Wednesday, September 2, 2009



I like this bass pond photo. I like all of them, but this one has a fun little sparkle of color in the top of the trees there. See it? Must be some optical illusion made through the magic of digital photography.

Not the best part to fish. But you can see frogs here and tadpoles. I like that. You can't tell now but there are water irises here in yellow and bright brilliant purple that makes your eyes hurt to look on them. I like that too.

You can fish here okay... right off the shore. I was able to have a little picnic here on the shore. It's quiet and peaceful. Well ...until some idiot comes along with their bass turned way up and vibrates you out of the area.

I love the reflection in this one. Look at the way the water changes color there by the tree line in the reflection. Cool.

Things seem to be doing well for me. I am happy to report. I think I will poke my head in and see if there is work news to consider before my return tomorrow.

Hard to believe that another summer is over. But that is the way that it goes. I have a whole summer off... I have no right at all to complain!

I have been blessed... and good things have happened as well as some less good. The wheel is turning the way it always does. As Stephen King says... There will be water if Ka wills it.

Right now it looks like there is plenty of water. Things with Mr. Overnight are really great. I've got stuff coming up to look forward to ... Flogging Molly, The Pogues, a new school year full of happy faces, a visit from a friend, and this long weekend with Mr. Overnight is just a day away. Very cool beans! So much to be thankful for... and so I am. I wish no less for the rest of you.

Okay... I am happy as a clam. I feel like laughing and sharing that feeling with everyone else... so for other Dane Cook fans, like Michael (and myself) and the rest of you... I hope or to those who have never heard a Dane Cook comic rant... get ready to laugh. He is a seriously demented man. You gotta love him.

Please start your day with a laugh and a smile. Life is full of nut cases like this man. Embrace them. Enjoy them. Be glad you did. Laughing is so sweet.

Hey those of you who have had to work non-stop all summer while those of us lazed off... we are back. Summer has come to an end.

Next year, baby. Until then... I'm looking forward to this long weekend... Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring break with that trip to Germany to visit Big John... and next year's summer. It comes around fast.

I can't help but wonder where I will be then? Mr. Overnight has his place up for sale... there will be relocation closer to me. How cool is that? Maybe I'll be here in this pit of a park, maybe not. What is meant to be will be. What isn't is not worth worrying about.

Whatever, it is promising to be an interesting year. Some unknowns are fun. It all depends on how you look at it. Nice to look forward for a change.

How is your year looking to you? Where do you want to go this year? For that matter... when does your year begin and end? Mine has this school connection that defines it. But yours may not. Please... tell us things!
Anything you wish... the forum is yours.

What about a song that may disturb you depending on your taste. Not everyone likes Journey. I do like this one. Go figure. "Wheel in the sky keeps on turning... I don't know where I'll be tomorrow..."

"Ooh I don't know where I'll be tomorrow..."

Journey - Wheel In The Sky - A fantastic rock song by Journey

I do not own any of this soundtrack. This is copyright to Journey.


  1. Glad life is going well for you...well, except for your summer coming to an abrupt end. Of course, I'm one of those people who had to work all summer so I can only spare a tiny bit of empathy for you. Ha!

    Since you asked, personally the next year means I will be an aunt again. Both my baby sister (first child) and my brother (second child) are expecting so that has added much excitement to all of our lives. The whole family is elated about the news.

    Gees, that reminds me of the jokes about the Whole family. Some cheesy jokes live on and on in our brains, eh?

  2. First, I love that you have both bass (the fish) and bass (the instrument or tonal range) in the same post. Being a bass player, I have always wanted to read a post that combined both, so now I can die a happy man.

    More importantly, though: When does my year begin and end? My year begins with the first pitch of spring training. It ends with the last out of the World Series. Everything in-between (except for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and - Leap Years only - my wedding anniversary) is just so much filler. Well, except for a few Celtics games, and maybe the Super Bowl if the Patriots are in it. Thank you for asking. I now realize my life is a sham built around other people's accomplishments. If you need me, I'll be hanging myself.

  3. Nice post and pictures.

    Eat your hearts out folks, I know Mr. Overnighter's name, he he he.

  4. Cube-- That's wonderful! I love babies. I think they bring luck.

    I'm not expecting much sympathy after being off all summer long. Hahaha Thanks.

