Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yay! Christmas lights! Okay... I cheated. It's too darned cold to get out in the wind tonight here. I have sweat pants on over my work clothes at this point. Brrrrrrr...
The next one is the one here that I like most. I don't know it says something about someone... funny, charming maybe a free spirit.

This program is working strangely tonight. Oh well. So I am nervous about getting everything done that I need to get done for tomorrow. Nervous about the weather and hope that it stays clear for me... all directions.
First I go east, then after being wounded I get to go west.
Then the civil war game. I know... it's an Oregon thing. I won't harp on it.
My weekend has begun already... a nice long relaxing one. You know what I am up to... what are you all going to be up to?
Tomorrow I will let you know who won... but I'm also doing my Christmas post. yeah, I know its not Christmas yet. But you will all be busy with family and this one's message is to slow down and enjoy the season. I hope you like it.
(I know... this one is kind of lame!)


  1. That's quite the exuberant snowman. I guess he's happy he's not the melting kind ;-)

    I used to really get into Christmas when my girls were little. Now it's different for me, more low key, and I'm OK with it.

    Just looking at those photos makes me cold.
    Brrr. Stay warm!

  2. Love the Willys Wagon! I used to have one of those. It was a piece of junk, but I sure miss it.

  3. Why do those Christmas ornaments still have heads on them?
    You know my history with headless ornaments.
    Pretty pics. Love the Willys Wagon. Oh the salty memories I have.
    Happy Day, Ananda.

  4. merry feckin christmas!

    i've been ready for xmas since july.

  5. OMG! I love that lit up jeep, soooo cool. I wish I could decorate my front yard with the bodies of old 50s cars and have them all lit up. Would be fun. Neighbors would kill me.

  6. Cool photos. I hope everything goes well for you this weekend...Everything. Wink, wink.

  7. My apartment building is extremely festive and ready for Christmas! Someone on the third floor has not only Christmas lights on their balcony, but also an inflatable snowman!

  8. My apartment building is extremely festive and ready for Christmas! Someone on the third floor has not only Christmas lights on their balcony, but also an inflatable snowman!

  9. Not lame! I like the purty, purty lights :-) My neighborhood is getting lit up too.

    Have a great weekend and take good care of that toe...and everything else.

  10. Cube-- Yeah it's not the same since my kids grew up. The grand kids are fun, but still not the same.

    The closer it gets to Christmas the more depressed I will be. A hard time of year for me, though I love the lights and the holiday.

  11. 3GirlKnight-- Haha... there is something about a piece of junk that can be very endearing.

    Peggy-- They have heads because neither you or I built them! (I suspect that Sebastien would leave the heads off on purpose.)

    billy pilgrim-- Merry fecking Christmas back at you!

    Sebastien-- Decorate your yard with old junk cars! You are secretly an Oregonian and don't know it. We have a kind of good ol boy Oregonian that do that 365 days a year. And you could build your home out of used u-haul containers... a popular building medium among them.

    Churlita-- Thanks. The toe is hardly even annoying. I'm having an odd time. Hes at work and I get the run of the place alone. I miss my computer. This one is waaaaaay slower. Explains a bit actually. Ha. So far, so good.

    Tara-- Yay! Here inflatables blow away. In fact that little concession stand I had a photo of here just blew over, rolled down onto the river beach and fell apart. Yikes!

    Hooray for being lit up!

    laura b.-- I am having fun. Today is a lazy day for me. I am going to go through his music collection... very nice one... and burn CDs of what I want. It is freezing here! Not in the house... outside. BBbbbrrrrr

  12. I hear thee about that Christmas depression.
    Maybe this year things will be looking up for you? All the changes and your excellent outlook?
    Wishing the best for you. That never changes.

  13. Those snowfolk look like they are rising up out of the snow.

  14. Shoot. Someone stole my headless Christmas ornaments in the middle of the night. So in keeping with the holiday spirit here in 'no.