Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Okay folks... taking a cue from laura b. I have decided to do a choose and defend post.

Oregon Ducks

In the world of football, you have to admit that there are some real giggles in poses.

Which of these two football photos is the most fierce?
Can you guess who I pick... or remember if you have been following? Hope I didn't stack the deck too much. (giggle)

Oregon's Beavers

Well it was a typical Tuesday for me. They are not my best or my worst days of the week. They are pretty mild really. No class to read stories to, which is my favorite part of my work week. But then I got to catalog over 150 books into my system and get them ready for my sub to barcode, etc.

Got home and my Internet was flat line... the wireless card was accidentally knocked off by Loren when he was re-hooking up his computer to the line. I do not live well without my connection to the world. But Squeaky came home from the Bear's and fixed it. Yay! Thank goodness for live-in computer geeks.

I am currently engaged in a kitchen war... cooking and baking. Turkey enchiladas, Spanish rice, macaroons, and chocolate haystacks.
Hey... when I get going, I go. One pan of enchiladas and the rice go to the Duck game day. So does the fresh salsa I'll make tomorrow. All that along with the macaroons and haystacks go to the civil war with me.

Tomorrow I also get my studs put on my hubs. The time has come. It is so cold out that it would snow if there was moisture. I expect to see it on the top of the gorge cliffs above me tomorrow morning.
It is always beautiful.
Perfect for the holiday season... but could also signal an
end to trips south. I am the world's biggest chicken on the road,
though I do not mind cruising around town when it's
3 feet deep. One of the few.

The pond is quiet. But its early yet.
I did get a nice text on my phone from Frog D that
I pulted. He would like to keep communicating and remain friends.
I am not so sure about that.
So I told him that I was overwhelmed at this point.
I felt a bit like a creep.
So it goes.

I intended to have the lights begun tonight, but
cleverly forgot to charge my battery. Tomorrow then.

I am excited about the coming game. I am not generally a football fanatic, but have been having a blast with this year's
teams. When I was growing up my brother played and
I never missed his games. Got to see him get seriously injured too and that took a great deal of fun out of it for me.
I think my entire family made it out on the field before the
coach got to him.
He recovered to be picked up on a college team on a scholarship.
But you could see that his heart for it had left.
The following year his scholarship changed to academic.
Not a bad thing. His education has served him very well.

I have to have my big toe nail removed. Dropped a can of soup on the poor thing and turned it an ugly black...
infection under it.
Being diabetic causes them stress over any infection.
It will be sore and gooey. Fun stuffs!
Fortunately I don't care much about pain. I have a nice high threshold to it and expect to be rosey in no time at all.
The lure of pain pills is like a shiny object. Ha!
Hey... I am what I am.
And a buzzzzzz is a buzzzzzzzzzz.
Legal is good but I have become a real lightweight over the passing years.
Down to being giggly and not much beyond.

Well Dexter is calling to me from the other room.
Deer hunter is online too.
The frogs have begun to croak.
This time tomorrow I will be pacing like a cougar in a small cage.
The following day I will be doing my toe thing and hitting the road.
Pain pills will have to wait until I land.
Hope I can drive okay.
Thank goodness for cruise control and boundless determination... and that high pain threshold.
There's always crying and driving.
Kind of good at that too.

When I am there this time I will post!
A first for me. I'll have the run of the house and a computer to use.
Chores too... toe willing.
Kindness must always be repaid... and a good house guest pitches in.
I am good at many things.


  1. There's nothing quite like football for homo-erotic photos. Of course, a game where every play starts with one guy holding his hand under the bum of another is bound to have interesting photos. Personally, I prefer not to think about that part of it, and I'm going to go drink heavily now so I'll forget about it.

  2. Ouch - bummer about the toe. I'm good for one of those every few years. Such, such are the joys...

    Pain pills are another matter. Yay, hooray! One morning my Nana called me very early, and I am a morning person. She was reading to me from the supermarket circular and giggling like a schoolgirl. As the coffee kicked in, I remembered that I had recently brought her to the dentist and, yes, the pharmacy. Slowly, I realized that this, um, uncharacteristic display probably meant she was, er... feeling no pain, so to speak. Well, everyone deserves a little fun now and then.

    Whichever team is yours, I wish them success.

  3. I wish you well on your toe surgery and on your subsequent journey, but I gotta tell you that you are oodles braver than I am. If I was going to have a toenail removed, I'd be planning a trip to the couch, with the remote, some books, and my pain pills and that's it... unless there's a fire, I'm not moving.

