Friday, November 13, 2009

MY 15 PART 2

Hello metal...
Steppenwolf (band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I would have to say that Steppenwolf had to be the earliest form of metal. My only other introduction to early metal would have been the very scary Iron Butterfly... scary because, well... they sucked! I was in 8th grade when Innagoodadavida showed up. Hey does anyone know how to spell that title? Yikes what a terrible tune! Yet it was played at every party and dance. On the other hand, so was Steppenwolf and that was music I could appreciate. It offered the beat and drive that I still find absolutely irresistible in metal to this day.

Buffalo Springfield - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

From metal to mellow... I saw these guys in a dinky ballroom way back... having been forced to accompany the Medusa. My mom liked to use me as some sort of weird human deterrent for people in our family to avoid getting into trouble. Maybe she thought I'd squeal on them. Ok... sometimes I did squeal on the Medusa, but you know... pay back and all that. Anyway, I thought that Stephen Stills was the dreamiest thing I'd ever seen and that was all it took to buy this album. I did tell you that none of my choices are based on actual musical knowledge right? Well I fell in love with the music too and from there followed everyone in it where they went, expanding my horizon all the more.

Alice's Restaurant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

How could I not be affected by this one? Communes, hippies, a terrible crime complete with 8"X10" glossies and blind justice! A long winded story that just kept giving! To this day Thanksgiving does not pass by in my box on rocks without a good listen to... or viewing of the video of the Thanksgiving Masacree! It was a storyteller's dream... and I was well on my way to becoming a storyteller and reader when Arlo hit the screen.

Seatrain (band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Not many of you will know these folk. This is Seatrain. They were a very bluegrass sort of beast with interesting themes and wonderful musical talent. Here is my favorite song... The Song of Job... and guess what it is... yep, a STORY. Are you getting the feel of the theme here? Give it a listen, if you would.

A great Seatrain song and great story

T. Rex (band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Oh my... this gentleman, Marc Bolan and his band introduced me to many things. Probably the first Glam Rocker that I got into... (quickly followed by David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust)... the subtle art of raunchy lyrics and overt sexual distraction to boggle the mind... mixed with good old fashioned rock-a-billy... all designed to entice you to dance til you dropped. Sigh. Here are a couple of samples for you... because one song cannot show you what T.REX was like. It's like saying Sees has chocolate. By the way... that Wakeman connection continues on thru here as well... their most popular hit "Bang A Gong (Get It On)" featured Rick on the keyboards. Besides, how can you not like a band with a guy in it named Stephen Peregrine Took! (Possibly of the Bag-End Tooks?)

20th Century Boy by T. Rex A fine example!

[Video] T- Rex - I Love To Boogie [totp2] (Wiggy St Helens UK 2005)
You may recall this song from the movie Billie Elliot.

By now you are catching on that I am not...was not constrained by genre in music any more than I am in books. Life gifts us with infinite variety in most things. Musically, I embraced it... still do.I hope you enjoyed your trip in my musical way-back machine from the mind of late 60s and early 70s Bliss.

All of these albums are doors that open from one realm to another into another and so on up the line. If each one had a thread... together they weave through each other and form a great tapestry that is my musical reality. Gosh I love it here.

I'm not going to be here for a few days. If I can I will leave Part 3 for Sat./Sun. post. But I am running out of time fast and still have two batches of cookies to make before my family mutinies and forces me to walk the plank... not to mention I have now commited to Macaroons for the Deerslayer this trip... causing Squeaky to shout "You can make macaroons too? this is unbelievable! " I made a concession in his favor and agreed to make him oatmeal cookies with crasins in them instead of raisins.

Goodness... what a demanding thing he is. The driving lesson today was divine... I told him that if he wanted pop he had to drive down town to the market. He whined, but he made it just fine. But the idea of detours and flag people just about did him in, until he saw that they had left for the day. hee hee... should I have told him instead of making him sweat it out? Naw.
Hey... I've lost two more pounds! Very cool beans. :-)


  1. A great post! I remember all of those groups. Good Ol' Arlo. Still listening to him. Seatrain's 13 Questions runs though my head on a daily basis. Buffalo Springfield before Neil became the father of Grunge. Crosby wrote a great autobiography. The first one, not the second. Steppenwolf's song of Tenderness is, to me, better than all of the harder stuff they did.
    And T-Rex. Cried the day he hit that tree. But Bowie came to save the day.
    Where are my cookies?
    Have fun, Ananda!

