Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I just love this shot. There is something about the top of the sunflower head that is interesting. This thing is HUGE. It is at least 18 inches across.

Here I am shooting up into the sun... so not the best shot. But you can see how many sunflower seeds can be harvested out of this baby.

My town is full of sunflowers. So that's our theme today... sunflowers and chit chat.

They remind me of Jack and the Beanstalk. This picket fence is chest high on me. (I am short.)

Yesterday was a wonderful day.
Max turned 22 officially. I ended my day at "beer ch
urch" as a friend calls it... buying him a pounder.

The p
lace was hopping with people I know. Fun stuffs. I got hugs from people I had not seen in ages. Mostly minions, but some old friends as well. (Minions if you do not know are what StbX calls my ex-students.)

It was a sublime slice of small town life. Max did not need a dime. We in Dumb Potters Hell buy the birthday guy a glass... I was glad when Blue told me that she would take care of Max after I left. I knew he would have a safe bed a short walk away. I have a two beer limit myself.

The day was mellow and quiet. I spent it with Mr. Overnight. That was sweet.

My dad is home from the hospital. I did not kill his old dog... a major victory for me.

All is well on the family front. Phew!

The forest fire up here is under control. YAY! Our air again smells fresh. But we have had some spectacular sunsets from the smoke in the air.

Hats off to the guys and gals who make that happen
with their hard, dangerous work!
Yay for firefighters!

As you can see... everything here is blue skies, sunflowers, hugs and smiles. No complaints from Anandagirl today.

Looking forward... I should be back to my normal blogging self now that things have calmed back down.

I work my first official day on Thursday. Hummmm...

Then I have a long weekend... which I am spending with Mr. Overnight. (Big grins there.) And... I'm posting ahead, so there shold be things to read here. Cool beans. I need to get into that practice for my school year.

What does the future hold? I don't know. Today I am content and that is a great gift. I am thankful. I hope that you are too... whatever you are doing.


  1. I need to go back and catch up on stories of Mr. Overnight. Glad all is well there. I just realized my cousin lives in La Canada... gotta find out what's up.
    Sunflowers freak me out, honestly. but I like the shot of the back of it. That I can take.

  2. Pamela-- Haha... You won't find much about Mr.O! I'm selfish and don't share well. Let me say... he's a very nice man. Funny, charming, interesting, respectful and just the right amount of wicked.

    Sunflowers freak you out? That's okay. Monkeys freak me out. I don't even like to look at them.

    BTW, I am glad that you snort. It's the sign of a good joke. Do you spit sometimes too? As in he made me snort and I spit my mocha all over my keyboard?

  3. I'm glad everything is going so well for you. I'm also glad you found Mr Overnight and that he turns into Mr Right.

  4. I am, you darling :) Thank you xoxo

  5. i have seen the future, things go very well with mr overnight.

    the spirits are fading, another $20 should bring them back.

  6. So cool. I've always been fascinated by sunflowers, since the first time I saw one when I was a kid and couldn't believe that a flower could be so big and tall.

  7. Braja-- Hey there! I have missed you too... glad to hear that all is good for you. You are most welcome! xxoo

  8. billy pilgrim-- Hahahaha... sorry no $20. But thanks for the giggle. Big grins.

  9. I'm a little creeped out by flowers the size of my head. I like them more from afar...when they look small.

    Glad all is well. Hope your date turns out fabulous.

  10. Suldog-- They are so incredible. Some of these have stalks as thick as my wrist! Remember when you were a kid and you'd get a piece of stalk in your mouth when you were eating and spitting seeds? Those were spit out quick! Yuck.

  11. cube-- I never really thought of it that way. haha

    Yep. All is well. As for the date... no doubt about it.

  12. Happy belated birthday to Max and glad to hear about the news about your Dad. Are you looking forward to going back to work? It sounds like you are and glad everything is going well in your neck of the woods. Take care and enjoy your long weekend.

  13. Sunflowers fascinate me, and I love the seeds. Happy belated birthday to Max. I'm glad your father is back at home and I look forward to your regular blogging.

  14. Mr. Shife-- Hey! I will tell Max you said so. Yeah, I am glad about work and not glad at the same time. I love my job, but love not having to work too. Oh well.

    Thanks... I plan on enjoying it. ;-)

  15. AlenCG-- They do me too. I also love the seeds. I will pass on your words to Max, who will appreciate them. Thanks, AlienCG, I look forward to getting back into it.

  16. Late happy birthday to Max. He sounds like such a great guy. As does Mr Overnight...all these great guys!!!

    BTW, isn't it interesting to see how many different views there are on sunflowers? Me, I dig 'em. They seem like something sort of magical to me.

  17. I love sunflowers - such amazing flowers.

  18. Laura b-- Yes, lots of great guys here. I'll tell Max.

    I love sunflowers! They fascinate me with their size variations, shapes, geometrics... all of it.

  19. Secret agent woman-- Yes. You know you can look at them and see the way patterns repeat in nature. I love the way their seeds are all packed in there and make a dome shape. I'd dry one and hang it on my wall if I had one. I think that would be interesting to look at.

  20. I love eating sunflower seeds, but I don't grow sunflowers cause I don't know how to get them out of the shells (other than putting the seeds in your mouth and spitting out the shells).

    I guess maybe I should think about just eating them like that again. It would keep me from eating as many, maybe. Sort of diet food, sort of.

  21. I see these things and I think of the killer sunflowers from "Ringworld". They are also very tall and imposing. A little bit Triffidy.

  22. Mr. Overnight, ha ha ha, go team, rah rah rah.

    I hope that I get to meet him when I bring your bed aid to you. And you can treat me to a pounder at the beer church also.

    I guess they don't grow many sun flowers around here, maybe the climate isn't warm enough for them or something.

    Back to work tomorrow hey? Damn, work is a four letter word. Not that I didn't like most jobs I had over the years, and if I didn't like one I just quit it and moved on to the next one.

    In my trade and with my specialty skills there was always work for me.

    Nice that things are cheery for you again.

  23. laughingattheslut-- I do love sunflower seeds. I even like spitting the shells out. There is something fun about that. Maybe childhood calling and my fascination with baseball being all tied into it. I don't know. But they are good for you. Nuts give us essential amino acids that are good for brain development and brain food.

  24. damrks-- Hahaha... I had not thought of that! So right you are about the Ringworld connection.

    I am finding the responses to sunflowers very interesting. They seem to be like coke a cola... you either like it or you don't and go for pepsi. I had no idea that they could seem so ominous to people. I always thought they were magical. Ha!

  25. BBC-- Yes, no doubt you will meet him and a bevy of my boy-os too. There is great curiosity about you. Not to worry. We will have a good visit and a fun time. The boy-os are good and funny fellows.

    We will go to beer church and have a pounder. It's full of my minions, but you will get used to that quickly. Everyone here knows me.
    A friend's son called this "happy town" because of how many folk here wave at me.
    Most days I like it. Fights do sometimes break out at our beer church. Think of it as a floor show.

    My job I love. It's a good one... one of the few good ones in town.

    Yes... I am glad that things are going so well. It feels good. Right. Thanks!

  26. BBC-- It's very nice of you to bring the bed. I haven't owned a real bed in a long, long time. You are very generous.

  27. Leave it to dmarks to bring up Triffids. That is precisely why I'm creeped out by huge flowers.

  28. I guess all that scifi growing up really did warp my brain.