Wednesday, November 25, 2009


And so it begins...the official start of the Holiday Goodie Work War. The war is different for each individual. There are no clear rules. One must abide by their own and be true to themselves.

For some its a bake-off... who can make the best / tastiest treat. They trade recipes like baseball cards and even have them pre-printed out for the taking.

For others the war becomes a race... see who can get to the goodies fastest and get the most. We used to have one teacher that always won this version of the war.
I swear he visited that staff room hourly if not more.
When he retired a few years back, the war took on fresh competitors.

Then there are the dessert vs. health food folk. This used to be mainly veggie trays with dubiously fattening dips, considering the goal of healthy eating. But they have become more creative, as you can see.

This photo makes me laugh. Know what that is? Its a mini doughnut "oreo" made from two chocolate mini doughnuts and a powdered sugar mini doughnut smashed between. This guy gets extra points in the "I don't have time to cook but I did bring something store bought anyway" war. Creative!

I do not belong to those wars. I belong to the "I have to avoid the staff room goodies at all cost" war. But I have a coffee jones that won't quit. You know where the coffee pot lives? Yep on the counter right across from all the goodies. I have developed a strategy that involves imaginary blinders in my head as I walk swiftly to the coffee pot and do not even look at the table. I also buy the largest coffee that the Shell station has to offer and by-pass that room for as long as humanly possible. I have been known to wind my way down to the custodian's domain and beg coffee from his coffee pot in the basement. Because there is one firm rule in the Holiday Goodie Work War... if you do not grab a goodie early enough, they will be gone. By that time the coffee pot is empty and I have to take the time to make a new one. Small sacrifice to make. Besides, the coffee is fresher for it.

My only other form of defense comes in the form of the scale in the health room. A nice big docotor's office version that is accurate. It is actually more of a daily defense in general. I fanatically weigh myself every morning as soon as I put my coat and purse in the library. I walk down the hall and step on the scale.

I know "experts"... that I suspect have never tried to lose weight... say you should not weigh everyday. The body has natural ups and downs. I suppose the idea is not to get disappointed with the flux affect.

However, I strongly disagree. I find the flux effect to be a motivational tool. I am aware that it does indeed go a bit up and down. But nothing makes me more determined than to see the flux effect. I know its a soup or yogurt and fruit day if it goes up... and the next day the flux will go in the opposite direction. I also increase my water intake and generally take on an extra half hour of walking. I know the direction I am determined to go. That scale reminds me what I am doing... and though I hate looking at the result some days, it makes me stay in line by re-setting my resolve daily. And because I have the keys to my magical kingdom, there is not one single day that I miss stepping on that evil tool.

What can I say... The Holiday Goodie at Work War is an odd kind of hell no matter what your individual rules are like.

On other fronts. Last night the frog pond was nearly silent. The D frog's computer has crashed... he's down to texting and phone calls for "big" things. Two have fallen from sight and one I pulted when I found out that he was living in a half-way house for people coming out of prison... says he is the manager. Okay, but I am not willing to take that chance. Two new frogs showed up on the slow but safe communication site. Too early to make any choice there. Another can only communicate during afternoon hours... and I only communicate outside of work. Limits time drastically but really how much is there to say to someone you don't know all that well anyway? As for my favorite frog, he was oddly silent last night. Most nights he is there the entire night until bed time... through "frog juggling hours". No worries... he too has been having trouble with his computer. But its more of a poor service issue and he is doing battle with his service. I suspect he may have told them to go to hell and is switching. I knew it was a possibility. Besides, our last communication was verification enough for me that he is indeed there...somewhere. He'll be back.
Big grins.

The ankle is okay. My doc was on vacation... naturally. I have not seen another in 22 years. It was a bit odd to see a new guy... who asked me to try ibuprofen despite knowing that my regular doc does not allow me to take it. He says that he thinks that I can... to try it and if he is wrong I get to go back and do an "I told you so!" dance. I agreed on the condition that he be the one to dance a "I was wrong" dance instead. Done deal.

The doc says that I have "frayed" a couple of ligaments. The good news is that I did not totally tear them off the bone, so its not so bad. My only real concern here is my obsession with walking. I am unwilling to stop. He agreed that it serves me very well and I should not. I can continue to walk with a brace that adds compression... have to pick that up today. Right now it is wrapped. He also suggested that I begin water walking. Not on water. In water. Says it will not only be easier on my ankle with the added plus of burning way more calories. Water creates resistance, which is what I want and I can exercise my arms better too.
Makes sense to me. I'm going to scope out the pool across the river and see if it is workable.

Other than that, I have his permission to continue to walk as long as I am taking ibuprofen before to block any pain and to keep swelling down. Pain I can do on my head. Meanwhile back to the stretches that the physical therapy god gave me... and a good slow warm up.
Cool beans.

So do any of you have to face a Holiday Goodie Work War? If so what is your strategy?

Have a great Wednesday!

Hey... for a great laugh go here:
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Thanks Michael!

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Have a great day and wonderful weekend.

  2. I remmeber this from my days at the community health center. We had the addition of goodies brought in by drug reps.

  3. Churlita-- Thanks! Same to you and yours!

  4. secret agent woman-- Hello! Yikes what a terrible addition! More mines to dodge.

    Happpy Thanksgiving to you and your sons!

  5. Holiday Goodie Work Wars I don't do, never did. These days I just go to free dinners and don't even feel bad about them doing the dishes. I have my choice of three different community dinners tomorrow.

    I think I may go to the one at the Catholic church so I can remind the priest to not mess with alter boys. (did I keep that clean enough?)

    Ibuprofen, bah, I didn't even take any pain pills when my knee was operated on. Just bit the bullet and drank a few extra beers. After the first night it wasn't so bad.

    If you're going to hunt frogs you need a spear gun.

  6. BBC-- Well enjoy that diner... whichever you choose... for whatever reason.

    I have not used the ibuprofen yet. It does not feel bad enough. But I have been resting it too.
    Tomorrow I walk... then we'll see what I do or don't need.

    I do like a big bloody mary! Pain not required.

  7. Ooooh, the goodie wars are tough on me too. People at the library love to bring in food. Lucky for me, I don't go in the staff room that often :-)

    Be strong Ananda! And take good care of that ankle.

  8. Yay, very good that you can get your walks worked in in spite of the ankle!

    I had pumpkin pie yesterday, soooo good. And chocolate mousse, hehe...

  9. Sebastien-- YUM! I avoided those things successfully and am happy that others can, but I'll pass. hee hee