Friday, December 18, 2009


Well I made it to "winter vacation" as they say in the land of politically correctness. I have until Jan.4th.
How cool is that? Of course I'm stuck here, but... meh.

The year after the "Christmas branch"... my boss began this thing with our school's "Giving Tree". It's there for the kids to donate food or presents. My boss at that time, another great guy, decided that someone should have this tree. It's a shame to kill it then toss it before its time. He decided that it would be our tree. So every year since, I have been the happy recepient of a fully decorated by the school children... happy tree. This is the 2009 model. Squeaky will have a cow... he doesnt want a tree. I was going to turn it down but thought that since I was not off to LA, I might as well keep it for my last Dumb Potter's Hell Christmas. It has become a tradition.

I nearly survived the assault of goodies... but today, was waylaid by a cute batch of kids with a made special for me cookie. I ate it. I had to eat it. All those happy, giving faces! After the mocha that Boo got me earlier, they all launched me onto a sugar high that I am still trying to come down off of. hee hee

Frogs are multiplying. I am not sure what to do about it. I have this problem... I like men. Oh yeah... that one. I really like them all. So far my strategy is to let them thin themselves out unless they do something very dumb... or I meet them and decide that's not going anywhere for whatever reason. But I do not meet many in person.

LA has changed his plans and wants to come here to meet me. Now this is one interesting frog. He works like a demon. 14 to 16 hour days until his job is finished... straight through weekends. He has a nice car... his baby is a pretty blue corvette. His kids are all grown. Lots of good stuffs there. We even have almost the exact same heritage, including the Irish grandfathers. He used to race Sprites... my dad raced Sprites... in the same organization. Eeerie. Ha. Too funny.

Meanwhile back in the pond... Deer Hunter and I remain in constant contact. New Years is still on. He likes my Bear... but who wouldn't? He's invited Squeaky to come and stay with me whenever he wants. I am done for the day.

The last thing I want to mention is that I had a visitor

to my humble library... Santa! He's also our sternwheeler captain on regular days.
He and three voulnteer firemen! They left me with a bag of goodies... just what I need. These I promptly gave to Squeaky for safe consumption. That boy is better than a disposal.

The Bear came down to take me to WalMart for my drugs. The not fun ones. I guess you can't have it all.
X opted to put in the alternator for me. Then Mikey P. (the world's best adopted son on earth) took my old alternator to have it rebuilt with a guarantee... for a fraction of the cost I was going to spend. What a hero!
I got to hug and kiss cousin J and thank him again for the rescue. Kissed and hugged turkey. I think I scared Curtis out of their house onto the safety of the porch outside. Kissed my Bear of course. Brought Sqeaky along for the ride... so I wouldn't forget anything. He's not very trusting and refuses to be kissed except under duress.

My day is done. I'm done in. I'm off to visions of sugar plum fairies and a few last chuckles over the cussing out. Its been a good day. I'll be hoofing it for a few days but the Bear has promised to stop in on the way to P'land tomorrow. Cool beans.


  1. i'll just bask in the glory of being the first to comment and forgo my usual childish comments.

  2. billy pilgrim-- Well...gee... I rather like those comments. ha

  3. Vacation until January 4th, you lucky duck! I'm glad someone is going to enjoy the season even if I won't.

  4. Cube-- I know it sounds good,but it's not that great. I generally spend mine catching up on paper work and house. Yard work if weather allows, but it's not going to happen this year.

    However, it is nice not to have to follow a schedule or dress up. I can spend my whole vacation in my sweats if I want.

    I am going to go and have my named changed everywhere. That will be a day of red tape and lines, but fun in a weird way too.

    Thing will pick up for New Years though. I am looking forward to that.

  5. I have the same problem with liking men. Oh well, what are you gonna do?

  6. secret agent woman-- Well as I see it, I may as well enjoy them and as long as they are enjoying me... why not?

  7. secret agent woman-- Thanks for showing up... man, I am terrible at getting out to other posts lately.

    My apologies all!

  8. Hum, well I fix my own alternators, unless I'm away from home where I don't have access to my shop and all my tools. Then I'm at the mercy of whatever parts house is around that I can get one from because when I travel I just pack minimum tools, enough to replace an alternator.

    I sure as hell don't pack a diode tester and soldering gun and things like that.

    The frog pond here is of no interest to me, I'm just looking forward to going camping in a few days and I don't care what the frogs do while I'm gone.

