Wreck. I am sorry I am too chicken shit to drive in the weather, but atleast I did find you a couple of yahoo's to come get you. You know me, I am NOT a fan of the gorge weather and accidents that occur in the gorge weather. I need to move to sunny California!

  30. Bear-- You did a fine job. Yes its Wubby too... in fact sometimes Wubbagail. ha.

    I love you for what you do and love those two too. So what did you think of my deer hunter? He liked you a lot. Cool beans. Oh yeah... I told him what you called us! You know what term I mean. He got a great laugh out of that. Said you must be my daughter all right.

  31. Wow. That is definitely one way to spend a weekend. I am glad everything worked out OK. We had some crazy weather over here as well so we just stayed in and worked on getting the house decorated for Christmas. We did torture ourselves and went to the mall on Sunday and realized that we are dummies. Hope you are having a good week. Take care.

  32. Mr. Cube is a diehard Red Sox fan and I am a so-so Yankees fan. That rivalry will always be fun, but I haven't watched a baseball game in years. Give me an interesting game and maybe I will pay attention.

    It's football for me now. I still support my Bucs because I'm not a fair weather fan, but Lordy, they are stressing even the most loyal fans.

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