Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This was the best concert that I have been to in forever. They sound as good in person as they do on recordings. I chose this video so that you could see them perform as they are. I'll have another for you at the end. Both of these songs were performed.

Max and Blu and I went. We did my usual deal... got a map quest that sent us the wrong way and got lost. (You know the drill by now.) But we did at least make it in time.

But we found our way at last and got parked close enough for comfort. None of us have been to this theater. The set up was great. The bar and over 21 section was upstairs in the balcony. The general area was the lower floor... no seats at that level. Max forgot his ID, so he was banned from the bar and restricted to the lower level.

Blu and I were naturally sympathetic and looked down on him from the balcony as I drank my dark beer and she drank her mai tai. Don't worry... I was the driver, so I was limited to one beer. Once our drinks were done, we headed back down to Max... and could not find him.

I've no idea what the name of the first act was. I missed that part. They were okay. Interesting. They were followed by a great raggae group called Hepcat. See them here:

They were a lot of fun!

Then it was time for Flogging Molly. I was about half way to the stage.As soon as they began to play... the crowd surged forward and I got swept into the mosh area. I am not a mosh person. I was totally separated from Blu and moving toward the stage. About that time I start to see people being flung aside. Max scooped me up and hauled me back to the safe place by Blu. He mussed up my hair and then vanished back into the mosh area. I should have known that's where he would be.

The music was great. People moved like the ocean... swaying and bobbing, cresting and crashing. Very exciting and fun for me. They encourage, even demand that you sing along and dance. So I did.

As usual, when it was time to go home I found my way easily. No more getting lost for the night. I had a wonderful time.

Pictures of Flogging Molly with the song Tobacco Island.

It was a great evening. I had a blast. It's late and I need to get some sleep so that I can make sane choices at work tomorrow. Sweet dreams to all.


  1. aside from the near moshing it sounds like a great time!

  2. lime-- Yes, I had a great time... even the rather swift trip to moshland. Actually Max loved that part... the only thing better than moshing is moshing to the rescue. Ha. Extra attitude.

    It really was a superior show.

    As for getting lost... we have fun with that too. ;-)

  3. there's just something about irish music that makes me smile.

    i've heard it's better to have moshed and lost than to have never moshed at all. i might have that backwards.

  4. haha! I'm so glad to hear that you had Max on hand to rescue you from the mosh pit. Sounds like a wonderful night!

  5. Sound like it was a good night of music. I have heard Flogging Molly, thanks to you, and I quite like them. Good to hear you weren't moshed up too much.

  6. Yay on the best show ever! I knew they would not disappoint!

  7. Man, I'd love to see them. I don't know that they've ever come around here though.

  8. billy pilgrim-- I was grinning like an idiot all night. I know what you mean.

    Well as silly as it sounds, I sort of enjoyed the moshing. I think I get it now. But it could have been scary too. Maybe that's part of the fun.

  9. laura b.-- Yes! I am so happy that I got to go. I can hardly wait for The Pogues next month. Its in the same theater... so Max will have his ID and I can sit in the balcony seats.

    Yeah... like they will keep me in a seat for long.
    tee hee

  10. AlienCG-- I'm so glad that you enjoy them! We can both thank C4C for them. She was their original fan, as I have billy pilgrim to thank for The Pogues. But I suppose... it all comes back to The Dropkick Murphys, whom I horde to myself and do not share often.

  11. Churlita-- You would so enjoy them! Check them outon line for a schedule. You have a college town and they certainly hit college areas. You never know.

  12. I remeber I did tell you about them - I love them, but have never seen them. I've seen Dropkick and Bouncing Souls, but never Flogging Molly. I am glad that you love them and have shared the with so many! Way to go you wonderful Ananda, you!

  13. So great to hear you had a good time! this is a band I'm not familiar with but need to be, I'm going to listen to their music on youtube. I know my sis likes them, I just never got around to listening to them.