Monday, December 7, 2009

Ut-oh and angry Beaver! hee hee Go Ducks!

Home again. My trip to Duck land was outstanding. Had a wonderful time. All revved up for the Rose Bowl on New Years... hurry up and wait.

Nice day today too. School was great. Kids were extra funny. I think they are getting excited about the coming break. Me too.

Irony: My wedding anniversary is/was Dec.7th. (It is still Dec. 7th as I write.) So today when I get home and open my mail box... there is my official copy of my divorce ruling. Yay! But isn't that a hoot? It begins and ends on this day.

Frog pond is greatly reduced. Down to three. I think that's plenty.

On my personal battle front... four more pounds down. Big grins.

The next few posts will be like this one... short and sweet. We've got some computer issues at home that will take a couple of days. I'm doing this one from the Bear's house. Tomorrow's from my work computer after hours.

So there you have it. I hope you all have a lovely day and that your world looks as bright as mine. By the way... it's pretty much a done deal. I'll be moving to a real city in June. Woot!


  1. All revved up for the Rose Bowl on New Years.

    No comment....

    I'll be moving to a real city in June. Woot!

    Odd, it looked like a real city where you are now to me. Being as I've been to many places I can assure you that any city is what you make of it.

    My preference being, the smaller the better. If I want to buy something not available in my small town I'll go to a bigger one to get it, but then get right back home.

  2. Well, maybe you love the smell of discount sales in the morning, ha ha ha ha

  3. It sounds great. I hope soon you can whittle the frogs down to one good one.

  4. BBC-- The one thing that I am not is a shopper for fun. I go directly to what I need, pay for it and go home.

    I am sure that you are right... anywhere is as good as you make it. I just want to make it somewhere else.

    However, this is no city. It is an extended rest stop with some lovely people... and some who are not.

  5. Churlita-- Well... I am leary and careful these days. Once bitten twice shy babe!

  6. Hi, Sorry I haven't been here much. Lots of reading behind the scene.
    Hey, that is kind of creepy about the date on your begining and end to your marriage!

  7. The Civil War was a good game, and the better team one of course. It will be nice to see the Ducks in The Rose Bowl again. Good news on the personal battle front and that is indeed some serious irony about your anniversary/divorce. Look forward to hearing about the move to a real city. Take care.

  8. Down to only three frogs and not even a smidgen of grief?

  9. So, your divorce was final on Pearl Harbor Day? There's a good joke in there, somewhere.

  10. Yeah, what Suldog said... a day that will live in infamy, perhaps?

    Hooray for real cities. I've lived in one or another all my life. I'm a firm believer in country as a place to visit, though I understand, I think, the other p.o.v. A couple of actual quotations:

    (Me, to a woodsy friend, upon reaching the top of a mountain)
    Nice view. Now where can I get a cup of coffee?

    My son: Daddy, what does rural mean?
    Me: It means you can't get Chinese food there.

  11. Congrats on your Ducks. At least someone has a winning team to root for... *sigh*

    What an infamous day to get married AND then finalize your divorce. [Insert Twilight Zone music here]

    What about your job and your kids? Will the city be close enough to hang on to the good things about your town?

  12. Shife-- It was an AWESOME game. You should see Autzen stadium. Fun stuffs!

    In fact, I'll be living in Autzen's city! (Eugene) You bet you'll hear about it.

  13. Mo-- Frankly, they can be difficult to manage.

  14. Suldog-- It's the marriage that was the joke and the battle.

  15. Cricket-- Ha! I love those quotes. I feel exactly that way too! Exactly!

    The first thing I do when I get off the freeway anywhere is locate the Starbucks.

    Dumb Potter's Hell has 3 restaurants that all serve the same greasy burgers. No ethnic food anywhere. Not even Italian!

    I came here because it was a healthy place and safer place to raise my kids. Now that's done... time to go home.

  16. Cube-- Good questions. The plan is to get on in one of the school districts there, which keeps my retirement, ins. and everything. Same job, different location, though I may have to give up library and just teach one on one or small groups.

    Squeaky will be 18 by then and wants to live with the Bear. I will be 3 hours away by car.
    I'm not having any trouble driving that now.

  17. All-- Before anyone jumps to conclusions... no, I am not moving to the Deerhunter's. I am moving in with another female friend. She and I will live in Eugene and he lives in Springfield. The two cities merge together.

    I have K and her social group and I'll have the deerhunter and his social group. It will be fun to move to a place where I already have people to fish with or go with to visit a museum.

  18. Congrats on the impending move - suonds liek a good one.

    I'm thinking it's time for me to re-ctock my frog pond.

  19. It's not your female friend Meredith Baxter, is it? Not that there's anything wrong with that

  20. secret agent woman-- Thank you. I really think it is what will be best for me. Old wife gets new life!

    Oh yay! I am glad to hear it. Have fun s.a.w.! I want to hear all about it and them.

  21. Cube-- HAAAAA! I like men. Not made to be any other way. Fine with those who are though.

    But it reminds me of this very unpolitically correct joke. I cry pardon to anyone it offends!

    What did one lesbian frog say to the other lesbeian frog?

    Hey... we do taste just like chicken!

    (I know... bad, bad, bad!)

  22. Very un-P.C. and very funny.
    But I'll never eat chicken again.

  23. I think I am going to cry.... what about me? You said I cold not move to Pullman, yet you are moving away from me. Ps Michael is coming home Friday, you may be free, but I will have double check his plans. if he is not home, you ARE coming up, no excuses! Biotch

  24. Congrats on the 4lbs! It's not an easy task to commit to losing weight. I'm just not as into it as I should be, but I am exercising.

  25. theBear-- What? You want I should stay here alone while you move away from me to Pullman?
    Sheesh! YOu have bumped your punkin head!

    Yes I will stay with you for the weekend if Michael does not come home. But he has to pick up a mattress set for me when he gets home. And hey... get the name of that deal from Kim for me please.

  26. Tara-- Actually, as long as you are exercising and not regaining... I see no reason you can't coast. I have a lot of respect for people who get out and bike, run, walk,go to a gym, etc.
    So I say "Yay Tara!"

    It was not easy to get started at all, but man, I am stuck to this like glue.
    I am getting very close to my goal for the year and it's exciting but it will be close...
    we'll see. Thanks for the support!

  27. Congratulations on all this happy news...finally being legally unentangled, dropping some l.b.s, and confirming your move!
    Your joy is mine as well, Ananda Girl :-)

  28. lablahblah-- I love the name! I have much to be happy about. ;-) Thank you for sharing in it!