Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Okay folks... this is the final 5 of my 15 albums. I thought about just doing those albums that I'd love to have with me if stranded on an island paradise, but really... there are so many! I'm terrible about making choices. This was really hard to do. So I opted for those that influenced me and led to my personal musical taste.

Pink Floyd found me. I did not find them. I was babysitting in a crazy household where there was a constant stream of "cousins" who visited the woman I worked for at the time. I was 16. One of these "cousins" came into the room after the kiddos were in bed and plopped down next to me. He began to play a song on the guitar... and silly thing, asked ME for my advice. (Yes, I am aware that he was simply hitting on me.) He was trying to figure out a song he said and picked away at the chords.

When I said that I did not know that song... he provided the album. It was not Dark Side of the Moon, but Atom Heart Mother. They had one of those funny egg chairs with the speakers inside... and he put me in there to listen... I was totally blown away. I have adored every single thing they have had to offer. This would be my absolute favorite... being somewhat lunatic and brain damaged myself I identify with it completely. They do not fit any category that I can think of, they simply are what they are. There are no others like them. I let them speak for themselves.


Pink Floyd - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This next album represents Steve Miller... all of it. A fine fellow who has stories to share. There is a story of my own attached to The Steve Miller Band. A bit of a nightmare really. I have said many times that astounding things happen on my birthday. They do. I don't know why, they just do. It's a Miss Bliss story really... so instead, I'll tell it properly on Friday Fables this week. But keep in mind that it is a difficult one to tell and it involves the concert that I attended and altered my life utterly.

The Steve Miller Band was a passion of one of my teachers. The teacher I look back on and say... this was the one who really did something positive for me. That is another tale for yet another day. But it was Bill E who got me hooked on this band the year that I went to Ananda School in our music appreciation class. Getting hooked is what led eventually to the nightmare tale mentioned above.

Many years later, my husband would deliver a load of steel roofing to Steve Miller's home studio... and he would tell this marvelous musician that I was his... Steve Miller's.... greatest fan. Then came home without an autograph! What??? Why would you not ask for one? Sheesh!
Steve Miller Band - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Leon Russell and Marc Benno's Asylum Choir II. Not near as well known as Leon's Carnival album, but it got me hooked on Leon's southern story telling style. Leon Russell led me to Rita Coolidge and her soft deep soft voice... which led to Joe Cocker... which led to Bonny and Delaney... which... brought me back to Eric Clapton... and on and on... until I came to the man below.

Leon Russell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I cannot think of a b
etter story teller in music than Jackson Browne. Again, I cannot stress enough that the musical telling of stories is what makes me enjoy these albums.

Jackson Browne - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I love the way that stories roll out of this man. And they are stories that we can all related to in some way. People stories. Everyday people stories.

All of the above albums are from way back when. But I'll now include a newer one at the end of my 15 because this group had a profound effect on me. My son, Max is into punk. I listen to what my kids play... because it's part of being a good parent to know what your kids are into and well, because I love music. My love for these gentlemen began in the car on a trip to the town to the left. The music is quick to capture you... the stories are funny and sad and highly entertaining. They compel you to want to sing along. Finding them, led me into other groups... Flogging Molly, The Pogues, and so on for what is often called Irish Punk.

I have purposely not put them on my blog much. Because the temptation to over play them would ruin it for others. But the pleasure I take from listening to The Dropkick Murpys goes beyond the music. Okay... what the heck does that mean?

I got an MP3 player for Christmas. StbX actually bought it for me at no small expense. I did not expect to get a thing from him. We did not exchange presents usually... so that was sort of a huge deal. When I got it home, Max decided that he would download music that he thought I would enjoy... I requested these fellows.

I listened happily for days and sucked up every note. Then I got curious and went to check out their web site.
Dropkick Murphys » splash
At that time they had sort of a mission statement about what they believed. I tired to find it for this post, but I can't. So pardon me for paraphrasing it. Basically it was tollerance for others and some other good stuff I agreed with and then it also mentioned that we need to look at ourselves find our flaws and work to correct what we can... to be the best person you can be.

Okay, not a new concept is it? But something about it struck a chord in my head. That was the day that I decided that my fate belonged to me. I was not a happy person. I was tired of being unhappy. No fairy god mother was going to come and rescue me... get off my duff and do it myself. "Change my stars." (a quote from A Kinght's Tale). I took a hard long look at myself and made a plan. The next morning I began to walk. The more I walked, the more confidence I had in my ability to succeed at what I wanted to do. Every morning I got up at an ungodly hour and popped these fellows to my ears and away we all went.

