Thursday, September 3, 2009


A story in as few words as possible.

Brain storming.

Someone went through my storage stuff this summer.

My chairs were scattered helter-skelter.

My single tables were pushed into the form of a big conference table and thoughtfully returned to their proper positions... Oh wait... no they weren't!

Heavy sigh.
Every summer things magically show up that do not have a home. The big black thing is a lap top safe, which is my newest responsibility surprise.
That pile on the counter... my mail.

It is very interesting how all my things left the counter to sit at a lab computer desk.

It was a day of moving things back into place.
Dusting. Filing. Creating a quick bulletin board.
Getting kid ready.

My foot doc told me that my stool that I sit on at work was part of my troubles... the rung my feet perch on at my counter. The lovely gentlemen at the top and that marvelous secretary got together and came up with a perfect solution in a matter of minutes.

They found a large carpeted platform, a nice comfy office chair with a real back! And Shown, (Yes it is spelled correctly!) will make me a sliding keyboard shelf so that I sit high enough to use the counter and type in comfort. What heroes!

Miss Bliss has escaped the past and gone
on a long weekend romp!

You'll have to catch her next week.

Big friggin grins.


  1. big feckin grins right back at ya.

    hope you get enough rest for next week's work.

  2. Don't have too much fun. On second thought. go right ahead!

  3. If she's running off with Mr. Overnighter I don't suppose she'll be getting much rest, ha ha ha.

    I've never heard of a lap top safe but it sure as hell doesn't look like it will fit on any lap to me.

  4. Good for Miss Bliss. She deserves all the fun she can possibly have with Mr Overnighter.

  5. I was just sitting on the pot taking a crap when it came to me that it must be a safe to store lap top computers in.

    *Wanders off with a dazed expression*

  6. All that disorder, becoming order, so that the kids can disorder it again :-)
    Hope Miss Bliss has an awesome weekend!!!

  7. Say no more **wink** wink** The pictures were worth several thousand words.

    Have a good weekend.


  8. Tell those kids that if they don't behave, they aren't going to get super steroid shark hugs.

  9. billy pilgrim-- Well here are some more big feckin grins. I had the best time and am happily exhausted. Nice to come back to your big feckin grins back at me. ;-)

  10. BBC-- I'm happy. I had a great time.

    Yes... your bathroom revelation is true... that thing is full of lap tops that I now get to check out to youth. What I want to know is where's my lap top?

  11. Churlita-- I'm about to do a post. It was so much fun. Nice people.

  12. laura b.-- Ah... spoken like one who works with kids!!!

  13. Sebastien-- What a great idea. I will do exactly that and see what they say. I'll report back to you.

    MY Lion is going to go and visit them soon. I've decided to invite them to write a story about it.
    What fun!!

    ***BUT only if that is okay with you... it's your work.

  14. secret agent woman-- I may have actually shouted that along with some unpolite words since no children were present to corrupt as yet.