Sunday, November 22, 2009

Back from the south land. Had a lot of fun. The turkey pot luck was a trip and a bit funny. Turns out that it was his mother's camping group that get together to have pot lucks when they aren't camping. So I met a ton of people in their seventies who camp... heard funny camping stories. His mom and step dad were very nice. Step dad invited me to come and visit them. That was nice. I even got invited to come and look in some lady's trunk at yard sale stuff. Ha! Yes, I did.

Well let's see... we watched the Ducks win Arizona. Killer game.
Now its between the Ducks and the Beavers... both Oregon teams for the Rose Bowl. The Beavers beat Stanford, who was the Duck's only loss. That is going to be a heck of a game. Wish I could see that one in person, since the stadium is near his place, but its been sold out since the season started. Oh well. Other than that not much to tell. I made pecan pies... one for my family and one for his and a couple of little ones for him to have with ice cream.

On a very happy note... congratulations to Cube on being an auntie of a new baby boy! Woot! Glad to hear that it all worked out okay. Great news!

Well, folks. It was a long drive home from a trip well worth taking. I am happily tired and looking forward to my walk early in the morning. (Its still Sunday night for me now.) I think I'll stick my wash into the dryer and get myself to bed. Its turkey day week... lots to do. Have a terrific Monday. I will. This is a short week for me. We get the day before Thanksgiving off too.
Very cool beans.

So what are your plans for Turkey Day? I'm filling mine with family.


  1. I'm so glad to hear about your fun and interesting weekend.
    My kids are out of school all week, but I just have Thursday and Friday off. Good enough, I suppose :-) Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.

  2. I don't know who the Ducks are but I feel sorry for any Arazonans, all that quacking that they'll have to put up with.

  3. So glad you had a great time. 70-year-old campers are the best. Been everywhere. Seen everything.
    Thanksgiving will be with family, too. I'll say hi to Mr. Cool for you.
    And congratulations to Cube's sis. The long wait was well worth it, right, but I wish the stress hadn't been so intense.

  4. I have so much catching up to do on your blog. Hopefully I will soon, and hope you are well, and that all the frogs haven't croaked. har.

  5. Sounds like you had a good time this weekend. Could this frog be the keeper... Hmmmm? I guess you'll know in due time. I shouldn't be so impatient.

    Thanks for the shout out about my new nephew. He is a real cutie. I gave his first Star Trek toy... a Vulcan teddy bear wearing a Star Fleet science officer shirt. I'm all ready to spoil this first boy in our family.

    Peggy: Thank you. It was very stressful, yes, but worth the wait :-)

  6. BTW how does the photo tie into your post? I'm not getting it.

  7. All-- I swear I thought I commented on these. Must have just read and launched into visiting others. Sheesh.

    laura b.-- Yes, thank you. We all have a 2 day week. (She repeats herself!) I'm thinking that I'll cook the turkey on Wed. then I can just enjoy my day with everyone else. :-)

  8. Mo-- Ha... they are a football... American style college team. One of the Pack Ten teams... but you probably don't know about that either. Let's just say they are hitting it good.

    You know I have no trouble putting up with what comes out of a duck's bill... it's the other end that disturbs me! The goose and duck poo in our park here is a nightmare.

  9. Peggy-- Exactly! But I admit when DH asked why we don't get the heck out of here...I hopped up like a bunny on a date!

    Yay! Yes, say hi to Mr. Cool please! Then filp him a load of shit for me. Big grin.

  10. Pamela-- For frogs it has been a slow decline over the week and then I was unavailable while visiting DH. Last night only talked to two.

    It seems to go this way... a couple come in and a couple go.

    Don't worry too much about catching up.

    Have a great Turkey Day!

  11. Cube-- Oops! I was going to say that this is what the weather is looking like here. Drizzly and drear. I guess they had a huge wind storm when I was gone. My yard is full of branches and sticks!

  12. Cube-- Could he be the frog keeper?
    Well he makes a great friend and we have a lot of fun. Laugh alot. But I just don't know.


  13. So what are your plans for Turkey Day?

    A: Read the news and get pissed off at the world.
    B: Go to one of the free community dinners in town.
    C: Bring Helen back a dinner also.
    D: Read the news and get pissed off at the world.

  14. E: Start thinking about where to go on the next camping trip to get away from the insanity.

  15. BBC-- This does not surprise me! It's very you! Sounds like a good BBC plan. I know how much you like to camp.

  16. If the Ducks make it to the Rose Bowl, then they will face the Ohio State Buckeyes. I'm not a die hard OSU fan, but it should be interesting.

    I am hosting Thanksgiving at Casa de Alien, but we're doing chicken, stuffing, potatoes, oven-roasted sweet potatoes. It should be quite pleasant.

  17. It sounds like a nice weekend. I hope it works whatever way is best for you two.

  18. AlienCG-- That should be quite a game! I'll be watching for sure. I've got Duck fever now and I'll have to support Oregon if the damned Beavers make it too... despite the anti-Beaver feelings at this point. Ha!

    Sounds like a fantastic Thanksgiving! Enjoy!

  19. Churlita-- It was and I hope it continues. He hasn't said if his mom liked me or not. But I don't plan to worry too much about that at this point. I'm just enjoying the ride while it lasts... and hoping it lasts long. If not, well there are other frogs in the pond still. :-)