Thursday, November 5, 2009


Good stuffs! Perfect for a good Friday Fable Day...and I know I wanted to write about heroin Bob today. Unfortunately I still have a ton of stuff to get done before I go to the ocean. Yikes! You know how that goes... the hurrier you are the behinder you get. I'm running through quick sand today.

I will write about Bob next week. I could slap something out in a heartbeat... but it would not be good. You'd be disappointed.

Right now I have that overwhelming sense of doom that I often get when nervous... wondering what on earth is going to go wrong. So that is where my head is today. I just want things to go in a nice way. Wouldn't it be great if I could have a normal experience? What would that be like? What is normal?

So things to look forward to this week. If you have not visited Suldog for his 15... you are missing out on some good music. It began with a 15 list from his friend and sometime guest blogger, Donnatello. Yesterday Suldog laid down his own 15. Very cool beans. At some point this week... I'll be doing my own list.

I am sure that there will be more driving updates for Squeaky. My birthday is coming up... you will have to listen to drivel about that.

If things go well... I hope, I hope.... maybe you'll see the Pulting of the Frogs! Don't worry... nothing mean. I haven't got a real mean bone in my body. And as I have always said, I like men. I'm talking about celebrating not having a pond because I have something better... maybe. That would be soooooooooooo nice.

Of couse it's possible that instead you will get a nice, funny story of how I managed to frighten the poor man away. Then listen to all the agro and the drama of it all.

I wonder which it will be. Maybe... just maybe this time fate will let me have fun. Still, I look out my window and it is not merely raining... it is pouring buckets. All I can think is "I wish it was this time tomorrow"... we will have met and if I'm destined to slam his hand in the door or knock him down the stairs... poor Larry...all of that will be over with and if he has not run screaming back down the highway, nothing but tail lights and exhaust fumes... at least I will know.

A Night At The Opera album 197

For God's sake... wish me luck!


  1. Good Luck! Not than you will need it. Just go with the flow. If it is meant to be, it will be. If not, there are many more frogs in the pond.

  2. If feel like I should embroider some of my last comment on pillows. It sounded so chiched. I really want you to have a good time. There. That's better.

  3. Cube-- I should hang those on my wall above my computer! Ha. All are good advice. Thanks. I did know what you meant. And boy I really do want to have a good time... I hope, I hope, I hope!

  4. Cube-- Sheesh! I forgot. I just saw Glady's daughther and guess what she's giving to me?
    Yep... the best ever in the whole world peanut butter cookie secret recipe from a school cook!
    As soon as I get it... I'll post it and heck... maybe even do a post of me cooking them.

  5. BEst best best of luck... take a few deep breaths.

  6. Pamela-- Oh great idea! Thanks for the reminder... now is a great time to do my breathing exercise and get my brain back in straight... listen to the chant and focus on nothing else for a bit.

    I'm glad you stopped in. Thanks for the luck!

  7. man, you change frogs more often than i change my socks.

  8. billy pilgrim-- This is the deerhunter. We're just meeting in person for the first time, which why I am nervous.

    But I agree... too many frogs. Some have got to go. The frog juggle is not my forte.

  9. Good luck! I hope all goes well. I hate the waiting too. There are just so many scenarios I can run through my head.

  10. Churlita-- Thanks! He just this minute sent me an email. I saw it and clicked on it too fast... froze everything. Meanwhile I'm thinking he never emails in the middle of the day... it's off, he can't go or had a change of heart.

    Nope... once I got my computer back up, he wanted me to know that he took off half a day so that he could leave earlier and be here sooner. YAY!

    I know... I am such a dork as my kids tell me.
    Of course now I have that ... sooner... oh shit... I still have things to get done that I procrastinated on... ooops. I better see if I can wiggle out of work early too. But that won't happen. I'll just have to bake fast.

    I'm just glad he's really coming. Sort of being stood up... wires crossed... last week has made me leary. Anyway...YAY! I'm going to the beach!

  11. I love that Rickie Lee Jones song.

    Good luck!!

  12. OMG I just read about the recipe. I'm in shock. I'm in shock, I tell you. Honestly, getting that recipe would be something I've been yearning for since I left middle school. I'll spare you the math, but it's been a loooong time. I must go lie down now before I swoon... I've never swooned in my life ;-)

  13. secret agent woman-- Thanks! I know, I love Rickie Lee Jones... named a cat after her... Rickie Lee Cat that had to have hip replacement surgery... cause she was a toughie.

  14. Cube-- I know, it's soooo cool 'cause I get to have it too. Whoot!

  15. It is too late for me to wish you luck...I've been un-computer-y for a couple of days...I must read on and see what happened!!!!