Sunday, December 20, 2009

Brother To Brother By Van Zant.wmv

I found this recently and loved it. Hope you enjoy it too. But then... I have been a fan of the Van Zants, all for ages. Like air they are. Refreshing and solid as well. Hummm... odd combinatioin huh?

Not much happened today. The Columbia was like the ocean with waves lapping at the shore. I love it when it gets a bit wild. It turns the color of the sea when it rains and today, rain and mist it did.

Without the car to get to the school, I am left to walk where I can. I don't much care for it. It's hard to tell what my feet are up to with the dumb glasses that I picked out last time. I'm gonna have to go back to the oval frames I used to wear that allowed more space. Live and learn.

We in Dumb Potter's Hell are not very particular about our roads... and sidewalks are sporadic. Lots of pot holes and places to twist an ankle. I am careful now after the last whoops. But I did get to see the river rock. Nice.

Here's another favorite of mine...

The Ballad of Curtis Lowe by Lynyrd Skynyrd from the All Time Greatest Hits album

Frogs are fairly quiet. Except for DH of course. But that's another thing altogether. Not really a frog at all. But a good thing. As for LA we began early with a phone call. But he is working long hours. I expect he will crash and burn up soon if not already. I am about there myself. Just after I closed my blog last night we were back on the phone again. He really is funny and I laugh an awful lot. I like that very much.

Otherwise, I am dependent on the kindness of the people in Dumb Potter's Hell to do my shopping etc.
Our ex-bus driver took me to the market today. That was very cool beans. Bear could not make it, but will come tomorrow instead... and take Squeaky away too boot. I am all for that. I will still have Loren and Max here but they run on autopilot well.

I got quite a bit of work done in the house. Yay! I am getting a mattress soon... thanks to Bear. Maybe I can sleep in a real bed again somewhere other than DH's house. I find that I sleep like a rock there. I'd like to do that here too.

Been many years since I slept laying down like that. My chair is comfy, but hey... you can't beat stretching out. (I know most people do not sleep in chairs and it's not considered a problem generally speaking.) But to re-cap for those who missed it... I had two boys who were at an age that required privacy. Eh-hem. And only two bedrooms. I did not require privacy at the time. Now I have taken over the room that used to be Max's. And I require my privacy very much these days!
So it is a good thing.

Well there you have it. Time to knock off for the night and visit those sugar plum faires who eluded me last night. Not that I am complaining... I'm not. It was worth it. Big grins.

Here's to hoping that if you want one... yes, some don't... I hope you have someone to snuggle up to tonight to make your night as bright as can be.


  1. I dated a guy who was ten years younger than me -he wasn't in the least bit bothered by the age difference, but I was aware of it.

  2. my snuggle partner has fleas and farts.

    she overlooks my flaws so i return the favor.

  3. secret agent woman-- Yes, that is a good way to put it. Aware of it.

  4. billy pilgrim-- hahaha Give Ruby a pat for me please!

  5. Never heard of them before but they sound okay.

    I thought that your dump potters hell was a nice little place, pot holes and lack of sidewalks beside the point.

    Some flaws I can overlook, some I can't. Anyway, three more days and I can go camping again.

  6. But I did grow up in a town with dirt roads and no sidewalks at all.

  7. Billy B.-- It's okay here. Not good for walking though.

    Have fun camping.

  8. Ananda - Howz it bra? When will the car be done? Your friend Secret Agent Woman is funny! Love ya!

  9. C4c-- Hey! I am smiling. Car will be done mon. sometime. What's so funny? Love you too.

  10. Soooooo, get a bike, and no excuses.

    Not good for walking? I walked all over it when I was there. Geez, the world sure is making a bunch of pussies when an old fart like me can walk all over hell and they think they can't.

  11. The problem isn't your feet, the problem is that your brain hasn't got a very good connection with them, ha ha ha ha ha

  12. Five years younger is a good amount. Not too much, not too little. Enjoy it if you have it! Cougar :-)
    Thank you, I do have someone. But that info will come later.

  13. Everytime I hear about your walking I feel guilty...I should be walking more! Keep up the good work, Ananda :-)

    I have had great stretches of my life with no room of my own. Can't tell you how happy...ecstatic actually...I am to have one now!

    New frog sounds interesting...closer is nice. Oh, and DR is six years younger than I am. He teases me sometimes, but I find I don't mind a bit :-)

  14. laura b.-- Hahaha... that does make me feel better about it. There are two of you now.

    I love walking. It keeps me on the up side emotionally. Not to mention that I feel good physically when I do.

    Closer would be nice. Very nice. But who knows where a frog might hide?

  15. Wow, I would go insane without a good bed! that is one of the best invests, I don't usually like the idea of spending money, but nothing beats getting a quality mattress :)

  16. Sebastien-- Yeah, but I'm sort of different in that I can honestly and truly fall asleep and remain standing up. Sitting and sleeping is not so bad in comparison. ha

    But I tell you what... it makes sleep-overs a bit difficult.

  17. For years I slept on a futon couch in the living room. It sure makes you appreciate having your own room, doesn't it?

  18. Yes it does indeed! I can't believe how long I did without one.