Saturday, December 26, 2009

A wee bit chilly here!

Well... remember I said that things in December generally go up and down like a roller coaster? Yeah...
Christmas did not go as planned at all. There really wasn't one. Through a series of bizarre events... including Max using the wrong pin on my debit card and freezing it solid until this morning when their offices were once more open to have them unfreeze it... to odd stuff up on the Bear's end. We called it off until Monday. So it goes.

So I drug a tiny turkey out of my freezer... thawed it the incorrect way in a sink of hot water, stuffed it and threw together a modest meal.

All four of my boys were here... Max, Boo, Squeaky and of course, Lorn... plus the kids dad. They watched strange videos that held no interest for me and played video games LOUDLY and joyously.

As for myself... I retired to my room.
Max and I had a brief battle. So I did the adult thing and dressed up his Batman statue in drag for the fun of it. Ho ho ho.

My frogs were about in various ways and places. DH was visiting his family out of town... communication was very brief. Spoke to the new ill frog, who was alone for Christmas.
Met another bran new frog on the phone. Interesting. But for the most part I spent my Christmas evening on the phone with LA frog and had a great time doing that. One of those people who have no trouble making conversation.

Today began with a wake up call from LA and then on to the business of getting my debit card back in operation. What a hassle! Now I have a new pin and have to remember to remember it... or I'll do what Max did and freeze it up myself. Yikes. Otherwise, just about as mundane a day as I could wish for... and believe me, mundane is sometimes very nice!

I've put the boys on alert... tonight is fend for yourself in the fridge and cupboards. I am off cooking duty. I hardly eat much anymore and after 36 years of making nearly all the meals, I am burned out. Its too cold to do much of anything outside. So I'll stay inside, nice and toasty and work on a post for Monday. I think I feel a story coming on.

So that's it my friends. This is my Saturday Evening / Sunday post. I hope you all had nice holidays. Mine was fine... I am not complaining other than I wanted to watch those little boys open presents. I get a real kick out of that. Santa can't wait until Monday. I understand Turkey was dancing with joy. Ha. Must have been fun to watch. But there will be other years. At the end of the day, I was smiling and happy. You can't beat that.

How did your holiday go?


  1. Life so rarely goes as planned. But still, sounds like good time with family.

  2. secret agent woman-- Yes it was. A nice clam night for the most part and that is always a good thing.

  3. ananda - I love the photos!!! beautiful!

    but missing is a photo of you in the costume - that would be something to see!

    my holiday went quite well - almost exactly as planned - except for the in-laws - sheesh! thanks for asking.

  4. C4c-- The photo doesn't do it justice... the sun on the side of that mountain was fantastic.

    I dressed up a statue... not me!
    hahaha... But that would have been a hoot! Maybe next time.

    I cannot think of anything more disruptive than in-laws.

  5. I have a story.
    My husband "lost" his wallet on Christmas eve. I had to cancel the credit cards, debit card (his), etc. Two hours later he "found" his wallet. It was the back pocket of the pants he was wearing all along. So I am facing the long lines at the bank on Monday, just like you, Ananda.
    Oh, there's more. On Christmas Eve, Mr. Cool and Ms. Cool decided to host dinner. BBQ'd pulled pork. An absolute fav to a vegetarian like me but when in Rome...The Cools served up that pork and then proceeded to caution everyone about the caloric intake, fat intake, dangers of meat in general. They didn't eat any. They sat and tsk, tsk'd the suckers who tried to make the best of it.
    Oh, it continues. Found out that the husband who left me sitting by myself on Christmas for year number 26 locked all of his relatives out of the house by mistake. There they all stood outside in the rain while my hero had to break a window to get back in the house. Then he was too sick to attend Christmas dinner.
    As for me, I'm smiling. Why? Because I'm waaaay over here sitting in a warm house surrounded by little beating hearts who like me and wished me a very merry Christmas.
    Thanks for letting me vent.
    Bring on the New Year.

  6. i have more pin #s and passwords than brains.

    life would be easier if i had more brains than pin #'s.

  7. billy pilgrim-- LMAO. Me too I'm afraid. I'm pretty good with the plain ones, but when they want me to make it 9 spaces long with at least 3 numerical characters... I lose it and have to write it down.

    After all, I have to be able to function without coffee on occasion... and that is asking too much.

