Sunday, November 1, 2009


This is Harper Simon... Paul Simon's son. Yep. A music god sent me the studio version of this song on Friday and I feel in love with it immediately. I had to have the album... and you folk get to hear this version. Its not quite as good as the studio one, but that is how live goes.

What an absolutely fantastic day. The music god who brought me the first song... sent me a second one.

The Ducks beat the tar out of USC! Whoot! It's funny... I grew up in a USC household, it's my dad's Alma mater. It was strange to root against them. But hey... those Ducks kicked Trojan butt like you would not believe. An awesome game. They are in about 4th place now in the top 10... if you can believe the sports guys on TV who talk after the game. I figure they know more than I do, so I'll take their happy word for it.

Frog pond news. My favorite frog is still hunting but communicating in the evenings. Tomorrow is the last day for deer hunting. Communication was short because of the game.... but that was a fun factor. Allow me to explain...

Okay, so I figured that he is hunting with his mentor and pal like they do every year. That makes it a "guys" day. So I thought well, they will hunt half day and then come back and maybe knock down a few beer waiting for the game and watch it together. So I don't communicate at all. It's guy's day, let him have his day in peace. This man is one totally dedicated Duck man.

Meanwhile, I am camped out in my own little room with my own little TV watching the Ducks kick butt. I do not expect any communication whatsoever until that game ends... dedicated Duck men are like that. Right? Well, it made sense in my head. So I look over at my computer and there is an email... in the 3rd quarter. I know the Duck man's address... it's him and I am very surprised. He wants to know if he has upset me and that's why I have not communicated.

So I look at it this way... dedicated Duck man contacts me in the 3rd quarter because I have not contacted him means something... right? If his brain is distracted enough by wondering why I am silent in his kicking Trojan butt game... I am really on his brain. A very good sign. Very cool beans!

Yeah... and it got better. It's time to get out the frogapult and jettison the rest of the frogs. This one is such a keeper. He does not live where Larry did, but it's about the same distance in the same direction... just a different exit. At least I know the freeway in that direction. Though he is coming to get me, I am not driving to him. There is more to this... but you don't get details. Let's say it makes me very happy.

Now what do I do tomorrow? Well... get up at 4:ooAM for starters... and walk as much of my ass off as I can.

There was another nice thing about today. Again, in the market I came across someone I had not seen in a while who raved about how nice I looked and wanted to know what I was doing. When I said, eating healthy and exercise... she was a bit pissy. She doesn't want to have to do those things. I told her... sorry that is what makes it work. There is no magic solution but working at it and taking care. I told her that while I am happy that I am getting into better shape, I am most happy about how good I feel... how much more energy and flexibility I have now. I don't feel near as old as I did before I started all this. She looked as if she did not believe me. Oh well. It was a nice compliment anyway.

So here is a problem... what do I do about the date today? Do I call it off or do I honor my commitment to it? My heart says to call it off... I've got other interests and it is not fair to let this guy think that I am interested or let him spend any of his money on me. So I am thinking that I need to call him and thank him for his interest, but tell him that I have had a change of heart? Do I tell him that I have met someone else? What is the kindest thing to do? What is the responsible and mature thing to do? I'm a bit old to hide and not answer the door bell... which you may recall was a past method of breaking a date when I was young and vain.

This is the problem with having a frog pond. You have to do something with the extra frogs in the end. Crap!

I hate to be the meanie or bad guy. Maybe he will be relieved. He did reschedule. hummmmm..

Quick suggestions... the date is at 1:00p.m. Yikes!

Wish me luck. How is your weekend going?


  1. How is your weekend going?

    Yesterday was good, I mostly messed the the automatic draft controls I made for the wood heater in the camper, testing and improving. I really enjoy doing things like that.

    I may hike into the hot springs today, not sure yet but a nice soak in a pool would be nice. But first I'll take a nap and bake a cake so Helen has a goodie this morning.

    Maybe I should have never taught her that life is uncertain, to eat dessert first, now I'm stuck with making sure she gets something every morning.

  2. BBC--I wish I had a hot springs to hike to... I'd love to do that, take a nice soak and then hike back.

    Helen is a luck woman to have someone who cares about her like you. Life may be uncertain, but you are a treasure of a constant for her.

    I'm feeling wonderful. I got on the scale this morning and there were 2 more pounds gone. I'm off out the door to walk right now. I'm feeling so good, I hope I can keep my feet on the ground.

  3. I think that I will be blogging about my weekend later, but I'll just say that I did have fun at the party. And now I'm off to do a bit of shopping.

