Monday, November 16, 2009


This was Dumb Potter's Hell in the long ago...
back when the locks worked.
I had a really great weekend. It started out the way all my driving adventures do... LOST. I missed a turn. Got stuck on one of those nightmare turn things that just go around and around. Eventually got off of that and had to call him to come and find me.
But even before that it began badly... with snail pace traffic the first... yes, this is the truth... 60 or so miles of my trip. I was just about out of my gourd before I got there. It took me almost 2 and a half hours of extra time. Yikes!
But you know, there's something to be said for being rescued. I was awful glad to see him and it gave us something to laugh at... not that there isn't plenty of that in my daily life. Sheesh. But then conversation came easily and I settled into a comfortable weekend. I got the tour of his home and shop... some of the town.
When we got to his house... everything was there and waiting that I like. My favorite beer in the fridge, music I said I liked, foods, etc... someone has been paying attention. That's nice. I immediately felt very comfortable and at home. Sweet.
Saturday was nice and laid back. He took me back to where I got lost and showed me the right way to go so that I don't get lost there again. We watched the Beaver game early and later after BBQing a couple of burgers... watched the Ducks win. Yay!
Sunday was mostly laying around watching movies. A nice relaxing weekend. I had a great time. I've been invited back next weekend to go to turkey potluck... with him, his mom and step dad... who I will meet at that time. I have no doubt that I'll enjoy that as well.
When it was time to leave, I immediately made a wrong turn and yep... went to Eugene instead of toward Portland. I managed to get back on by myself. Believe me that was not easy with the maze of "no turn" and one way streets they have just off the freeway. But I managed. Made it home safely in excellent time. Very little traffic on the highway. I was a little buzzz bomb all the way home.
When I did get home two of the frogs were croaking... and I ended up spending the rest of my evening bouncing between them and the deerhunter. He's not really a frog any more... but not a prince yet either. Time will tell. If nothing else, I've made a fun and interesting new friend.
So no real post today... just this update. Oh yeah...
I got the best present ever today when I stepped on the scale... the deerhunter had joked that I was going to weigh five pounds less by the end of the weekend. I laughed but rolled my eyes at that. But you know what? He was right. Very cool beans!


  1. WOOT! Weight loss is always a woot-worthy occasion, don't you think?

    I'm glad you had a good weekend. At least one of us did.

  2. OMG what was I thinking....

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Ananda Girl!!!

    I'm so glad that you had a great weekend, in spite of some mild driving misadventures. Deerslayer sounds like a very thoughtful man...a rather important quality, I believe :-)

  4. I love finding a beer in the fridge.

    *patter patter, swing, rummage, swing, patter patter*

    Sadly I'm all out.

  5. Cube-- Thanks... yes, I am working very hard at losing weight. I'm just coming off of a lull with my 2 pound loss last week. I've been worried that I would not meet my year end goal... but I think I will make it after all. So yep... WHOOT.

    Thanks for the birthday well wishes. (I am a shameless birthday begger.)

  6. Laura b.-- Yep, it was great fun. He is a very thoughtful and generous person. As for the driving misadventures... it's expected by me. Even I laugh at it.

    Thanks for the happy birthday.

  7. Mo-- Me too! He had a whole half rack of it in there... so I said "Ah... I don't drink that much." To which he said "Well, you're coming back aren't you?" That was nice.

    Come on over Mo... I'll buy ya one! But watch out for that pond... it's a big one.

  8. frogs more frogs she bellowed she brayed....

    happy feckin birthday!

    long may you run,

  9. billy pilgrim-- Yikes! I don't know that she can handle more frogs... they're so dang slippery!

    Thanks billy pilgrim. :-)

  10. Happy Birthday!

    It sounds like a good weekend. The fact that they're paying attention is a really good sign.

  11. Thanks Churlita! :-)

    Hey... happy moving! Yay!

  12. Better fix the broken locks... you have no idea what might get in!

  13. dmarks-- You threw me for a loop there for a moment. I'm wondering what locks are broken... duh! hahaha

    They took out the machinery that ran them when they opened the Bonneville Dam with its big huge locks. Ours are puney.

  14. Happy Birthday, AG, it sounds like it was a weekend of absolute Nirvana (the ideal plane and the band, hopefully).

  15. Ah, my wife couldn't find her way around very well without getting lost also, but she only had three brain cells.

    Got stuck on one of those nightmare turn things that just go around and around.

    A roundy round? I really like those things. Back east a jug handle sort of confused me until I got the concept.

    You seem to enjoy running away from home to enjoy yourself, interesting.

    Here? Raining, raining, raining, and flood alerts.

  16. How did he know that you would lose five pounds? What did he chip in to help......? Maybe I dont want to know. Be sure to tell all how you have such a wonderful daughter who made you an incredible dinner and the Famous Cake! Luvs

  17. How did he know that you would lose five pounds?

    Ever hear of a lucky guess?

  18. thebear-- Yes, he helped. He's a very helpful man. At the time he was teasing me about how little I eat silly girl.

    You stuffed me tonight like a Christmas goose! YUM. Good stuffs baby!

  19. AlienCG... Cool beans! Thanks for the well wishes. Yes indeed... t'was Nirvana. And others. Big grins.

  20. BBC-- Yes it was a roundy round. The traffic was thick and I got confused on which way was which.

    It was sunshine all weekend there... only found rain here in the gorge when I returned. It was a fitting end.

  21. Shoot, if I lose another five pounds I'll be down to 135 and blow away like a leaf in the next breeze. I need to borrow five or ten pounds from someone.

  22. I got confused on which way was which.

    I can see that, ha ha ha ha ha

  23. BBC-- You can have mine. I don't want them.

    I weighed 128 when I got married. But I'm thinking that 135 is the weight that I look best at... and that is what I am aiming at. The distance is growing shorter and more realistic all the time. :-)

  24. "Ours are puney."

    Cool. A word hardly ever seen outside of Hulk comic books:

    "Puny dumb potter locks. Hulk smash!!!

  25. happy birthday to you dear friendly friend