Thursday, September 10, 2009


I am beset by a plague of kittens.

This is the "way back" of my clown car.

Granted... it is an adorable plague if you have to have one. But a problem none the less.

I went to the deli for a mocha... because life never begins before 6 shots... and I'm not talking Tequilla... and these little poops went along for the ride. I was oblivious. .

I came out with my caffiene in hand... smiling for the first time that day. There, under the car next to mine, peeking out for the greatest big eye affect... were these kittens. It took me 45 minutes to capture the entire lot. My mocha was cold and my clothes looked like I was moonlighting as a grease monkey.

I have two old bats in my park that love to make my life a misery. They are good at it.

I get home, after doing my cat rescue to a note on my door. It read:

"Get rid of you cats! Pat and me is tired of it."

(Yes, the grammar made me shudder!)

Pat is a guy a bit older than me. He's okay most of the time. But he is a victim of the old bats too. I don't blame Pat. It is likely he is not involved in the note at all.

So here is the deal. The other old bat and Pat... for that matter... feed whatever stray shows up here. We are at the very end of town and cats are dumped here all the time.

I am also guilty of feeding them from time to time. Anyway, one had kittens on my porch. We have fed her and the kittens and tried to socialize the fur balls. Feral cats are hard to give away or get rid of... so getting them people ready is a big plus.

The current belief seems to be that I hav
e been having kittens just to piss off Old Bat #1. Ah... no. I just want them to be healthy and to find them homes, which does take time. I think she would like me to put them in a gunny sack and drop them off the bridge. She's sort of old school evil like that.

Here is the irony. Old Bat #2 has a bazillion cats that are not fixed and are everywhere
. You cannot drive into this park without having to stop for a cat or two. Why is it okay for her to have a bazillion and not for me to try to keep 8 babies healthy long enough to give them to reponsible people who will get them fixed and make sure they have shots and see a vet?


This is Puck. HE is my only real cat.

Have a great day folks!


  1. I'm glad you take care of the cats... It's too bad that there's no organization that will neuter and release, which is not the best situation, because homes are better, but it helps a bit. Both my cats were directly off the street and a bit older (1-2 years old). They take patience, but I think personally they are more appreciative of the home they get.

  2. NoRegrets-- I love cats and they love me too. There is a place that will pay for half of the fee to fix cats, but only half. I may break down and start fixing one a month or something else desperate.

    But I have to tell you. I don't see where cats are a big bother to anyone. They bury their buisness unlike all the dogs that think I have a fine restroom for a yard. :-(
    And if you want to go away... you leave water and enough food. They behave.

  3. It is obvious that you are a kind hearted woman. (They even have sticker for that now).

    Kittens do need human love early in life, otherwise, they become real basketcases. We adopted two feral sisters and one ran out the door one day. Her sister is still with us and has become a very sweet cat, but still very skitish around strangers and Mr.Cube. I think they become irreversibly damaged after a point, so I'm glad that there are kind-hearted people out there to watch out for the unfortunates of the world.

    Don't worry about what the old bats say, it's your house and you are the boss.

    As far as cats go, they're awesome pets. With very few exceptions, I've had a cat, or more, since 1968. I'd adopt one of those cute little buggers if you weren't on the other side of the country.

  4. I'm sorry I forgot to praise your handsome kitty, Puck. Is the genesis of the name Shakespearean or from The Real World bad boy? I may have asked you this before, but I never saw the reply.

  5. Cube-- A house is just a house until it has a cat, then its home. :-)

    I love the sticker.

    Awww... poor Psyche. You and Pepper must miss her.

    Oh yes, Puck is that impish trickster of the old bard's tale. True to his namesake, this guy keeps me on my toes. He is mostly white. The camera makes his pale apricot edges seem more bold than they are. He believes its his job to walk me everywhere... which ends in mostly tripping me everywhere. But his devotion is such that I cant help but adore him back. He is also the only being who is thrilled to see me 100% of the time.

  6. Cube-- My favorite of the kittens is the one in the way back looking slightly sedated... next to the vodka box. hee hee

  7. I think you should reinvent yourself as The Cat Capturer, saving the globe from little ferals. What do you reckon?

  8. Mo-- Oh I do like that! I've always wanted to be some sort of superhero. I reckon that would be mighty fine. ha!

  9. i'm gonna have to start calling you saint gertrude.

    it's a small world, on a fine midsummers night i had a dream about your cat.

  10. billy pilgrim-- I am flattered, St. Gertrude of Nivelles is one busy saint! Not just of cats and thoses who love them, but also of gardeners, herbalists and travelors in need of lodging... though I cannot hope to live up to her piety. hahaha

    Dream on pilgrim... I hope it was a happy dream. Puck always makes me smile or cuss.

  11. Awww, geez, if there wasn't so many cats here now that we take care of I would take that cute little yellow one in the first picture.

