Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This is another one that's been popping into my head of late.... hope you enjoy it.

Great day at work. No complaints at all. Then it was time for the Monday meeting crap... and the car went down. Drove home fine. Went to leave and the clutch started slipping.

Limped over to StbX's. He fiddled with the linkage and got it to do better, but it is still not right. I can feel it, I was afraid to take it up the hill to the Bear's house, so Boo picked us up and took us there to get Squeaky.

There we found this scary individual! He looks like a dupe... but don't let that one shoe on and one shoe off fool you... he's a pro! You can tell by that mask... one dangerous dude.

Look at that big time raspberry action! God is clearly on his side... er... forehead maybe.

Well... this is some tag team. I can verify that. (They wear me out.)

My car is not well... and tonight is Flogging Molly!!! If I keep saying it, will my car get better in time? Heck no. So I've begged to drive one of the Bear's cars. I will be the sober driver as long as I get to hear and see Flogging Molly. I have been looking forward to this for a long time and I promised Max.

Well, BBC was coming down to help me with my car anyway... among other things. He's coming here to visit and bringing me some stuff he was ready to get rid of... that I can use. Hopefully he can figure out what the deal is and offer suggestions if he can't do it himself. I'm glad to have someone who knows what they are doing (for a change!) looking at it. I'll cross my fingers... please cross yours too.

I hope he gets in some good fishing while he is here too. I'll be working most of the time. Though he can drag Lorn around if he wants. Lorn does not work right now. He likes to fish... I think... his brothers live to fish, but maybe he is not his brother! I best be careful about assumptions.

Well, folk... have a good day. "Don't let it bring you down. It's only castles burning..."

bbc 1971


  1. Sorry to hear about your car troubles. Car troubles and computer troubles always discombobulate my life. It's good that you have a large support group to help.

    Yeah, only castles burning...

  2. Cube--
    Thanks. I guess it really is lucky that he was already on the way to look my car over for me. If it had to happen at all.

    But I am trying to go at it with the attitude that in a month from now it won't be anything more than an irritating memory.

    There are lots of good things to focus on now too. ;-)

  3. Sorry about your car problems. I hope they are easily and cheaply fixed. At least you'll feel better for a little while at the Flogging Molly show.

  4. Churlita-- Yes I will. I will hop and dance and sing... and most of all be happy for the time I'm there. This is a big thrill for me. (And next month is The Pogues.) Yippeee. Nothing is going to ruin having fun tonight.

  5. Hope everything gets fixed and you have a nice visit. Definitely do not want you to miss your concert. Flogging Molly makes their way through Boise every now and then, and we saw them once. A most excellent show. Have fun.

  6. Mr. Shife-- Me too. This is a first for me... having another blogger show up. I am not much for entertaining... sort of socially bent.

    I will not miss Flogging Molly. Bear is seeing to it that we get there... yay! for thebear! I will take photos to share.

  7. I'm glad you have someone capable coming to tend to your car. Have a GREAT time at Flogging Molly!!!

    Oh, and that scary dude? I notice he may also do hair. Send him over, I could use a good brush out. haha!

  8. laura b.-- I will have a great time at Flogging Molly. I got home and my borrowed car was waiting for me.

    Yes, the masked wonder does indeed comb hair... ah you don't mind losing some do you?

  9. All-- I have a dream that some day I'll buy a really-o truly-o bran new car... or at least a recent used one with a good warranty! Heavy sigh.
    But tonight I cruse in style in the 06 Explorer that thebear loaned me. Big grins... and massive hugs to thebear!

    Thanks baby... all the way to the moon and back!

  10. Just caught up.

    Sorry about the car. And enjoy the show tonight!!

  11. secret agent woman-- I will savor every second, thanks.

    Something will work out with the car. Or I'll get to walk, which my town is small enough that it is not a problem. Hey... StbX might have to find another ride. Hummmmm.... would that be a bad thing?

  12. i hear bbc's a well respected man. his own sweat smells the best.

  13. I hope your car feels better. And have fun at the concert, can't wait to hear how it went.

    PS. Those kids will give me nightmares. Please don't show me such frightening creatures ever again.

  14. I hope you had fun at the show tonight. I also hope your car is okay, but enjoy the truck.

    (I commented earlier, but I guess I didn't look to make sure it was posted).

  15. billy pilgrim-- LOL! I'll keep you all posted.

  16. Sebastien-- The clown car will appreciate your sympathy.

    I'm sorry... I should have known that they were too scary.

  17. AlienCG--Thanks! As a matter of fact, I had an absolute blast.