  5. Suldog-- Ha. Glad you like my basses. It's such a fun word.

    I should have guessed yours would begin with that first pitch. I'm sorry about the rest of it being a sham though... which I don't believe for a second. After all you're the guy who introduced me to the wild world of dildos! (It's in a post.)

    Just wait until after the baseball season ends to end it all!

    Besides... I need you for reading and laughing out loud material. We'd miss that velvety voice! You'll just have to stick it out.

  6. BBC-- Thanks. So if you're retired does your year begin and end on New Years? Or is there something that happens every year that you wait for?

  7. Most holidays bother me anymore and my birthday isn't any big thing to me anymore. I guess the one thing I really look forward to each year is the Kinetics festival the first week-end every October.

    Other than that I just mostly live day to day and my camping trips. And once in a while I go meet a fellow blogger, that's always interesting.

  8. Back in the days when Yahoo Messenger and ICQ was big there would at times be 'conventions' where they would go to meet each other in person. Never was one very close to me so I never made it to one.

    But met some of those folks when I was trucking if I went through their town.

  9. BBC-- My dad sort of has that same philosophy about birthdays and holidays.

    Your Kinetics Festival sounds fun. I like stuff like that. Brain food.

    When I was little I remember thinking it was great that my dad got to go all over and see so many places in the truck while making deliveries or picking up supplies. He often took me along. (Of course that was because he was so good looking and my mom didn't want other women to miss that he was a married man with obligations. I was a kind of warning label. ) You do meet a lot of interesting people that way and get to see things. Of course now you can do that without a job hanging on to your schedule. Cool beans!

  10. BBC-- I also remember him taking my chin in his hand and asking me if I could hold off asking questions long enough for him to figure out which exit we needed. I silently racked up about 30 more as he did this... and launched right back in. When we got home and my mom asked how the trip was, he rolled his eyes and said "Exhausting1" and they both had a good laugh. Maybe I also had to go to give my mom a break. :-)

  11. OK, I found Mo. Great! Thanks.
    Glad things are going so well. Wish I were seeing the Pogues.
    I would like a new life in SF. We'll see if it happens. I'll just keep trying.
    My year seems to follow the school year. But things get going in October and don't slow down until March. Whew.

  12. Pamela-- Yes Mo is hilarious! I love his non fiction. He's very good at it.

    Oh I will keep good thoughts for you in SF... I too adore it there, though it's been years and years. Keep trying if that is what you want.

  13. Your year is looking amazing. I can't wait to hear what happens next.

  14. Churlita-- Thanks. I am looking forward to it these days. I find myself thinking what the hell took me so long to get it in my head that I deserved a better life? Better??? Heck... a life period!

    I am hoping that it stays this way a good long while... getting out, doing things again, good friends, good company and lots of smiles.

  15. It is such a pure pleasure to see your happiness and all that you have to look forward to!
    Like you, I find that my year is very school year oriented, which comes from having kids and working with kids. I am hopeful about the year to come, in many ways. No reason it can't be a great one.

  16. laura b.-- I agree! Its as good a year as we make it. Yes, I am happy. Funny how shaking off old unhealthy habits can free you. I'm not looking for happily ever after yet, but I am glad to be having a good time and celebrating having options. Life is good if you make it so.

    Here's to our new year laura b.!

  17. I work through the summer but I keep a lighter schedule. It makes it feel more summery.

  18. secret agent woman-- I think that's a great idea. In the summer time its easy to load too much on when the days are so long. That gives you time for fun with family or treating yourself. Yay! to that!

  19. Keep the good mojo flowing, AG. Send some this way, too. I hope everything keeps moving along in this great way.

  20. AlienCG--Thanks my friend! I shall direct it your way for sure. We must keep our positive attitudes in motion. Big grins.

  21. When you take an allergy test, if you test positive, the little bump you get is called a "weal". When we learned this in pharmacy school, my buddy Kurt started whistling that song "Wheel In The Sky", causing me to nearly fall out of my chair laughing.

  22. Michael-- Now that made me laugh good and loud.

    BTW... thanks for turning me on to Dane Cook. I'm having a ball listening to him. Funny man.