Thursday, November 5, 2009

Drive Me Wild

I always liked this one... like this voice of The Cars best.
Benjamin Orr.

The driving practice continues to go well. Squeaky even dared to head out onto "the loop" which is exactly what it sounds like... a 3 mile loop. He made one lap and then decided that was daring enough for the day.

I am very proud of his progress and how well he has taken to this... for cautious Squeaky, that is a wonderful thing.

I muttered "Oh shoot... don't let me forget that I have to make a batch of oatmeal cookies."

"You're making oatmeal cookies?"

"Yes" I said. "To take to the beach... with walnuts, no raisins."

"Do you know how to make oatmeal cookies?" he demanded.

"Of course I know how to make oatmeal cookies!"

"No no no... you can't say that like that... you have never once made me oatmeal cookies!"

"I have too made cookies!"

"You have made peanut butter cookies. You have made sugar cookies. You make those sinckerdoodle things... but NO OATMEAL COOKIES WITH RAISINS IN THEM."

"Squeaky... I hate raisins, especially in oatmeal cookies. That is why I never make oatmeal cookies with raisins in them for you. Besides your favorite cookies are Snickerdoodles."

"No. No. My favorite cookies are NOT Snickerdoodles... my favorite cookies are OATMEAL WITH RAISINS IN THEM."

There was silence for a moment or two. I was feeling kind of bad. Geeze I was sure that snickerdoodles were his favorites. I mean, positive.

(The car pulls to a full stop and Squeaky puts it in park so he can stare at me.)

"Okay... okay... so you're going to make this guy... this strange guy... oatmeal cookies and you've never made me oatmeal cookies the way I like them... and you want me to go stay at the Bear's house on Friday and not come home until you're gone Saturday right?"

"Well, yes, actually."

"NO. I want a batch of oatmeal cookies with raisins in them or I'm not going to the Bear's."

Guess who is making two batches of oatmeal cookies... one with walnuts and one with raisins?


  1. YOU BETTER BRING ME SOME TOOOOOO! OR ELSE I WONT KEEP HIM AND YOUR USED SON. NO MERCY! Oatmeal is my fav, well peanut butter too.

  2. I like oatmeal cookies with raisins too. I also like walnuts, but have never had oatmeal cookies with walnuts. Have fun baking.

  3. You had better get this right. There will be a test afterward.

    I like oatmeal cookies, and nuts sound good, though pecans are the best nuts for cooking, and probably almonds are second best. I do not like raisins, but I will put up with a few in baked goods.

    My favorite cookie is sugar cookie, usually slice and bake pillsbury type, still a bit soft.

    Most of my life I have preferred vanilla to chocolate in baked goods, though not in ice cream. But lately I tend to like really expensive death by chocolate type stuff.

    My favorite fruit pie is apple. Pecan pie and pumpkin pie are also good.

    I like lemon cake (other than the above mentioned death by chocolate). I hate german chocolate cake cause of the coconut.

  4. After you finish with the driving lessons you should start cooking lessons. Then he can have whatever cookies he wants.

  5. thebear-- What... 3 batches of cookies??? How much oatmeal do you guys think I keep around here?

    Why do I make Snickerdoodles so much then? Who is it that loves Snickerdoodles? Who the heck did I make them for? I'm confused. Is it Max?

    Hey! You can verify that I have made oatmeal cookies! I think I make them every Christmas at least. Don't I?

  6. AlienCG-- I love oatmeal. I used to have a walnut tree. I got into the habit of putting walnuts in my oatmeal because they have a valuable amino acid that is good for brain function. Now I like the flavors together.

    I suspect the brain function really isn't increased all that much, though... I can't keep my kids and their cookies straight.

  7. laughing-- Actually Squeaky does bake a lot himself. He makes some wonderful pumpkin muffins. He is correct in that I don't bake very often. I will eat it if I bake it... and I do not need extra goodies.

    I love lemon cakes. The only pie I really like is pumpkin... I hate pie crust. ick I am a chocolaholic... hard core. But I like semi-sweet or dark chocolate, not milk chocolate. As for German chocolate... I love coconut, so I avoid that stuff.

  8. Seems like a small price to pay for peace and quiet :-)

    (For what it's worth, I love them, too. If you have any extras...)

    Oh, and I thought of you, often, while writing today's post. I think it's one you should tackle, also!

  9. Suldog-- Yes it is a small price to pay for a quiet uninterrupted evening.

    So is that oatmeal cookies with or without raisins and walnuts? I'm starting a cookie file box to keep my cookie people straight. I figure I'll just put people's names on the back of the directions. No memory required.

    Well now you've got my curiosity going... which is a sure way to capture my focus. I'll be right over to check it out. Thanks!

