Monday, November 30, 2009

These are photos from my last trip to the coast.

One of our feathered visitors. He thinks he owns the place... he does.

The pond is quiet right now. I did not spend a lot of time there. My usual Monday thing was happening. That has not yet changed... despite the divorce. X (the one formerly known as StbX) still needs a ride. Squeaky is still learning to drive. Soon...

This is a poor photo of a very nice thing. One of my students gave me a thank you letter for having the Book Fair... and for helping him to pick out a book that he enjoyed. I thought that perhaps his teacher had put him up to this... teachers do that sort of thing often.... but she said no... he did it all by himself. I like that he used a variety of colors. He put a good deal of effort into it don't you think? Kids always surprise me. The things that pop of their heads and mouths amuse me no end. This was sweet. These surprises make my job a happy one.

Ugh! A Walmart day. I went to pick up 3 things... which I had in my clutches within 5 minutes of walking through the automated doors. I stood in line for 20 minutes... behind some woman who insisted all of her things had to be hidden in paper bags... one slid over the open top of the others. Christmas has come to the check stands. I'm all for hiding things from Johnny so that he has a big surprise on Christmas day. However, I was tired and in a hurry. So I was cranky.

Tomorrow I will start posting photos of the Christmas lights. They are everywhere now. Our lamp posts are decorated and houses are lit up like forest fires.
But I love it when it looks like this here.
I've said it before... I am a magpie... if it's shiny, bright and pretty, I like it. Bring on the lights!

My Bear is nagging me to spend a weekend with her.
She says she misses me. So I have agreed to spend... not this weekend, which is dedicated to all things to do with the Oregon vs Oregon civil war on the football field... but the following weekend with the Bear. The game is Thursday... but you know, since I'll be there, I may as well stay awhile. Recuperate. Rest. Recharge.

There is talk of another trip to the coast in about a month, if all goes well. I'm up for that! I would like that very much. The ocean in winter here is beautiful and stormy. I like the storms and the big waves. I've never seen snow on the beach... wonder if I will? What does it look like when snowflakes fall in the sea?
If that happens, I will try to get a photo, but you know I'm not that good with a camera... so no promises.
And who knows what tomorrow brings?
It may not work out that we could go.
Then again... it might.
I like not being sure. Adds excitement and possibility.

Here's to wishing you all an exciting possibility of some sort coming your way. Big grins.


  1. The truth is that seagulls always think they own the place, wherever that place is. With you being a magpie I'm going to keep my valuables well hidden.

  2. Mo-- Hahaha... wise man! Good morning to you Mo... thanks for my first laugh of the day.

  3. Love the note. I was wont to write multi-colored notes, myself, so I know he put thought into it. Looking forward to the photos of lights. I'm a bit of a magpie, myself :-)

  4. Suldog-- The thing I recall best about being that age was the focus required (tongue tip stuck out between my teeth...brows beetled) to get that dumb pen to make the letters. You can see that struggle between eye and hand in this note. Ha. I appreciated the obvious effort.

    Hahaha... many in our roost I suspect!

  5. Seagulls can be pushy & aggressive, but my girls always end up "dropping" some piece of high caloric, hydrogenate-laden snack which endears the little darlings to us like white on rice. They like them. Go figure.

    What a sweet thank you note. It reminded me of those thick pens that you clicked for whichever color you wanted - blue, black, green, and red.

  6. My grandfather used to keep a four-colored pen in his shirt pocket. I thought it was the greatest thing and was beside myself with joy when he bought me one.

    Falling into the sea.
    What silence.

    - The Zenrin

  7. Very nice of the young boy to send you a note. He must be a smart kid knowing that you are one awesome lady. Look forward to seeing the lights. I put ours up over the past weekend and this weekend we get the tree that will then be destroyed by the baby. I think it is going to be a full-time job keeping him away from it. Plus the fat basset likes to drink the water out of the tree stand so I might be busy, busy. So who do you pull for in the Civil War?

  8. What a sweet note :-) I love getting stuff like that from the kids!

    Sounds like you have lots to look forward to, Ananda. 'Tis the season and you are in the right frame of mind. I need to get there still.

  9. that note is one reason i want to be a children's librarian. nto because i need multicolored notes(though they sure are sweet) but i want my job to be connecting kids with books they love.

  10. Cube-- I have a vivid memory of my oldest son... running and screaming at McD's when attacked by gulls for his fries. Still cracks me up.

    Those pens are so cool!

  11. Cricket-- That is sublime! Thank you.

    My grandmother Gertrude used to keep one for bookkeeping purposes. We weren't allowed to use it... which of course made it the most desired pen in the pen cup!

  12. Shife hello! I am looking forward to your posts on how Wee- Shife deals with that tree. If I may make a suggestion? We attached our tree top to the ceiling with a molly bolt hook and some nice nearly invisible fishing line.

    Here's a horror story for you... when I was that size, I ate a glass bulb off the tree. (The following week I tried to eat a razor blade.) Gald that I don't recall either event.

    I've had that same trouble with my past bassets! LOL Give Q a hug for me and Baby Shife too.

  13. laura b.-- I am in a very good mood these days and I will not get out of it until close to Christmas... then watch out. It will drop like a rock.

  14. lime-- It is a wonderful feeling to do that. I love my job. It is most satisfying. You would be excellent at it.

  15. that note was so sweet. It's so fun reading about your adventures. You and I are so different in the fact that not being sure about something stresses me out. I wish I could look at it the way you do.

  16. Churlita-- Thanks. I used to be stressed out by not knowing, then I had a period in my life where so much was out of my control that I had to learn how to let go. This is my way... life is an adventure.

  17. SHIFE >> I forgot to answer your important question... GO DUCKS!

  18. I have to do a little decorating around here for Christmas. I will at least put my tree up, but am unsure about the lights in the windows. Next year I will put up porch lights.

    I can't stand Wal-Mart this time of year. They claim that they have more aisles opened, but there are exponentially more people.

  19. Still pretty laid back at the Walmart here.

    What does it look like when snowflakes fall in the sea?

    It looks just like snowflakes falling in the sea.

    I don't do christmas and lights anymore. As far as I'm concerned the lights are best used if put in a circle on the floor in a room and dancing in the middle of them.

    Hopefully with the result being that the couple ends up naked.

  20. Snowflakes floating down while you are sitting in a hot tub with a drink, now that is cool.

  21. They can be aggressive but they're also very sneaky. I grew up in Manhattan and one year we came to Florida for vacation. On my first trip to Clearwater Beach, I was eating a hotdog one minute and the next I was just eating an empty
    bun. I still remember seeing a seagull making off with my hotdog. The adults thought it was the funniest thing they had ever seen.

  22. BBC-- I could sit watching the snow fall in a hot tub with a drink... but the water better be very hot. I used to be constantly overheated. Never wore a coat. Now I constantly freeze and just about live in a coat. I think my theromstat is going out.

  23. Cube-- Shame on the adults... but I gotta say, I myself laughed like a loon at my 6 year old trying to keep the gulls off his fries. Fortunately his dad took over and saved him. Alas the fries went with the gulls.

  24. Adorable, I bet that is the best part of the job, helping kids and making them happy and helping them discover things :)

    I hope you make it out to the coast again, I want more photos!!!

    You need to become more aggressive when you shop. Pick up the lamps the store is selling and start whacking people with them. Whack people who don't deserve it as well. Keeps everyone on their toes.