Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The Bear went all out for my birthday! This is her famous cake... four layers of chocolate cake with homemade cream cheese frosting and alternating layers of fresh bananas and strawberries. Sinfully good.

This is the food she served... and made. This is actually my plate. I tried to be good. Took only small spoonfuls of the goodness. But I was stuffed like a Christmas goose by the time I finished it. I purposely chose the smallest plate that I could find. Sigh.

So what do you think... is StbX praying to the roast chicken gods or is he preparing to end it all. Of course an electric oven is a poor choice for that!

My evening was full of people who love me... and who I adore. This pair, the Bear and the pair below.

You can see where Sookie gets her cheesy smile.

The stars of the evening... roast chicken still steaming, surrounded by fresh mushrooms, carrots, broccoli and onions. YUM.
Bear knows what I love.

Gosh there is not much time in my world right now. Later when I got home, Squeaky was having a soda jones to the nth and I'd forgotten the bottle I got him at the Bear's house. Oops. I guess he should have gone huh?

I spent a bit of time trying to catch up on FB. Dedicated some time to the frog pond. Two new frogs... lost one I think. My fault. I canceled out on the second date we'd made to go to Springfield last weekend. Oops. But I'm not sorry about the choice I made.

I am finding that some frogs are not happy about me dating other frogs. But hey... how are you going to know anything if you don't check out more than one frog? Who says which one will work out? It's a matter of research. Isn't it? Besides, I am very open about what I am up to here.
That complaint is unacceptable prior to commitment.

Short and sweet tonight. Have a wonderful Tuesday, all.

Bear... I love you. Thank you for a wonderful evening.
And thanks to all of you who gave me happy birthday wishes. Cool beans!


  1. You're right, death by electric oven would be very, very painful and far too slow.

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Springfield and frogs? D'oh!

    I remember one episode of the Simpsons where they showed a line-up of what passed for the town's most eligible bachelors:

    the sea captain, Disco Stu, Comic Book Guy, the Mexican bee man, and a few others at least as eccentric.

  3. Mo-- Indeed! Look how long it takes to roast chickens. He's more of a turkey.

  4. dmarks-- Thank you. I remember that one... and you know what.

    On the eharmony commercial they show such lovely looking people don't they?

    The sad truth is that the Simpsons hit it dead on.

  5. Cube-- It was sooooo good, but if I gained back a pound of what I worked so hard to take off... grrr.

    I figure I'll be eating soup and fruit until the weekend.

    And the Bear was mean to me all evening. So was Boo. They said I ran circles around the special kids!

  6. Cube-- Me and Rodney D. No respect!

    Seriously... the Bear is a real love. The Deerhunter gets a real kick out of how she texts me to see if I'm in a heafty bag yet.

    Is that love or what?

  7. Cube-- Though he does have a nice chop saw and table saw. Come to think of it... he has a secluded back yard too. Plenty of space for a good number of lonely women.

    I'm watching too much Dexter.

  8. Cube-- But then again... I'd probably date Dexter!

    I'm not rude, so I think I'd be okay with Hannibal. :-)

  9. dmarks-- A wise man once told me that women often date on looks too. I've taken that to heart and and opted not to be one of the crowd... to look instead for admirable qualities.

  10. All-- I forgot that yesterday... My FB friends grew by 11. Cool beans. One was an old friend from grammar school who sent me an email. How great is that?

  11. Happy Belated Birthday!!!! Looks like a wonderful evening and glad you shared the awesomeness with us.

  12. Hi Shife! So great to see you. Thanks for the belated wishes.

    It was a wonderful evening. Bear did a bang up job. Glad you enjoyed the photos. :-)

  13. It sounds like a wonderful birthday.

    I'm with you on the looks thing. I could care less what someone looks like. I'd just be happy to meet a really good guy who's lifestyle and personality meshed with mine.

  14. Happy belated birthday Ananda girl. Birthdays are only worthwhile when you can enjoy them with those you love. Awesome pics!

  15. Churlita-- It was but I kept feeling antsy... then I figured it out. I hadn't walked so I was about jumping out of my skin.

    Absolutely! A nice, decent man who has common interests. Why is that so hard to find? It should be a piece of cake, but its not.

  16. Thanks 3GirlKnight! I took them... if I have the camera, no one is pointing it at me. Ha.
    It's great to be loved by my nutty family.

  17. Looks like Bear had a practice run for Thanksgiving.

    As for finding a decent man with common interests, with the computer it should be as easy as ordering socks from the Sears catalog. But it doesn't seem to be that way. There are too many catalogs. How are you supposed to know which catalog to buy in order to find the decent man with common interests.

  18. congrats on your queen for a day adventure.

    if i was a frog i'd want to know where all the other frogs had been and if they had a clean bill of health. did i phrase that diplomatically?

  19. billy pilgrim-- My goodness... what a sticky question!

    Yes, that was very diplomatic. Unfortunately there is no real diplomatic way to answer it... so I'll be blunt.

    I have had two provide me with clean tests results. You better believe that I want to know... and I provide the same. I have never had an STD and never want to... yikes!

  20. Aw, I like Bear! Anyone who can cook a meal like that is okay in my book :-) Looks like it turned out to be a wonderful day, although you did mention some weirdness.

    And I totally agree with you about the frogs...it is called DATING! It is what people do before they commit to one person! You are smart to keep your options open at this point. Any frog who says otherwise is insecure and probably a miserable person.

  21. laura b.-- Obviously I love her to pieces... but she truly is a great person. A stinker of a teaser and joker. But she has a heart bigger than the moon and has been my much needed second for the last 11 years of her life. Though, no 14 year old girl should have to take on the responsibilities that she did. It is evidence of her strength and character.

    It makes my heart glad that you do like her.

  22. laura b.-- Yes ma'am about the frogs... the last thing I need is a broken frog!

    Dating has become so weird compared to what it was when I was young. Having to demand proof of a reasonable clean bill of sexual health... and I say reasonable because there is still a gap of time that cannot truly be 100% covered by the tests. Its a scary world.

  23. The food looks really good and once upon a time I could have ate a lot of it. Now I just say that life is uncertain and to eat dessert first and had a piece of cake and called it my meal.

    I eat less than a thousand calories a day but it seems to be enough to keep me steaming along just fine. Nice you had a good time.

  24. BBC-- Hey, thanks Billy B! That cake is so rich it would have all the calories you eat in a day! I myself was able to eat only a couple of bites. Wish you could have stopped in for a slice. I almost said piece, but thought better of it.

  25. Cricket-- Hey... just saw you signed on to Oodles of Funch. Very cool beans! Thanks. I'm thrilled.

  26. What lovely pictures, looks like so much fun. I'm so happy you got to spend time with such wonderful people!!!

    I think stbx is going to end it, Sylvia Plath style. But you are right, he is not going to be happy to learn that the electric oven is not the way to go.

  27. Sebastien-- Me too!

    Well... I've said it before that he's a bit half baked! Ha.