    The beauty of living here is that because of PFOA all the stray cats here have been fixed for free, there is no need for more homeless cats on this rock.

    Getting that wild tom cat trapped and to the vet to have his nuts tied was a riot, to bad someone didn't have a movie camera on us as that cat was bouncing off the walls and trying to attack that wild man with the broom that was trying to herd it into a cat carrier.

    That would have been a really funny movie.

  12. BBC-- I was laughing just reading about it. I wish we had that program here. It would sure help. I'm going to see if I can find a no kill shelter near. They are cute now but they won't stay so cute. Better to get them on the market before they get much older.

  13. The whole family still misses Psyche. There have been numerous sighting of a Psyche-like cat in the neighborhood, but none of the them have been
    conclusive. Psyche remains a black spot in all of our hearts.

    Is your favorite the same kitty in the second photo? It's not next to the vodka box (heh heh), but it has beautiful blue eyes. Have I mentioned that blue is my favorite color? Probably not, it one reason why I took to Buddy so much too.

  14. Don't you have a humane society there? They have an animal shelter here and they spay and neuter the animals when they get them.

    I love that note. It's still cracking me up. I work with someone who talks like that.

  15. Cube-- I bet you do all still miss Psyche. Such a sweet face!

    The two kitties are different. The one in the second is tipped like a Siamese on its ears, face and tail. The first kitten is all white with brilliant blue eyes. Puck's dad looked exactly like this one and he was such a love! He was so white that his pink skin showed through and I named him Pinky... as in Pinky and the Brain.

    Pinky used to see me and jump into my arms. It was often not the right time, but you have to like that enthusiasm. He vanished one day never to be seen again. I'd just decided to keep little tiny Puck who was a real runt when this happened. I still miss Pinky. So I know how you feel about Psyche.

  16. Churlita-- There is an "animal control" in the nearest town, but they soffocate all cats and dogs turned in there.

    Portland has shelters and I have heard that there are some "no kill" shelters... which would be a must for me. I am trying to find out where. My friend's daughter says she knows about one and will find out the address. Cross your fingers!

    I get the weirdest notes from this woman. She once left me one asking me why I dont like her. At the time I did like her, so it was a big surprise to me. That's when she found out that I had Puck... she equates my love for cats as some act of agression against her personally. An odd woman.

  17. Cube-- The little all white guy is called Whiffen-Pooh. He used to puff up and spit everytime he saw one of us. ;-)

  18. You are a kind soul and I know you won't let that oddball neighbor bother you. Plus, now her ignorance is immortalized for us all to enjoy :-)
    Those kittens and your Puck are so sweet!

  19. My aunt used to take care of stray cats, too. She had four inside which were initially outdoor cats.

    Pay no attention to the old bats. You are doing something noble for these critters.

  20. Does Puck know he is your only real cat, or does he get jealous?

  21. Wow! Good for you! I have never rescued an entire litter. Amazing!

    I wish I had seen this before I posted today. I shared a Mildrid picture. She was a rescued cat, who now rules the roost and is not particularily nice.

    We once had a cat named Spider - he was the best. We left him with my parents when we moved to LA. My parents loved him too! (Imagine my dad loving a cat!) Some cats are forever cats. Others are Mildrid.

  22. laura b.-- Thank you. Mostly my neighbors mystify me. I believe that a good neighbor watches your back when you are alone or away but otherwise minds their own business and only complains when there is an important issue.
    I do not get it. Sigh.

  23. AlienCG-- Thank you so much for the nice compliment. (You and billy pilgrim have made my day.)

    My children say that I am going to die alone and my cats will sit and watch me die... for the moment I cease to be mom and become cat fud. Ha!

    They want to bury me in a hefty bag. I told them NO... no "Heafty" bag... I want a "GLAD" bag!

  24. C4C-- Well, wait a moment here. They were born on my porch behind a stack of wood. We could not resist them.

    They were in my car... and I accidently drove them to the deli. I figured that they deserved a ride home.

    You remember TAC. Talk about a cat with attitude. She was wickedy whack.

  25. laughing-- Yes, Puck is very aware that he is the only real cat in the entire universe. He is indulgent toward the little ones. They crawl on him and bite him and devil him. He acts as if they do not exist... until it is food time and then he sits back and will not eat until the mom and kittens have eaten. I have never seen a male cat do that before.

  26. -Zakir Ali Rajnish-- Thank you! Welcome to Oodles of Funch!

  27. How adorable!

    That note is so freakin' hilarious. I wish I could think of writing in such a hilarious way as well, butchering my grammar in such a fun magical way.

    Old school evil. I like that. I like that a lot.

  28. Sebastien-- Doesn't it make you wonder what sort of child she was? I bet she used to volunteeer to wring the chicken's necks.

    I think grammer like that comes from years of carefully sheltered ignorance.

    Honestly... how much damage can six inches of fuzz and spit cause anyone?