  9. Billy B.-- I wish i had the talent to fix my things myself, but I do not. It's nice that X is doing it and so is Mikey P. for his efforts. I like to give credit to those who help, as you know.

    As for the frog pond. I mention it for those who are interested and interest has been expressed.

    I am somewhat concerned with LA frog because he is so anxious to express his ability to amass things. I am not a materialistic person. So am suspicious of that to an extent. But some people are also insecure about what they feel they have to offer. I do understand that.

    Character and kindness are what impress me the most. Looks do not matter very much as they go away with time for most people. Besides, I am not that great looking myself.

  10. Ah, I vaguely remember Christmas vacation from when I was in school. I also remember taking days off of work between the two holidays. I'm hoping to return to the world of the working soon.

    Keep the frog pond fully stocked and you will not have anything to worry about in that respect.

  11. AlienCG-- Haha... thanks, I will keep it stocked.

    I hope you return to work soon. I am rooting for you on my end. I hope an end to that concern is coming quickly to you!

  12. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for you. It's just way better than what us self-employeds are looking at. Thanks Obama... NOT!

  13. As for the frog pond. I mention it for those who are interested and interest has been expressed.

    I understand, I mention it at times myself but I've gotten to where I soon weed out the frogs that are interested in me cuz they are empire builders and I could care less about all that.

    I've learned that more often than not they are just interested in me cuz I'm so handy and they want to add me to their empires.

    I could care less about their empires and how much they have and how much money they make, those things are not important to me.

    Camping in nature is important to me and I'm getting in all I can while I can because the day will come when I can't do that anymore.

  14. Cube-- Well I know. My dad ran his own business for my entire childhood. It takes a lot of sacrifice. I admire that.

    Obama can kiss my ass.

  15. Billy B.-- Excellent! You should be wary and be true to yourself. I could not agree more.

  16. I can only hope that on my last camping trip a tree falls on me, that would be a great way to end this long and interesting life of mine.

  17. Billy B.-- If that is the case and you are happy with it, then I hope its quick and clean.

  18. I hope that it fucks up someones day, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  19. Billy B.-- Well it probably would mine! I'd hate to see you go.

    But on the other hand, I am a strange bird in some ways. I personally believe that suicide is fine and dandy as long as it's your choice. Not mine to make for you.

    Not saying that you are doing that... just saying that my views are a might different from most on that particular issue and so if you are happy going that way, then go with my blessing. Not that you need it.

  20. Ananda & BBC - apparently frog ponds come in 2 sexes. Makes sense.

    I am glad for you an the vacation! Me, too! Yay.

    As for liking men, and being liked back - yay!!!! I am so glad for your happiness!

    And hor name change - hoo haa! Amazing life that you lead!

  21. C4c-- Well I think amazing is carrying it a bit far. But yes my dear... I am having a very good time.

    All my mojo is tied up in being a K instead of the S... which sucked every piece of luck out of my life that was possible to suck!

    Like I said... I like being ME. As for the frog pond... another one just joined. Fun stuffs!

    Do you think the YMCA would let me join? hahaha X tells me today... "yeah, you always liked that attention. Used to drive me nuts, now I'm glad for you."

  22. Ananda - You are a people person, he is not. It's nice he's happy for you, though.
    Make sure the S vacuum does not follow you - I'm not sure how, though! Avoid suckage at all costs! (good luck on that!)

  23. C4c-- I am. I am. Its already improved just since deciding to let it go and move on with life. Waaay
    better. Too bad I wasted so much time.

  24. What a great, happy post :-) You have so much going on! I especially enjoy hearing things about your kids...I love how close you all are. That is a great gift.

    As for the frogs, all I can say is, "You go, girl!" I have done the internet thing and didn't get a tenth of the responses that you get!

  25. laura b.-- Thanks. I agree... my kids are the best thing that I have in my life.

    Well, you still found your prince! Yay! I'm a gabby person. I think its that more than anything with the frogs. Everyone likes getting attention.

  26. "Frogs are multiplying."

    And that is a curiously biologically-mixed metaphor :)

  27. I'm the opposite of you. I have a ton of male friends but there are very few men I'm attracted to for a relationship. I wish I were more like you that way. It would really open up my options.

  28. Churlita-- Well with this process, I'm not sure if they are friends right away or more. It's hard to get to know people in just text at first. Mostly, I am meeting them and keeping my options wide open. And really, it's not until you meet in person that you can decide on attraction both ways. I've met three now. Attraction was a problem with one and he had to be pulted... because he did not want to give up when I explained that. So it can backfire too. I figure this will take quite awhile.