Monday, September 28, 2009

Buddy and Barney walked with us this weekend, so did C...
Larry's grandson.

C has an apple and they want bites. :-)

We walked down to the gravel quarry again. This time I remembered my camera.

This looks like rock, but is actually a gravel pile that has become semi solid over time. Reminds me of Close Encounters.

Looking down into the quarry. Sometimes the bottom is flooded with water.

Larry and I saw these guys coming home from breakfast out.

A Push-Me Pull-You?

Enlarge these for better detail.
Not the greatest photos. Shooting toward the sun at things in the shade.


I got so excited...

Larry indulged me and pulled over. It was a no parking area... but I had to get a photo and some nice people let us park in their driveway.

I had a great weekend.

I always do at Larry's.

Next weekend we are going to a place with big scale trains that you can ride around on. Ought to be some fun photos there too.

An easy and contented weekend for the most part. I did manage to get my car washed and vacuumed out... the dash and doors,etc. clean. That was nice. Larry gave me a deal for a free car wash with the works. Sweet.

There was one bummer moment. Larry and I went in his truck with a trailer to pick up a fridge I got off of "Freecycle".

( You ought to look and see if they have one in your area... you get things for free from folk who do not want money, just want things to go to good use. Very cool beans. BBC told me about them.)

Unfortunately we went into the building and left the hand truck we brought along in the trailer... and some creep took it. Larry came back out to get it 5 minutes after we went in and it was gone. That was upsetting. I hate it when people are jerks. Otherwise it would have been absolutely perfect.

I hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed doing something great. What was it?


  1. Well... now that I have counted the ones in the photo... there are only 4 in the picture, but I swear there were 5. One is off to the side of the tree at the edge of the photo. Bad photographer!!!

  2. There... the last photo has all 5 elk. Phew! I was starting to worry that I couldn't count to 5.

  3. Oh it just gets worse... there are 5 in both group photos. I was looking at the enlarged image and the screen was cutting the last one out... but it was there when I scooted the marker over. Oh bother!

  4. Four elks, five elks, whatever. You got to see them.

    I spent Saturday at the Halloween Party decorating committee, which almost turns into a party itself. I suppose that is the reason that they continue with it, while I would probably just have really organized shopping at clearance sales the year before.

    Interesting that I am usually one of the more artistic ones, and I probably got the least bit of decorating done.

  5. I love old quarries - strangely alluring, it is the desolate feeling that I love. Just moved from a town with an old quarry with incredibly eary old buildings/warehouses that I failed to photo before I left!

  6. The elk I see are in the forest, not behind fences. I just had a good camping trip and spent two nights in the park but there were just deer wandering through the campground. Posted about it this morning.

    Losing a hand truck really sucks, mine is a pretty good one and I would hate to lose it to some low down crook. But I think it's going to keep getting worse so keep everything locked up.

    A few years ago some asshole even took a hatchet I had left by the campfire when I went to bed. If I catch anyone wandering through my campsite in the middle of the night he'll find a gun pointed at him, I'm tired of crap like that.

    Anyway, getting ready for my next outing this coming weekend. I can't fix the world but at least I can go camping.

    Buddy really wants a doggy goody.

  7. Dogs are so good at guilt-tripping people into forking over snacks. Who can resist those big doggy eyes?

    Your weekend sounds like fun. Let me tell you, I would've been satisfied with four elk. Really. Five was a bonus :-)

    Freecycle sounds like a good deal. Too bad some some jerk decided to help himself to the hand cart. How in the world do you wrestle the fridge into the trailer?

    My weekend was uneventful in comparison to yours. Just family time, poolside, Mr. Cube smoked a brisket with beer mop sauce on Sunday, watched my Bucs channel the loser Bucs of the 1990's and play a game that was painful to watch. Those are the highlights...


  8. One of the things on my list of things to do before I kick da bucket is to spend a night or two camping in one of the local quarries.

  9. I am the local freecycle queen! I love it. But I hate when people are jerks and, for example, don't take all the shutters I had even though they said they would. Pain in my beeeehind.
    sounds like a great weekend.

  10. It sucks that some jerkass would steal a hand truck. I had a relatively quiet weekend. I went to mom's for dinner yesterday and then came home to watch the Bengals beat the Steelers. I had a quiet day at home on Saturday and that's about it.

  11. laughing-- Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love that it's all about getting goodies with no guilt (as in at Christmas, you really should pay attention to the reason.) and just plain having a great time.