  8. Sorry to hear about your debit card woes. Banks
    can be quite the pain. Just look at this way, while the rest of us are just getting back to work on Monday, you guys are going to have Christmas. That doesn't sound so bad to me.

    We had the big family dinner at my parents' house on Christmas eve, then a quiet nuclear family dinner on Christmas (roast beef this year). Thanks to the recent economic woes it was more subdued than other years, but it was all good, nonetheless. Christmas shouldn't be about money anyway.

  9. Cube-- It was no great loss and I managed to survive the debit card issue. It just meant that I had less to cook... not a bad thing in my opinion. ha.

    I love roast beef! The Bear wanted me to make her a ham. I don't care for it myself, but if it makes her happy.

    Sounds like you had a lovely time. Yes... my season continues. Ha. Good way to think of it and I like the positive spin on that.

    This is promising to be an interesting week. Busy and fun.

  10. And, you lucky duck, don't have to work. It will be awesome in that respect at the very least. I'm working tomorrow :-P

  11. I know! But I didn't want to rub it in. ha I feel for you folk who do have to work.

  12. It sucks for us self-employed folks, but we'll muddle through... well, if Obama doesn't destroy the economy, then God only knows what will happen. Good gravy.

  13. Cube-- Good gravy is right! The economy has to improve. We all need it to... but I can see how scary it must be for self-employed folk. Yikes!

  14. Ah Christmas was fun- you missed the "Spongebob movie dance" and then the "Spongebob is on tv dance" and the "I am so excited I just gotta dance" dance. There was a lot of dancing around here. Gabe had all of his presents open before turkey was even half way done- due to the intermitent dancing. It was great and I enjoyed it so much, I wish you guys could have been here! P.S. you and Dad are missing out on your presents, brrrr... it sure is cold outside.

  15. well it sounds like everyone survived at least and that it wasn't a total loss.

  16. theBear-- Ha! I am so sorry to have missed the dancing! Presents?

  17. Lime-- Yeah, it wasn't bad actually. I had fun. :-)

  18. A wee bit chilly here!....How did your holiday go?

    Terrific !! I went camping in an area that the neighbor monkey told me about recently and I love it there. It was so quite and peaceful, and free, I love free.

    My next camping trip in a few weeks will be back into the same area, there's hundreds of square miles for me to explore there.

    As for chilly, I don't give a crap, I just don't do cold camping anymore, my camper was nice and comfy all the time.

    Propane heat at night and a nice wood heater during the day while looking out at nature, I loved it and had a wonderful time.

  19. Billy B.-- Yay! Sounds like a great time. Cool beans.

  20. billy pilgrim said...i have more pin #s and passwords than brains.

    I agree, ha ha ha. I have one credit card and one credit card. How many the rest of you frogs and monkeys think you need I don't know, but just my two serve me very well.

  21. Opp's, I meant to say I have one credit card and one debit card, sorry, brain fart.

  22. Why has a pin number has to be four numbers instead of something eloquent like, fuck you?

  23. BBC-- You can shorten that you know.

  24. I guess I could but I'm a stickler for spelling, ha ha ha ha a ha

  25. Billy B.-- I guess you could go with "shit" then. :-)

  26. Na, a pin number is a pin number, it has to be all numbers, and only four of them. But a password is a different thing, they like them about eight letters or numbers long if you access your bank account on the internut.

    In my constant virgil for simplicity in passwords I like to go with something like, 'fuckyou55times'.

  27. Billy B.-- I have so many accounts through my job that require passwords and a ton more on the internet with stuff I do. Every one has some mental trick to help me recall them... and I still forget some. But only one actual pin number. I like that one best.

  28. I have different passwords for many email accounts but I've had them for so long that remembering them is no issue for me, yet. But I suppose the day is coming, not that it will matter, maybe nothing matters.

    Except for my camping.

  29. Ah, sounds like quite an adventure. You seem to be good at going with the unexpected :-) And, as you say, Christmas comes when it comes! It isn't like that one day defines it, really.

    Now, on to a Happy New Year!

  30. laura b.-- Yes it does... and glad i am for that!

    I heave learned to roll with the punches over the years. Stress over small things is wasted time.

    I am glad for simple pleasures.

    I agree... on with the new year... may it bring happiness to us all and the strength to endure its sorrows, though hopefully we will escape those. :-)

  31. It's too bad it didn't go the way you wanted, but at least you made the best of it.

    It sounds like you at least got some fun attention from the frog pond.