Monday, November 9, 2009

This is our window wall in our room at the beach... that is how close we were to the ocean. In fact, the porch gets sprayed by waves as it comes up the sand to the rock wall that shields the front of the motel.

Yeah... the very first thing I did (after texting Bear to let her know what room we were in and what motel) was to run down the stairs from our porch to the beach and down to the water. I was not there five minutes before a wave took me out and soaked me. Ha! My only shoes had to go into the oven at 150 and bake for a couple of hours. That's okay, it gave us time to watch the Ducks get their fanny kicked by Stanford. Hisss...

One of the coolest things about this place was that at night they had spots that lit up the breakers... we were able to sit on the porch and watch or we could sit on the sofa inside and watch through the glass. I am not sure which I prefered... I liked both places for different reasons.

The Gulls here are rediculously tame and agressive. Here two of them are having a dispute over who owns our porch.

This was one of those... oh you have to see this to believe it moments. The photo does not do it justice. The rose and amber is reflected in the foam and across the wet sands.

Then there was this ooooh... moment. When I took this there was another rainbow down at the southern end of the beach as well. Just a stunning sight to have rainbows hanging in the sky over the ocean with a bit of sun breaking through. Impossible to capture on film but it's stuck in my head forever now.

It was so hard to leave this behind and come home. I felt like pouting... but no, I didn't. I have not had this much fun in memory. That's how I felt about this weekend. It was the perfect weekend. No one got hurt! That in itself was a real bonus. I have found a new friend that I think will be around for a long time. Where that goes... we shall see. In the meantime, I'm going to his place next weekend to check that out. I figure it's the least I can do since his trip this weekend to take me to the coast was about a 650 mile round trip.

(I don't even think I'm worth that.)

As for the frog pond... heavy sigh... it stays as is for the time being, with the exception that it has grown by four in number... and one frog was pulted with great pomp when he asked to borrow money.

BAD FROG>>>> ZING>>>>>>>>>SPLAT!

hee hee

Have a fabulous Monday! I am.


  1. Sorry. I posted my comment on your last post.

    I loved the pictures, but it looked really cold to me. Yikes!

  2. It wasn't as cold as it looks. I ran around without a coat. In the evening we wore coats though. There wasn't much wind... just overcast and some sprinkles.

  3. And here is the money-demanding frog.

  4. dmarks-- I like your money-demanding frog better than mine. Yours is cute!

  5. sounds like you were rocked on the water

    did he soothe your fevered brow?

  6. billy pilgrim-- Indeed he did. Hahaha...

  7. Sounds wonderful, Ananda. It is nice to think of building a relationship based on friendship. And if it turns out to be "only" friendship, that isn't such a bad deal either.
    Those pictures are amazing :-)

  8. laura b.-- Exactly! We laid some clear ground rules. We know exactly what each of us expect and what isn't acceptable. We agreed to total honesty and talking about anything that stresses either of us rather than have worries. No head games allowed. No manipulations. Now we are free to just enjoy each other's company and have a great time. What happens from there is fate.

  9. Ground rules for frogs? Yes, if they stay grounded. Otherwise, they are....tree frogs!

  10. dmarks-- Hahaha I like that. Yes, there are rules in my world... I keep myself protected. I'd rather embarrass the heck out of myself or seem bizarre and pushy than be blind sided by anything. As it turns out the deerhunter is the same way. It worked out well for both of us.

  11. You are indeed "worth that" - don't forget it.

  12. You sure are an interesting study. :-)

    billy pilgrim-- Indeed he did. Hahaha...

    That's two in the short time I've known you, I think you can squeeze in one more in before the end of the year. :-)

  13. Good for you. Take it slow and see where it goes. That;s the best way. It sounds like the communication is good and that is so important. I can't wait to hear more...

  14. Looks like a place out of dreamland. Idyllic, gorgeous. Do you ever feed the gulls? I remember going on vacations to South Carolina beaches, my sister and I were little kids, and we would beg our parents to let us give the gulls bread. We would hold it up in our hands and they would float all around us and take it from our hands. It was so cool, but kind of scary at first.

    Happy to see that you had a great weekend!