    I like making costumes and am not a big fan of store bought. Kind of like cheating to me... but these days, who has time anymore. Not like when we were little and most moms were at home all day.

    That sounds fun to me. You are so creative! I enjoy hearing about your projects very much.

  12. Mo-- OH... a "would have, could have, should have" moment! Perhaps you can sneak back and snap a few eventually.

    I too like the strange feeling of something abandoned about quarries. But they also remind me of the dinorsaur wall in Utah with the fossils embedded in the rock. Like maps of what the earth was up to there over time.

  13. BBC-- These elk are entrapped in fences at an elk farm. I should have mentioned that. Usually they are way far on the other side of the farm away from people and you have to pay to go see them... or worse yet, pay to have them butchered and wrapped up.

    I don't like to think about that part. I love elk meat, but I like the idea that someone had to really work at getting the elk... that it had some sort of chance to avoid that fate. They are so much more noble than cattle.

    Crooks always suck... I don't care if it is expensive or a cheap item... I feel let down in my trust of humanity. I know... dumb.

    Yes, Buddy loves a nibble. Everyone shares with that ernest face. :-)

  14. That sucks about the theft.

    I'm envious of the rest of your weekend though. It sounds like you and Larry have really found your relationship groove. Nice.

  15. Cube-- Yes, dogs are superior beggers! I cannot resisit that one blue and one brown eye, ever. I am a sucker for Buddy. He is happy about that.

    Well, you can see that it was an elk farm, so the number is not that special really... just amazing to me to see so many in a spot where I could safely look at them up close.

    There is the irony of the loss... they had a hand truck that we could use there, so we used it. We did not even need to bring that one. Heavy sigh. So much for the boy scout thing.

    Your weekend sounds pretty perfect to me. Except for the losing team part. As you know, the Red Sox did that for me too. At least your Yankees won. I love quiet weekends. That's why I love it at Larry's. Nice, quiet, family weekends. Good stuffs!

  16. Pamela-- I am just getting into it... Freecycle rocks! Its such a great idea to keep clutter from building up. I don't know how many piles of this and that I've amassed and kept because it would be a shame to just toss it... and now someone else can put it to use and it's not wasted and not taking up space in my tiny world. :-)

    But you are right, it really does suck when someone says they will come to get something and don't.

  17. Wish my weekend was as delightful as yours. I drank too much, while on the tail end of flu/cold, and ralphed in the shower. No, I won't be writing about it :-)

  18. Churlita-- You had a great weekend too. I was glad to read about it.

    Yes, it's like I've known Larry forever. I just slid into a very comfortable place that has made the rest of my world so much brighter.

  19. Suldog-- Ah... you use my personal favorite flu and cold remedy... alcohol. Brandy is my medicine. Burn that sucker out! Of course one can go overboard.

    Weeeee... ooops! :-0

    Feel better, my friend... please!

  20. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. You and Larry are just enjoying life!

    I am just like you about "stuff"...I tend to assume everything will be fine and when something goes wrong I am really shocked and hurt by it.

  21. laura b.-- It shocks the hell out of me and yes, it does hurt. That is exactly right.

    Yes, we are having a great time. Life is good.

  22. ananda - i had a quiet weekend and went to a church reunion on sunday. the church went belly up about a year ago, and most folks had already left. it was ever so nice to see old friends.

    as for freecycle, i just drag stuff up to the top of our driveway and people take it. free and easy. i might be missing out on some spare change - but i get the crap out fast (sorta like suldog in the shower;-) )

    i am so glad you and larry are calm and happy together.

  23. Elks! and the quarry looks awesome.

    Those dogs are funny, they like apples??! Rambo (my dog) only wants meat and cheese.

  24. Crazy4Coens-- I can see how that would work for you.

    That sounds like a wonderful weekend. It is good to see old friends.

    About Larry... me too toots!

  25. Sebastien-- Rambo is like my dog. Zito would catch that bit of apple and tooie it right out and then look at you with eyes that said you had tried to poison him. But yes, they eat apple bits.

    The quarry is awesome. We go there every weekend.

    I like to look at Elk. They have soulful eyes but are more intellectual than cows.

  26. That's the dog from The Road Warrior.

    I think they're called Australian cattle dogs...something like that, but I do know one interesting fact: They're amongst the most intelligent of breeds.

  27. Haha, that's exactly what Rambo does! He acts like he wants your fruit, then when you give it to him he acts like you are a villainous creature :)

  28. I was wondering what kind of dog that was. Cool to know, I think he looks beautiful.