    BTW you mentioned getting studs put on your hubs - well, I had to keep reading to figure out you weren't talking about a piercing. It's hard for us Floridians to get our heads around the fact that you have snow while we're still running around in shorts and t-shirts. Don't hate us because we're warm ;-)

  4. Suldog-- You are right of course... many football photos are rather frightening. I'm sorry I drove you to drink so early in the day. Generally I'm not doing that to men until about noon. Ha. Oh wait a minute... you live in a different time zone. That explains it.

  5. Cricket-- I had a good giggle over Nana... thank you! Yes, that is the way I expect to be. As long as no one steps on my toe, I should be a happy rooter. The Ducks will win.

  6. Cube-- Hahahaha... I am not piercing my hubs!
    There are not enough pain pills for that.

    Oh that was a good side splitter. Thanks. The secretary just told me she had the same deal a few years ago... she says its a piece of cake.

  7. Years ago I jammed my little toe and the nail fell off. My parents did not believe in doctors (still don't) so my poor toe got the old masking tape treatment.
    I still went out and "played" with my friends. I cautioned each and every one of them to please not step on my toe. You guessed it. P. Tibbits proceeded to turn around and stepped on my blasted toe. Hurt like the dickins so I applaud your enthusiasm regarding the meds.
    Now that I think of it, P. Tibbits always managed to bruise, maim or cripple me in some way. I'm thinking that maybe she didn't like me
    Curse you, P. Tibbits.
    Best of luck to you, though, Ananda.

  8. Peggy-- I curse you too P.Tibbits! And all the mean little girls... like D. Horn who used to torment me no end.

    In fact, talked to the friar last night on the phone for a long time about T.L. Heaton. Laughed until I cried at all the ridiculous stuff we could remember from then. We lived a block apart for a year and still can't figure out who we are. Now that is sad. Where did our brain cells go?

  9. Peggy-- You know the masking tape... though in my case the "duck tape" method will likely come into play. I understand there is some weird toe cage that is supposed to protect it. Medical tapes don't like to stick to me for long... maybe duck tape will. hee hee

    (yes i know it's duct not duck) Duct tape fixes everything.

  10. Go Ducks! (although I have to admit...both team names make me laugh a little)

    I hope you have a great long weekend, in spite of the toe...or maybe, given the pain meds, because of the toe!

    And once again...go Ducks!!! :-)

  11. Peggy-- Yes both names make me laugh a lot and you can so some very evil things with them. (hanging head in shame) I would have trouble being able to use a straight face and proudly call myself a "Beaver". My brain can't pass it by.

  12. laura b.-- OH NO>>> I already put the wrong name in for you. I don't know why. Well crap. My apologies!

    I was up too late talking to an ex-school mate and Peggy was a big part of the converstaion as our touchstone. I guess my sleep deprived brain is clutching to her for lack of brain cells today.

    Go Ducks! I would much rather be a Duck than a Beaver if no other reason that because of the name.

    Okay... here we go! I've been a duck (dork) most of my life but I hope I've been a bit more than just a "beaver". Yikes! Can I say that?

  13. Maybe you can't remember him because he went to Hamilton JHS. Just saying.

  14. Peggy-- No, he did 6th at T.L. too.
    Even has the class photo that I managed to be absent from. But we can both name everyone else.

    Clearly we were not even remotely interested in each other back then. His best friend was a kid that I knew really well. We had the same teacher. He recalls the kid ahead of me and behind me. But not me. Same for me. Complete flat line on who he is.

    Yet we both recall very detailed stories about people we do know and remember. Very odd. BTW I do recall what you said and hear ya!

  15. All this time before, I'd see you mention the Ducks here and there, and think "Anaheim Mighty Ducks".... a West Coast thing, I figured.

  16. Sorry to hear about your toe, but it sounds like everything you do this weekend will take your mind off of it. ;)

  17. I guess that football must be for frogs that don't have more interesting lives and more important things to do. quack quack quack.

  18. dmarks-- Nope both are Oregon things. But I can see why you might think that. :-)

  19. Churlita-- As I left work today the secretary told me good luck and then asked if I was going to have a man around to take good care of me. I laughed and told her "Of course!"

    A small price to pay for a fun extended weekend.

  20. BBC-- Well I guess its not everyone's cup of tea. To each his own as they say.

  21. Football has a certain latent you know what. I have no problem with that but I find it funny, specially how the quarterback receives the ball from his center, hehe, it's quite funny when you stop and think about it.

    I can't cheer for Oregon teams. You guys are rivals to my Arizona teams :)

    My fav college team is Northwestern, go Northwestern! we are having a good year this year, knocked off Iowa and Wisconsin, woohoo.

    Poor thing with the toe, you are really getting knocked about of late.