  10. I must be from outer space, but I don't like oatmeal cookies. There, I said it. Whew, I feel better now, but enough about me.

    Your kids love them and I think you should bake until you drop, but they deserve those cookies!

    Faster, Pussycat! Bake! Bake! ;-)

  11. Cube-- Do you like Snickerdoodles? Does anyone? I feel like I've been living in outerspace. How could I be so cookie clueless about my own kids?

    I better get mixing! Here's a thought I've had more than once... if only I'd kept my mouth shut! Hahahaha Ignorance is bliss. Or is that Bliss is ignorant?

  12. I don't even know what a Snickerdoodle is.

  13. That's so funny. it seems well worth the trade to have some time away from momhood.

  14. Cube-- Wow, it seems no one likes Snickerdoodles... and now people don't know what they are? My cookie world is a crumble!

    Snickerdoodles are sort of a sugar cookie with cinnamon in them and cinnamon and sugar on top of them. But they are fat cookies... big blobs. Yummy and soft inside.

  15. While we're talking about cookies, I do remember loving a cookie served at the cafeteria at middle school I attended. They were called peanut butter cookies, but they didn't taste overly-peanutty like ones I've had since.

    You work at a school. I wonder if you have some inside knowledge about that cookie recipe that you'd be willing to share with a civilian ;-)

    Pretty please.

  16. Churlita-- Yes it is a good trade. Believe me my boy-os would give me ten kinds of hell if they were sitting there watching me try to get to know my date. I don't even want them in the same town... though Max is determined to be in town at least but promises not to come over unless I need him.

  17. Cube-- Ah the search for the illusive perfect peanut butter cookie!

    Well, if my ex-school cook Gladys was still alive, I'd have that in a jiffy... and probably a batch to send with it. But she's not and it will take some trickery to find that out. But I'm up to it. I love a good mission.

  18. Snickerdoodles sound good to me, but not as good as those middle school cafeteria cookies.

    In fact, during my niece's birthday party, I brought up this cookie to my younger sister (who went to the same school after me) and she, too, has yearned to eat those cookies again, but alas, never has either.


    Now I'm really jonesing for them.

  19. Cube-- Gladys made killer peanut butter cookie bars too! I'm betting her daughter... who I happen to know well has directions for both.

  20. Talking to Gladys' daughter would be good too.

    *doing a happy dance*

  21. Cube-- In the pursuit of the perfect peanut butter cookie all things are wide open! Grab your crystal ball.

  22. hahaha! add me on to the list, I want, no, check that, NEED, oatmeal cookies from you. Right away. Instantly. Don't disappoint me.

  23. Sebastien-- Well sure... the more the merry-o! But I warn's going to be after the weekend.

    Only the deer hunter gets them baked right away. He likes macaroons too. Now I ask you can a guy who likes both macaroons and oatmeal cookies without raisins be bad? Is that even possible?

  24. I am home now. Time for your test. Who here likes what?

    As for the snickerdoodles, they are pretty much sugar cookies with cinnamon. So you can send any leftovers to me.

  25. I can't do it! But so far you are the only one claiming the snickerdoodles... but I must say this confuses me as I have never had a snickerdoole go uneaten. EVER. I was sure that they were their favorite. I must hang my mom head in shame.

    BTW welcome home again!

  26. I have no idea what a snickerdoodle is, I don't get nuts in oatmeal cookies either, I'll take mine with raisins or just plain.

    Lets see, how can I offend someones sensibilities this evening? Too heck with it, I'm going back out in the camper to play with my wood heater some more, getting it tweaked real good on my homemade controls.

  27. haha! Where to begin? First, mad props to Squeaky for working the mom guilt...he's gooooood.
    Now, most ideal, favorite homemade cookie would have to be peanut butter chocolate chip. Mmmmmmm....

  28. BBC-- Well I'll send you some snickerdoodles, BBC... around the holiday when I have more time to bake. I get 5 days off then. You can share them with Helen. She'll love them.

    Glad you're getting your heater the way you want it. It's a clever design. This is not a good year to be without a good source of heat either. But then I guess no year is.

  29. laura b.-- Yes, Squeaky is master of the guilt trip and outright blackmail!

    Oh... there's another addition in ingredients. So you go on the back of the peanut butter cookie card with a start to remind me to put semi-sweets in there too.

    Boy this cookie thing is a real challenge.

    These days oatmeal cookies are the only cookies that I eat... I feel too guilty about eating any other ones. I've been thinking of switching to unbleached flour, but you know that has a funny taste and Squeaky will never go for it.

  30. I have an old hand crank grinder that makes better peanut butter from fresh peanuts than you can buy.