Friday, December 4, 2009


Okay... this is the Ducks vs USC game... I could have used the video where Arizona State throws bottles at the Ducks and fans and boos them... but I like the duck fans running into the field and everyone is happy here. Well, except for USC.

Guess who is going to the Rose Bowl? Oh yeah... The Ducks!

Ducks 37... Beavers 33. This was a real game... started out looking great for the Beavers... but the Ducks came up and took it back. Close til the end... a nail biter!

Toe hardly bothered me at all after they took most of the nail. No pain pills! That was good because I spent the afternoon of my day on the road to Springfield with a bazillion insane Beaver and Duck fans. There were cars sporting feathers, green and yellow painted people, orange and black painted people, signs, flags, graffitti, and COPS everywhere.

You wont know where this is... but I take 205 to the I-5 exchange. Here 205 ceaces to be... if you go to the right, it's I-5 to Portland... North. Go to the left, you are I-5 South toward Salem. Autzen Stadium is in Eugene... across the freeway from Springfield where I am. A 5 minute drive. ANYWAY... it took me 20 minutes to get from 205 to I-5. Normally it takes maybe 2 minutes. But traffic was like that in only two places for brief, endurable periods of time.

I did not get lost or run out of gas. People were in good moods and I never saw a flat or an accident. As drives go, it was not bad. Nice that I could drive it in daylight for a change.

Today its cold and foggy here. I love fog. I know, you are not supposed to... but I grew up in San Jouquin Valley's pea soup fog and miss it. I don't miss all that fatal accidents in the fog.

So silly as it sounds, the fog has me in good spirits. I'm thinking of braving it and going to the store. Not that there isn't everything here I could think about wanting... well stocked house. But Deerhunter is at work. I have my run of the place.

I feel like walking around, but don't know the area well enough to know where a good place to walk is. I'll have to have him show me where to do that tomorrow. Feels funny to be alone in it. Maybe I can find a Starbucks and people watch for a bit.

So that's how it goes in Anandaville. I hope you have a wonderful Friday and weekend. I know I will. Big grins all!


  1. Heck of a fun football game. I caught most of it. Oregon's offense is fairly spectacular. I wouldn't want to be the team facing them on defense.

  2. Hey it was wasn't it? And yes, they have offense down to an art.

    Very cool beans that you got to catch it.

  3. Good for your Ducks!!!! Please arrange for them to send some lessons to my Bucs ;-)

    I'm happy that your toe isn't paining you. I think I might be tempted to take the pills just in case ;-) Not really. I'm anti-pill unless it really, really hurts. I'd rather drink.

    Have a good weekend *wink* *wink* *nod* *nod* say no more.

  4. cube-- No promises about the Duck lessons for Bucs... but I love the way that rhymes. haha

    That's okay cube... I'm drinking instead. So we are together in that aspect. Works for me.

    Thanks for the winks and nods!

  5. Congrats to you and your Ducks!

    Your good mood is sort of contagious, even from a distance :-) Hope the rest of your weekend keeps you smiling and feeling great.

  6. i watched most of the game. those ducks can play!!

    it was way better than that lousy buffalo/new york game.

  7. billy pilgrim-- Yes sir they can! I love me some Ducks. I'm so gald that you and so many of the others watched. Very cool, cool beans!

    I can't wait for the Rose Bowl! I think we're watching it at the coast... if all works out well. Wahoo! All things ocean, deerhunter and the Rose Bowl with the Ducks. How could I get so lucky?

    But I'm not counting on it... dont want to jinx things. They feel too good and that's never good for me.

  8. So happy your team won, I will be cheering for your Ducks in the Rose Bowl. Normally I wouldn't have a team, but knowing you, I am pulling for them! would be huge to beat Ohio State. I'm not like those silly SEC fans who cheer for SEC teams just b.c their team is in the SEC. Big Ten be damned, go Ducks!

  9. Ducks and Beavers? SOunds like made-up team names.

  10. Sebastien-- Thanks! They have earned it.

    secret agent woman-- They do sound that way. But that's us folk in the northwest. :-)


  11. Hey - Just thought I'd stop by to say hello and hope you're enjoying your new freedom. Glad your Ducks triumphed.

    Even if I haven't much of a comment to make I can always play with the tree frog. Addicting, in a weird way.

  12. Cricket-- Yep. I like that frog! I never know if anyone feeds him or not. Ha. Gald you do. And you're always welcome here... comment or not. Good to hear from you.

  13. Thanks Cricket. I had noticed the tree frog, but I didn't know it could be fed :-)

  14. Cube-- I wish that the tree frog would gain some weight as he was fed. I think that would be fun.

  15. I'd like to be more like that tree frog ;-)