That is how it goes with this band... the audience is part of the band... that's their idea. You are expected to sing, dance... whatever, you join right in a become part of the band in one of their shows. And so The Dropkick Murphys are here for the most part because they kept me from feeling so alone, They offered me a strange inclusion and lent lyrics that were about working hard to be a better person that encouraged me to continue and know that I could do this. You just keep getting back up... Stand up and fight. Every damn day I do. Everyday it gets a bit better.

Not to mention that they are full of great stories.

( This one's for Suldog who got me into this kettle of fish!)

Whatever you do today... take time to listen to something that you enjoy.


  1. The Dropdead Murphys story was very touching. I'm glad you were able to make yourself happy because life is short and then you take a dirt nap.

    Sorry to be so grim, but I'm a nervous wreck.
    I will be happy when my sister gives birth to a healthy boy. This is her first & he's gone beyond the due date by a week now. She started feeling "something" on Monday, but it turned out to be a false alarm.

  2. Cube-- Thanks.

    Wow... If it makes you feel any better my first was two and a half weeks late... they tired to induce and it would not take, sent me home and my friend walked me up and down Multnomah Falls... a hard climb when you feel good... and that did it. He really didn't want to come out of there! All was good. I hope it goes well for your sister. I will keep good thoughts for you.

  3. Yes, it does make me feel better to hear that. Thank you for telling me :-)

    They were at the point of inducing on Monday - they kept her at the doctor's office and then the hospital from noon till 10:30 PM, then sent her home.

    They ran tests & several sonograms... I feel like I already know the kid from the 3-D sonos which show amazing detail... but all seems well except for the chest not showing the breathing they're looking for. We're all hoping he decides to be born before a C-section is required.

    Mr. Cube told me I was more nervous for my sister than I was for myself. She is my baby sister. I can't even imagine how I'll worry when it's one of my girls. Yikes!

  4. Cube-- When I went through all that... they were still doing x-rays and they took one of him inside of me. It was the coolest looking thing... that tiny baby skeleton upside down inside an adult skeleton. I wanted to keep it but the hospital said they had to keep it on file for seven years... then I could have it. But when I went to get it seven years later, they said it was gone. I was bummed.

    Yes, it was really stressful when the Bear had boy. But I was right there the whole time and could see she was okay... and meet the boy right off the bat. Very cool beans. I think it is harder when you have to wait outside.

  5. Excellent end to this. I was wondering when you'd finish it up.

    MY WIFE and I have a partial season ticket thing for the Boston Celtics. "Shipping Up To Boston" plays at Celtics games when they win. I love that song. And, of course, they had "Tessie" from 2004 with the Red Sox. How could any Bostonian NOT like them?

  6. Suldog-- Well you know I love Tessie... Michael filled me in on the whole history to that one... what a great tale!

    I remembered that you liked Shipping Up to Boston because of the Celtics. Its also on a Master Card commercial. It just brings you to your feet and gets the blood going doesn't it?

  7. Wow. Do I profess my undying love right now? Well, no, I don't. But if I weren't happily married, 3000 miles away, and too old to think that sort of thing could ever end well, I might. Just think, we could read aloud from Lizard Music while listening to Zappa and Seatrain.

    I have fond memories of lying under a certain tree in a certain frame of mind and melting into the hillside listening to Breathe/On The Run.

    Personal Steve Miller fave: Book Of Dreams. Did anyone around our age not own this?

    Leon Russell's version of Youngblood from Concert For Bangla Desh can't be beat.

    Favorite JB song: Shaky Town - still love that one.

    If I had to pick one Irish punk selection, it would have to be If I Should Fall From Grace With God by the Pogues. Dropkick Murphy's are a worthy choice though.

    Great choices, all.

  8. Cricket-- Hello!

    "Bury me at sea... Where no murdered ghost can find me...
    If I rock upon the waves...
    Then no corpse can lie upon me."

    I love that one too. :-)

    Thanks for the kind words.

    What a lovely dream beneath that tree! Yah... Zappaholic am I and Lizard Music sits upon my shelf. Hey... you got a brother?

  9. I have really enjoyed seeing your 15 picks. Some of it I know, some of it I didn't...but now I do!
    Like Cube, I love the Dropkick Murpheys story. There is sometimes just something magical in music, there really is.
    I would say I'm looking forward to the Steve Miller concert story...but that might not be quite the right way to phrase it. But you know what I mean.

  10. laura b.-- Thanks.

    As for the concert story... I am sure that I am building it up way more than required. To me it was a huge deal, but to others... "meh". So we will see if you are a "meh" or a "yikes" person.

