Wednesday, September 16, 2009

David Lindley (Mercury Blues)

In light of my car troubles... this song seemed to be just perfect.

I was so excited after the concert last night that I could not calm down. SLEEP? Who needs sleep?

BBC is here. He has seen the town... that took about half an hour. He gave me the bed frame... very cool beans. It has some scratches but nothing that I cannot buff out with some good oil. A little elbow grease will do the trick. Then I have to find a mattress somewhere. I'll take a photo and share it when I get that together.

He got a nice camp site on the river in our marine park. Tomorrow he's going to work on my car. We took a brief trip across the river to the Napa car parts place and picked up some spark plugs. We'll meet for coffee in the morning and trade vehicles. He'll work on mine while I go to work.

Cross your fingers that its something he can fix. Otherwise... I am ship out of luck.

Here is one more video. This one of Ry Cooder's has lots of connections for me. Larry is from Santa Cruz. That's where we had our beach house when I was a kid. Its also where I got mono, trench mouth and hepatitis all at the same time!

And well... let's face it, I am currently a woman lusting after a nice running car! So here's a car song by Ry Cooder too.

From "Ry Cooder & The Moula Banda Rhythm Aces: Let's Have A Ball", a film by Les Blank taped at The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA on March 25'th 1987.

This gem is of the two of them together... and it is divine.

David Lindely and Ry Cooder - play very nice

Enjoy your day!


  1. A working vehicle is a must. Hope you have yours soon!

  2. Hmmm, does anyone know who the patron saint of auto repairs is? I do hope your poor, ailing car is OK after the work is done.

  3. I have to catch up on all this music people are posting. I love that - mono, trench mouth and hepatitis all at the same time. It's so horrible it's funny.

  4. secret agent woman-- It really is. Especially out here in Dumb Potter's Hell where we have no doctor, pharmacy or Starbucks!

  5. AlienCG-- Thank you. I'm sure there is one... I'll have to look that up. I can use a bit of extra help from above on this.

    I'm hoping that BBC knows what he is doing. But he seems to. We've been having a very nice visit.

  6. NoRegrets-- I'm glad you laughed. It makes me laugh too. I have learned to appreciate the universe's sense of humor.

    I tried to ignor that I had all that because my dad was going to teach me how to drive. But when I couldn't swollow and choked on my escargot he knew something serious was up. Anything with that much butter on it should have slid down no problem. Bye-bye license. It took me two years to talk him into it again.

  7. Ry Cooder! I haven't listened to anything by him in years. Cool. Thanks for triggering my memory banks!

  8. I hope your car is easily fixed. Car problems stress me out because I have no mechanical skillz whatsoever.

  9. Suldog-- Gald to do so. Ry was a big chunk of my entertainment in the way back. Fun guy to see in person.

  10. Churlita-- Me too! I feel so totally helpless when I look at the engine. Its one of life's big ugly mysteries to me.

    I'm mighty grateful for BBC's help. Nice bonus that he didn't turn out to be a serial killer too. Ha!

  11. i love the mercury blues.

    james cotton's rocket 88 might my favorite. 455 rocket also comes to mind.

  12. Sending fixed car vibes your way :-)

  13. billy pilgrim-- Great choices! No one plays a harmonica like James Cotton. I've had the pleasure of seeing him perform with at least three groups, but never with his own blues band. :-(

    As for Kathy Mattea, I love the line "Even the cop asked me "Man what'd you have in that thing?" Thanks for bringing these two up.
    This makes my day.

  14. You post fun music, thanks!

    I am sending good car thoughts your way. Me and my good thoughts...couldn't hurt though, right?

  15. laura b.-- Thanks! I love good thoughts! I do think that they matter. The more positive push we can get on the problem, the better.

    Glad you like the tunes... check out the ones billy pilgrim added too. Very worth your time. I may use them tomorrow... depending on what happens with my little "fire cracker". Its only a 4-banger, so you can hardly call it a rocket. ;-)

  16. wow! I sure hope spark plugs and elbow grease will do it. a running car and groovy tunes make the world go 'round. :-)

  17. Speaking of cars, I love this song on the GTO.

    You should totally go out and steal an old school muscle car. All you need is a hanger, etc, etc... you get my drift :)

  18. fingers crossed that bbc can get your car going as it should.

    hopefully you wont have to "push my car" by the weather heads

    and he can prevent yo ufrom having to endure "auto service hell" by eric "two scoops" moore