Monday, November 23, 2009

Janis Joplin - Summertime (Live Gröna Lund 1969)

This post is about women in music that have influenced me. Like I said before... I am not musically inclined and there is no great knowledge here for me to impart. I just know what I like. I wanted to add them in after doing the 15 post on music albums. It did not seem right to leave them out. And hey... who ever knew I liked stuff like this? Ha. Not exactly punk or metal is it? Well... you'll see.

Janice way down at the bottom there has a big role in my musical world. She requires no explanation. You either like her or you don't.

Most of these gals you know. You might not know one musical group... but maybe you do. I'll start off with them. Joy of Cooking. A bay area band... we're talking San Francisco when I say "bay" and while they were known to those of us who lived in the sphere of California's music world at that point in time... they may not have reached as far as you. And, you may be too young to recall them anyway.

2 nd part of Dancing couple & Brownsville/mockingbird by Joy of Cooking live performance from a Berkeley gig in 1972 from double cd " Back to your heart" available @ Buy it! Their best known song & footage from the peoplepark incident & dancing in the sixties & Joy photo's out of many sources. Often from the documentary " Berkeley in the sixties"

Keeping with the bay area sounds... not a girl group, but you cannot think of that period of music with out hearing Grace Slick in your head. Okay... I can't.

One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small,
And the ones that mother gives you
Don't do anything at all.
Go ask Alice
When she's ten feet tall.

The next lady is Rita Coolidge with a Bob Dylan song.
Rita Coolidge

I can't leave out lovely Linda! This is my favorite Jackson Browne song... but she does it justice.

Linda Ronstadt - Rock Me On The Water (1974) 3:37
LP recorded (noise red.)

This woman had a profound effect on me. I don't even think I can explain it. You have heard her if you know it or not. Merry Clayton. I like the blurb that came with this... so I left it in.
Street Fighting Woman!
Merry was the woman dueting with Mick on the Rolling Stones' original 1969 recording of "Gimme Shelter". Who better to interpret it the following year than Merry herself? She's accompanied on keys by her friend, the immeasurably important Billy Preston, who was as much the Sixth Stone as the Fifth Beatle in these years. The galloping roar of guitar may be David T. Walker, although the album credits don't clarify.
She was born on Christmas Day, and what a gift!

Okay, most folk can remember Judy Collins... she's the woman that Suite for Judy Blue Eyes was written for by Stephen Stills.
She has a very breathy voice. I read somewhere that it was because she had TB. Not sure if that is true or not though. I like this song best... no I D photo with it but it has muppets!
I hope that link works okay. It's a cute video.

I wanted to put in a video of Billie Holiday, but could not get it to transfer. Rats. "It was Aint Nobody's Business if I do".

Okay. That's about it
... had to do a quick one. I went to drive StbX home and managed to slip on the wet steps and cream my ankle. I am not a happy camper. Gonna have to get a sub and ask the Bear to drive me to see my doc. What a pisser when walking was working so well for me! Such is life. So let me leave you with a funny song and a great lady.

big yellow taxi joni mitchell in concert 1970.

Have a fantastic Tuesday. Hope yours is less painful than mine... though I am more mad at myself than in pain at this point. Frozen veggies on the ankle help. It's probably just a sprain. We will see. It made a nasty sound. More fun and games. Sheesh. Hope it does not set me back too far.


  1. I have a thing for women in music. I like Linda Ronstadt, Janis Joplin, Heart and plenty of the classic rock goddesses. But I also like Shirley Manson (Garbage), Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star), Norah Jones and many of the other modern women in music. Great post, AG.

  2. Yeah. Tell Mama all about it... Janis rocks. You left out Patti Smith. I'll let it slide, though. I'm quite fond of Suzanne Vega. Great songwriter and was very nice to me in person.

    Gotta give some credit to Alanis for dumping the Debbie Gibson look and putting out a grungy, angry album, also.

    Sorry about the ankle. Have a great Thanksgiving anyway.

  3. Thanks for all the great music! I looove women rockers...female vocalists in general can be very cool. Do you know Nina Gordon of Veruca Salt? She's pretty awesome.

    I'm so sorry about your ankle, Ananda. I hope it turns out to be a simple sprain that just needs some...what is it? R.I.C.E.? Yes, I think that's it. Thinking good thoughts.

  4. AlienCG-- Thanks, but I didn't do as good of a job as I wanted on it. I got in a hurry when I creamed my ankle.

    Your Thanksgiving sounds wonderful! Roasted chicken is a wonderful thing.

  5. Cricket-- I hang my head in shame! Yes I am a big Patti Smith fan too! The other one that I cannot believe that I left out is Crissie Hynde of The Pretenders! Or even Joan Baez who did a benefit for one of the schools I attended... called Friends. (Yes as in Quakers). Suzanne Vega... yep... byw, I hope that story makes it to your blog!

  6. I could never get a post out of that encounter. I saw her on tour with Marc Cohn. After her set, she hung out at her t-shirt/cd stand, signing autographs and talking to anyone who wanted to talk to her. From what some other folks said, I gather if you email her at her website, she will reply, not always promptly, but still. I got the clear impression she would stay and meet anyone who wanted to meet her. Very cool. That's it.

  7. laura b.-- Actually I was playing with the idea of women in punk and alternative as a subject. There are so many great bands. Mia Zapata was an incredible talent who was raped and murdered in Seattle's Central Dist. In fact I think a story about it was on Unsolved Mysteries. Such a waste! Her band was The Gits.

  8. Cricket-- Nice story! Its good to hear that there are performers who like their fans enough to invest some time on them. So many get that ego so blown up that they forget who makes their lives what they are. Speaking of quick responses... that was fast! Thanks.

  9. how about kirsty maccoll? she does a bang up job on fairy tale of new york.

    bonnie raitt is no slouch either.

  10. That's the thing about compiling lists of
    favorite anything... that nagging feeling that you left out something. I always forget something too.

    **cough** Annie Lennox **cough**


    Sorry to hear about your ankle. Hope it cooperates and heals quickly.

  11. Hope your ankle is feeling better today. Never fun hurting yourself. And I like your list. I would have to spend some serious time thinking about a list like this because I am not sure who would be at the top on my list of female singers.

  12. billy pilgrim-- Love them both! You're right... excellent choices. I knew you'd straighten me out on someone.

  13. Cube-- Sweet dreams are made of these who am I to disagree...

    Love Annie L! She'll be there in the alternative and punk version. I love "Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves". Such a great album.

  14. Shife hello! Yeah... ankle is going to be fine. Thanks. Doc says that I frayed a couple of ligaments... but the good news is that I didn't tear them totally off, so it will mend okay. He's got the radiologist checking one x-ray on a bone but thinks it is okay. I have to wear a compression cuff. I will survive to continue doing the dumb things I find to do.

    Making these lists is really hard. It depends on who pops into your head off hand and then...a bazillion others show up after that you want to slap yourself for not including.

  15. She is okay, liked some of her music, got into drugs pretty deep but maybe that is what made her good? Musicians are as often as not some strange ducks, um, frogs.

  16. Love em all, a couple I don't know, going to check out Rita and Merry Clayton, don't know their work.