Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving!

That's "Wilbur the Ugly Turkey".

Yikes what a day Wednesday was! I spent most of it on the divorce. Yeah... I think I need to get that pushed through. Met with StbX to do some notary stuff that we needed to do. The law changed on me and we had to do some forms to compensate for the newly required additions. Plus I added one that Deer Hunter told me about... the no waiting one. It waives your need to sit and wait for them to finish processing it. A judge looks at it and bangs his gavel and you are done. Yes sir-eee-bob, that's the divorce for me.

Did I ever tell you that I am a terrible procrastinator? Oh you guessed? Yes, I am.
But this I had to get done. Its way past due. I knew we had to do the changes. When I turned the final paper work back in today and the lady there looked it over and told me that there were new laws that required new forms to be added... I damn near cried.

I told her "You do not understand. I am going to go insane if I don't get this finished."

She was very sympathetic and gave me a hug and said "I promise you are almost done. This is the last thing you have to do. And I'll be here on Friday." So I pinned her down to an appointment time...and got her word again that this is it.
Do it yourself divorce is very stressful.

If all goes as she promised, then this time on Friday... I am going to no more be a Mrs.S


My name will suddenly be my maiden name again.


I thought about that on the way home. How odd will that be? I'll have to change all sorts of stuff... my license for one. My employment stuff, my banking. Geez... this stuff never ends. But I don't want to be an S anymore. That family... my kids excluded... are whack! I might be too, but I'd rather be "me" than one of "them". Besides, my maiden name is very strange and not easily pronounced. I always had fun with that. Imagine how the school kids will deal with that one!

I can lose the initials "B.S."

hee hee

Of course I do not much care for the initials "B.K."

I'll use "R.K." instead. Don't want to be confused with a fast food
burger joint.

Well wish me luck with it. Thanks to Deer Hunter my troubles may soon be less. That felt good once I got over the disappointment of not having it happen today.

Okay... enough glee over that. On to turkey day.

Menu is simple. Bird, yams, salad, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy. Pecan pie for desert.

Family: Boo, Squeaky, StbX and Max. I didn't think that Max was going to make it. Very sad about that, but he did. So the house will be full of boys. Cool beans.

As for the frog pond. Hummmm... not a lot to say there either. Still communicating with the ones that I have been communicating with for a time. I am supposed to meet D on Friday. I have learned not to trust that a meeting will happen. And the plan has been on again and off again. We'll see about that... if.
Lost a frog that I didn't have much interest in. Maybe that's why huh?
But gained one new one. Hummm...The pond is a strange place.


BTW I don't expect many of you to show up today.

You are excused. But remember to push your chair in when you leave please.


  1. I hope the name change brings you release. And as for poor Wilbur, he isn't THAT ugly really, his face is full of character, that's all.

  2. happy thanksgiving/football day.

    a co-worker once asked me to go to court with her and testify that i had committed adultery with her to speed up her divorce. i had never had a relationship with her and wouldn't have touched her with a ten foot pole.

    i told her to piss off.

  3. A divorce bracketed around Thanksgiving Day wouldn't have been my first choice, but you gotta do what you have to do.

    Please tell me your middle initial is not T

    I stole a few minutes before everyone, including the new nephew, arrives to wish you & yours a very happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Aw! After all this time, thinking you were DONE. I can imagine your disappointment, but it really will be over soon. You will soon be you again :-)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your crew, RK!!!

  5. Mo-- I agree about Wilbur, but someone else named him. I looked at a lot of turkeys for this... and he's a winner.

    I am very excited about the change.

  6. billy pilgrim-- Thanks!

    Yikes... that is completely unethical and unacceptable! Good for you for telling her off.

    Well with this waiver thing that DH told me about, it's a good bit easier than lying in court.

    All we had to do was swear that we both wanted it done immediately in front of a notary and fill out a dumb form... then a form to amend the form.

    Divorce here is an exercise in redundancy.

  7. Cube-- Well I do sort of have a fascination with serial killers. But no T. I was born without a middle name. My folks wanted us to be able to pick a name to use if we didn't like the one we were gifted with... my dad hated his. But my great grandmother named me and I like the R best because of that. She was the greatest.

    BEFORE the new-bee? I am flattered! Thanks!

    I know... turkey day and divorce don't normally go together. But hey... I am thankful for it!

  8. laura b.--Thanks, yes I really wanted to cry out of frustration. It's all part of the morphing process I guess.

    Free and me! YAY! RK Woot!

    Thanks for the happy. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful bunch too!

  9. Do it yourself divorce is very stressful.

    That is an understatement. But nothing much will change after the divorce being as everything is still there and in place in your space.

    Anyway, I had a good dinner at the cathlick church, and some of those young cathlick women are pretty hot, ha ha ha.

  10. BBC-- You think so huh? Well change is a foot. Watch me. I am much stronger than you know my favorite curmudgeon. Have a great meal!

  11. It was a rather small Thanksgiving this time. The smallest ever, and sad too, and that's the way it's going to be.

  12. Giving thanks today for friends old and new. Welcome to my world. Hope you had a great holiday.

    ps - loved your very first post.

  13. Cricket! Hahahaha... yeah, I did too. Should I say that? I had no clue what to write about. Stuff just falls out of my head onto the keys.

    I klnd of like this world. Thanks for the welcome!

    Good things to be thankful for... I am terribly thankful for my friends today.

  14. Cricket...Rebecca Scuddles is still Oodles of Funch! There are underpasses and park benches, bathroom walls and more that can tesitfy!

  15. Stuff just falls out of my head onto the keys.

    In random fashion, ha ha ha

  16. BBC-- "True story" as the Medusa says.

    But then again she also says "Pin a a rose on your nose and call you a flower pot!" Whatever that means.

  17. dmarks-- my Thanksgivings have grown smaller too. Yes, it is sad.

  18. I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving Ananda!

    Poor you, I'm so glad that lady was nice and gave you a hug and reassurance. I will take your word that I should avoid divorce!!!

  19. ok, way late getting here and catching up and conspired agasint by my uncooperative computer last night....

    happy belated birthday. congrats to bear for coming as far as she has and best of luck to her in nursing school. and wow, you're free at last! now the best wishes to you for an unencumbered future.

  20. For a second there I thought your maiden name was Trippy. That would be awesome.

  21. Oh, I think it does change everything. It changes how you feel about yourself, which makes you see the world differently. And taking back your name is empowering. If I ever marry again (and right now I don't know that I would want to), I will not change my name.

  22. Sebastien-- Yes, do avoid it!

    Thanks... she was the best lady! I did need that hug.

    Turkey day was very fun. Lots of laughing.

  23. lime-- Thanks! Its been a busy life of late. I like it this way. Good stuffs. Thanks for going back to catch up! Good to see ya... good luck with the computer.

  24. 3GirlKnight-- It would! I had a friend once named Karen Trip and another named Mary Jane Stoner. hahahaha

  25. secret agent woman-- Yes you hit that right square on the head!

    I too have no designs on re-marrying at this point. Goodness! I just got free!