  2. Very interesting musical influences. It explains much of your musical taste. I was raised in a very eclectic musical environment as well. I have my ten influential albums on my old WordPress blog.

  3. Peggy-- You deserve cookies just for remembering all of that! I honestly did not think that anyone would recall Seatrain. Yeah, sad about Bolan... and in a purple Mini Cooper too! You recall The Crystal Ballroom on the west side? Yeah... that's where we saw Buffalo Springfield. So seedy!

    Well all I can say at this point is wonder we're friends. Yes, Peggy I'm going to have fun. Thank God for cruise control or I'd end up with a speeding ticket for sure.

    Tell Mr. Cool hello for me and drink a mocha for me. I got a great email from Piper. I'm not used to teachers recalling me so fondly or clearly. I thought I blended into the woodwork. That man has some kind of memory! And you do too. Man, I have got to make it down to the Burg as our FB friend calls it. We need to sit down and go over stuff.

  4. AlienCG-- I'm going to have to go and check that out. You have such a great knowledge of music and like so much of what I enjoy.

    We made it to the weekend... hope yours is happy!

  5. Ananda - Excellent, excellent, excellent! I've actually printed the two posts, for later reading, as I'm terribly busy at work right now, but as I scrolled down to copy, I noticed a few that I own (and love.) I'll enjoy reading this. Thank you!

  6. I remember some of those. But I go even farther back to Elvis, Beatles etc.

  7. Suldog-- I know exactly what you mean... I've had to do the same thing today. ;-)

    You're welcome.

  8. Jill-- Oh I go back that far too, but the Beatles had much less affect on me. I only purchased one album... Abby Road for one song... Maxwell's Silver Hammer. I liked them much better when they separated. One of my kids is partially named for the song... about a serial killer. How very me! ha.

    Elvis was present in my childhood too, but again... little for me. My brother used to dance in his jammies and slippers with the fireplace shovel an imitate him. hahaha

    Most of the people I knew were big Beatles and Elvis fans. I just did not get into that. I guess they were played so much on the radio that I didn't need to buy albums.

  9. More great stuff...thanks for sharing, Ananda.

    Have a great weekend...enjoy Deerslayer's celebration of all things YOU for your B-day

  10. I love T-Rex. Have a great weekend. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

  11. lend me ten pounds and i'll buy you a drink.

    guess what band i'm waiting for.

  12. Steppen who?

    As I was a motivating over the hill I spotted Maybelline (sp?)in a coupe d ville. Cadillac running on the open road but nuttin 'el out run my V8 Ford.

    Motor cooled down and the heat went down and that's when I heard that highway sound. Cadillac looking like ton of lead at hundred and ten a half mile ahead and I caught Maybelline at the top of the hill.

    Cop asks, "Why did you try to outrun me?" The man says, "My wife ran off with a cop two years ago, I was afraid you was trying to return her."

  13. You can't expect more from an old shit kicker. :-)

  14. A thought came to me just now. You have reminded me to be thankful that I had a life past drowning in a pool of music.

    Thank you for that reminder.

  15. billy pilgrim-- And mother wake me in the morning!!! Yay! The Pogues... you lucky dog you!

  16. "Inagoddadavida" has been thought by many to be a mumbling of "In a Garden of Eden".

    The Simpsons once did a great sendup on this when they had the church organ lady play "In a Garden of Eden".

    This youtube clip as the audio from that Simpsons segment.

  17. Variety. Where's my hassenpheffer?

    I'm all for variety.

  18. Wonderful choices, all. Seatrain, wow... now there's a band I'd forgotten about. Thanks for refreshing the memory. I'm looking forward to the final 5.

  19. Hi Cricket! Welcome to Oodles of Funch... so great to have you visit. Very cool beans. I'll be getting to that tomorrow. Sorry for the wait. Stuff kept coming up.

    Another Seatrain fan! Honestly I was starting to think that when you said their name the only reaction to it was a vacant stare. Glad that I could do that for you.