Wednesday, December 30, 2009


It’s the end of Christmas and the coming of the New Year. Time to dump the tree and take out the trash.

Time to do that mentally as well. So I sat down at my computer today and began to go through photos of the past year that I don’t need to keep. Oh a few I’m moving into a “memory” file like a couple of photos of Larry’s family and good old Buddy his dog. It’s wrong to covet someone’s dog isn’t it? Damn I miss that dog! I used to consider… not very seriously… stealing him. Ha. Oh well, a dog takes more attention than I have to give now anyway.

There are other things to dump in my mental dumpster. These next two photos are pictures I took tonight of my old house all lit up. The people who bought it have done a wonderful job improving it. So at least it is well cared for and loved. It would bother me much more if someone lived there and abused it. This is the house that my sister-in-law cheated us out of… girrrr… but that can go in the mental dumpster now as well. I no longer belong to that family of lunatics, bank robbers, cheats and back-stabbers.

Out with the old name… in with the new! I still do not have my stuff all changed. You would think that the DMV would accept my divorce decree… all notarized, etc. But no… I have to produce my birth certificate AGAIN despite the fact they just saw it the last time I renewed my license a year ago. Sheesh! Home Land Yeah… go a head and give illegal aliens a license… but actual citizens, bring out the dark room with the dingy light bulb and let the grilling begin. Legally, according the State of Oregon, that’s my name. So I’m going to use it. The bank accepted it. SS won’t and I have to drive 45 miles with the same crap the DMV wants. Okay… this is what I have to do. I’m just going to accept it. I’m leaving my animosity over the issue behind in 2009 as well.

My boring old life goes in that dumpster. Yay! Okay… so I can’t afford a lot. Nothing is new there. My car is still out of working order. But I am having fun for a change. It’s a nice thing. A good thing. Not that I don’t still have bored moments. I do. Vacation has been good for that. DH is still tied up. He filled in a great deal of time. But my favorite frog has filled in a lot of that dead space. My family, the rest. Squeaky built a twig and berry unit in the snow in our parking lot! I am sure that my neighbors are thankful that we live here. I let him leave it. No one complained or removed it… the new snow has pretty much made it look inoffensive. Lorn fell in the snow and cracked the back of his lap… then asked me to kiss it. Ah… NO. But I got a great laugh out of it.

Unsuitable frogs have been pluted. I’ve got that narrowed down. Today I removed three. For the time being, I have no dates for a few weeks. For those who do not know, today’s date was not what I am looking for at all. Nice man. Nice meal. Nicer when it was over.

The last thing I did was go through my clothes. I dumped so much stuff that no longer fits. That felt very good. It also made a lot of room in my room. Not that I ever have much at a time. But I tend to hold on to things way past their due date. I think… oh I can keep that to paint in. I had things that were my mom’s. It’s been 11 years since she died. It was time to let them go too. That part was hard. They still smell like her.

There is one last emotional thing. X. The divorce gave it an end that drew some lines. It was time for that too. I mean, I was dating and all with his blessing, but X has greatly reduced the time he spends here and has stopped expecting as much from my time. Over the past year we have moved from verbal assault into a good peace. I hate conflict. The reduction in stress is huge. I’m sure it is for him as well. I like him happier.

What things are you tossing in the 2009 dumpster, if you don’t mind sharing?


  1. Wishes that it would have worked out when it wsa clearly not meant to - that's going in the bin!

  2. I have pretty much had the same plan for the new year three years in a row, and still nothing to show for it. And I have the same dieting plans and such that everyone else has, but I don't seem to get much done in that department either.

    Maybe if I tried to do one thing per month, like cut down on sodas one month and add more veggies the next month.

  3. Hmmmmmm. I can't think of anything I'm giving the ol' heave-ho to. Life must be good!

    By the way, you were quite the Christmas decorator. That house made me feel warm and it's about 9 degrees here.

  4. i don't think coveting thy neighbor's dog is a sin so keep on coveting.

    i was going to toss out my guilt but i don't have any.

  5. At our house, we don't take down the tree until after January 6th.

    As far as what I'm getting rid of... hmmmm, I do need to cull some stuff, but that is hard for me. I do have some packrat tendencies. Sounds like another good resolution for me. I'll work on it.

    I'm glad the owner of your previous house are taking good care of it. I can't say the same for us.

    Our first home was small, but after living in an apartment, it was like a palace to us. It was the house we brought our girls home to from the hospital when they were born. It was a small house, but full of joy and happiness.

    Unfortunately, the guy we sold it to HUNG HIMSELF IN THE GARAGE!

    I'll never think of our house the same ever again.

  6. I'm hoping to throw my unemployment in the dumpster. Good to hear you've thrown some of the frogs into the proverbial blender. It's also nice to see X instead of StbX. Happy 2010 to you and your clan over there in Dumb Potters Hell.

  7. secret agent woman-- AMEN to that!

  8. laughing-- That is a good idea. When I changed my eating habits because of the diabetes, I did not have to diet. Weight fell off. Good luck with it.

  9. Suldog-- Yay! to a good life!

    Actually those are the decorations that the new people did. One of my students lives there, but I did not know that and he asked if I had seen my old house all lit up. I said "Yeah, looks like someone puked Christmas all over it!"

    hahahaha... open mouth, insert foot!

  10. billy pilgrim-- Yay! I will continue to covet that dog anyway. ha

    Ah... the guilt free life! What's that like?

  11. AlienCG--Thanks! Back at cha! I will put that in my hope box for you and wish for it with all my heart.

  12. Good for you. I'd love to throw out the old self-doubt and obsessing over ridiculous things that don't matter and use that extra time and energy for my writing and start doing a little more competitive running this year. I'd love to be able to switch all that negative for positives.

  13. Churlita-- Sounds like an excellent plan!

  14. ...That family of lunatics, bank robbers, cheats and back-stabbers! That's a great line. Wow. Don't hold back, now. Tell us how you really feel.

    Of course, you know the difference between inlaws and outlaws, right?

    Outlaws are wanted.

    I majored in Ancient History and once came across a cuneiform tablet containing, no lie, mother-in-law jokes. I am completely serious. I'd have to look it up again, but some of them were even still funny, if I remember right.

  15. Cricket-- "Outlaws are wanted." Man you made my day with that joke! I am going to remember that one forever.

    No, I don't hold back, and BTW... its all true.

    Ancient mother-in-law jokes! hahaha
    Too funny. Thanks for the good hard laugh.

  16. It is the perfect time to toss out the old stuff that is only weighing us down. I don't have much these days. Actual "stuff", well most of it didn't come with me to my little apartment. The psychic stuff...I definitely want to keep working on my tendency towards neediness. I want to be more content in my own skin...I'm not sure how else to put it.

  17. I have no regrets about last year so I have nothing to discard. It was just another interesting year is all.

  18. Kind of off topic, but if you ever want to see something slightly disturbing... Start up a burn barrel and put your used christmas tree in it. If it's still slightly 'green', if it's not totally dried out, you would be amazed at how quickly it the whole things starts to burn and how incredibly hot it gets. And to think we put those in our house covered in cheap electrical wire and fragile glass bulbs...

  19. KenV-- Welcome to oodles of funch!

    Hey people lose their homes that way every year! Poof!

    We chop ours up and burn it in the wood stove.

  20. KenV-- That's you? Well then... welcome back! I have missed you!

  21. what a great idea. i will have to give ti some thought but it sounds like you have a good lilst of dumpster bound items.

  22. I always want everybody's dog!!! Just saw my neighbor's dachsund, I want that dog!!!