    Okay, I think that the frogs we are talking about are R-2 and D, though I'm too lazy at the moment to go and look that up. Anyway, what I am wondering is, have you actually met either of them or gone on a date or anything, or has it all been emails with both of them. Cause I'm thinking you shouldn't get your hopes up on the one if you haven't even met him in person yet. And you shouldn't toss the other one if you haven't met him yet either. In person, you might change your mind.

    So if you haven't met them, don't toss the frogs yet.

    On the other hand, if you have met them and you are not into dating different people at the same time, then it would probably be best to be honest and break one of the dates.

  4. laughing-- Good point! I have not met the date today. It's not D. This is R1 and R2. D is a really great guy but lives a state away.

    So hummmmm... I am being too hasty? This is what I need to hear. I don't know how to do this. I have a tendency to decide what I want and just focus on that.

    I have never managed to successfully date more than one guy at a time and the times that I was unsuccessful at it... lead to scary consequences.

    Or one time it led to me throwing everyone away and catching a plane to live in Seattle... which ended rather badly too.

    Thanks. I will ponder this. I am a big chicken who hates conflict or stress. I just want one warm body.

    But maybe you're right. Maybe I should go on this date and wait until after next weekend to make up my mind and use the frogapult.

  5. I must dissent. Any duck-hunting frog who wonders where you are during the 3rd quarter is beyond interested. Frogapult the other. Of course, I'll be wrong but that's what I would do and that's pretty much what you asked for. Our opinions.
    Thanks for the Baby Simon song. The last time I saw him was really when he was a baby. Looks like dad and has a sound all his own.
    Whatever you do, well, you know the rest.

  6. Peggy-- Thank you! I agree, I think. The world is a big place and there are other frogs... easy to catch now with social networking online. I can get a fresh batch if this frog turns into a sudden toad. Right now I can't imagine that happening... but as you know I've been wrong in the recent past. I'm willing to roll those dice.

  7. i've spent the weekend comforting a killer pitbull who's terrified of firecrackers.

    favorite frog is deer hunting. does this mean you've connected with a hunter??

    if so, there goes your karma right down the crapper.

  8. billy pilgrim-- I had a basset hound that could not deal with fireworks at all... hid under the bed shaking and howling. Poor Ruby!

    Yes... a new experience this hunter thing. I'm a catch a release fisherperson. However, I do love deer and elk meat. (Hanging head in shame now.)

    I think that's where my karma's been all along.

  9. First off, great song, he is new to me, I'm going to try and see if there are other youtube songs of his.

    I would break the date and explain that... hmmm, that is tricky but that things have changed in your personal life?

  10. You could also tell the guy that you are a serial killer and that for his own safety and interest it's probably best he doesn't enter into a relationship with you (I'm watching too much Dexter)

  11. Sebastien-- I tried to find some of his other ones, but could not find any except for those made with his dad when he was a wee guy.

    There is something strangely appealing about the Dexter approach. But I do like the line that something has changed in my personal life. It's very honest and direct without being a bitch. Thanks.

  12. dmarks-- LMAO!!!! He is rich. That wine label... that's what my ex likes to say.

  13. And here is the aforementioned Frogzilla battling Captain Carrot.

  14. dmarks-- Hahaha... Your brain must be an amazing place to visit... you have so much information in there to draw off of and pull the best stuff out of it.

    Thanks for the crack-ups.

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  16. dmarks-- Too late, I already went there. Its okay. The only one that really bothered me was the "pathetically follows girl interested in another man" frog. I don't want one of those frogs! I've had them before... they're very upsetting.

  17. Well, it didn't post my comment.

    I said something about you making "an unusual request" and maybe he would break off the date himself.

    I went shopping. The bad news is that I didn't find much that I wanted, and the good news is that I didn't spend that much money.

  18. I dug further into that frog lost after I posted it, and decided that some went too far.

  19. It's nice that there are a few women your age that care about what they say to a man out of concern they may hurt his feelings. But maybe it doesn't matter, there was women before you that screwed with him and got him fucked up anyway. I guess that's okay, it gives us thicker skin. In my case I've just mostly just learned to avoid them.

    Just a friendly reminder, stop wanting and looking and just work on your life and interests and hobbies and 'he' will show. Then the two of you can proceed to fuck it up, ha ha ha.

    Maybe I'm a music god, many years agoI WROTE A SONG

  20. I dated a guy who once told me if you wanted to know if a guy really liked you, look at what he does and not what he tells you. It looks like his actions are speaking loudly and clearly.