    I agree, music is magical.

  11. Gosh, I'm sorry to have hijacked the post from your beautiful theme to my nerve-wracked waiting for my sister to give birth theme. I apologize. I'll be quiet now.

  12. I remember not getting a picture of my daughter's sonogram because the office staff didn't tell me to bring a blank VHS tape. I'm still angry about that.

  13. I guess I can't be quiet for long ;-)

  14. Cube-- My friend, as a wise blogger (you) once told me that is what my blog friends are for... we support each other. If you are nervous, we'll bite our nails with you.

    You never have to be quiet here. Ever.

    Oh... that would make me mad too to miss the sonogram! What meanies.

  15. great list.

    now that you've finished how many albums are popping into your head that you might have put on the list?

    i don't know if compilations count but i've been smitten with the i'm not there soundtrack for months.

  16. billy pilgrim-- You are so right! this was a difficult project. So many that I love... and I didn't even get to women artists. I could do a year of posts... okay, maybe a month of them... or two.

    Such a great film loaded with supreme music. In fact, when I was choosing I almost put in Rita Coolidge singing When We Are All Alone. I love that song.

    I know you know this... but those who do not it's a Bob Dylan song.

  17. Gosh, it sure is harder watching from the outside. All these years I thought it was harder birthin' those babies myself. I live and learn.

  18. I need to look it up, but are there any women on your top 15 list? Just curious.

  19. Cube-- No and it irks me. I just commented on that on my response to billy pilgrim. So I think I will do a post soon on that subject. There are so many women artists that I like and would like to recognize.

  20. Cube-- I know. It about killed me watching Bear. I felt like yelling "Drugs! Give her drugs!" They never would give me any drugs either. I didn't need them but I sure wanted them. ha.

    They did dope me up good AFTER I had Max... and then I got his name wrong on his birth certificate! It was supposed to be Maxfield... but she gave me only two choices... Maxwell or Maximilian... guess what was playing on MTV at the time? Maxwell's Silver Hammer. Yeah, music affects my life. :-)

  21. All thumbs up in my book.

    You rock Rock Chick.

    Keep moving on!

  22. I have to say that I fully admire your musical taste. Dark Side of the Moon is, in my opinion, the greatest album ever made. I am also a big Dropkick Murphys fan thanks to my brother. And thanks to you I find myself looking more at Flogging Molly. What album should I buy first?

  23. Crazy4Coens-- Nice to see you here my fellow trusty traveler! You pretty much marched through all of this with me. You belong here.

    I can't believe you don't recall the gardener playing the "Hey Babe You Wanna Boogie" song that woke us up that morning after you got Sunshine. Yep... I recall the day you got your cat from Russ.

    I can't recall what happened yesterday, but ananda days are tatooed in my brain and clear as a bell... of all the times, you'd think that I would not be able to recall anything.

  24. AlienCG-- Thank you... from you that is quite a compliment!

    Gee... you may as well ask me which eye to poke out first! There is no song that Flogging Molly does that I do not love. But, after reviewing what comes from which... mine are all in a string in my MP3. I would say
    "Swagger" is the album to begin with... I should tell you that it does not have the song "Swagger" on it! That song... sometimes called "Drunken Lullabies" due to a line in the chorus... is found on a couple of the others. It was their first complete stuidio album. They mix live with studio cuts often.

    But this was a hard choice... Within A Mile of Home was a real toss-up to recommend. The song "Seven Deadly Sins" is a tribute to Joe Strummer in the line "Johnny strummed his tommy gun", as Strummer's actual name is John Graham Mellor. *also The Clash had a song named "Tommy Gun"

    "Don't Let Me Die Still Wondering" was written as a tribute to Johnny Cash after Dave King heard of Cash's death. It's very touching.

    Oh... there is also one that is available only online... a short with only 6 songs called "Complete Control Sessions" that can be downloaded.

    As I said... there is not one single song of FM that I do not love. That's rare. Usually there are a song or two that I feel "meh" about on any given album. Not so with these lovely people!

  25. I've never heard of an eggchair with speakers inside of it, that sounds amazing, what a lucky way to experience Pink Floyd!

    I've heard a lot about Jackson Browne but never really experienced his music, need to check out some of his work.

  26. Sebastien-- I imagine that the egg chair had four speakers in it... it was lined with leather and very coozy. If you were careful you could get two people in it. It sat on a pedastal and looked like a hard boiled egg in an egg cup. A 70s thing.

    Yes, do check out Jackson Browne.

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