Tuesday, September 29, 2009


The first sign of fall for me is often the fall produce. Yes, I know that the squash show up in summer. But it's what we do with them that makes this a fall photo.

Wonderful soups and stews are calling to me as the mornings take on a chill. Not to mention "roast beast" made with lots of veggies to flavor the gravy. Yum.

The evenings require a blanket once more. The fan is hard to give up because I love the "white" sound of it whirring in the night.

Now that the school year has begun again, I am back to my early morning walking... you saw my summer sun rises. This is what a fall sun rise looks like as I head home from my walk.

Fall is my favorite time of year. Probably because I am a fall baby myself. Birthday time is always magical. Mine doesn't arrive until mid-November. (I couldn't be more of a Scorpio if I tried.)

I do not care for the changes in my schedule this year. Let's just say they suck and let it go at that. But it's okay. I need a job and am glad to have one in these times. While I am not in love with my job this year, that gives me some release from being so passionate about it that I am over-focused. Now I can walk out the door and leave it behind me. Even sucking has a silver lining. ;-)

Other sure signs of fall here in Dumb Potter's Hell include the smells on the wind of wood smoke and rain on forest soil. Hoodies, hoodies everywhere. As Mr. Shife pointed out on his blog, the long pants have been pulled out of the closet and put to use again. Soccer teams on the fields. Girls Volleyball games. Back to School Night or Open House. School buses holding up traffic and drivers cursing them. All signs of Fall.

It can't be long before this guy starts roaming the streets either.

Yikes! I am not looking forward to that. Driving to Larry's for the weekend may take on an ominus feel... will it snow while I am there and will I get stuck? His home is at a higher elevation than mine and they get good snow falls. Will I be snowed in at my home and unable to get out? Or maybe Larry will have to drive his truck over and rescue me. Or will that be worth the bother?

But that's a winter thing. We may get a bit of snow here around Thanksgiving, but only a few inches. More like the powdered sugar on your french toast than snowfall. I'm not going to stress over possible trouble yet.

Instead I think I'll focus on the things that I love most about Fall. Long hot baths. Warm cozy fires. Hot mulled cider. The smell of gingerbread baking in the oven. Keeping a good book close at hand. Not to mention long mornings on weekends where you just don't feel the need to leave the flannel sheets until well into the day.

So do tell... what things say "FALL" in your neck of the woods? While you think about it, watch and listen to this almost haunting video.

"La Petite Fille de la Mer" by Vangelis


  1. If you are not talking about a ceiling fan, I think you should keep it. Turn it the other way or put it behind a box or something. Don't get rid of anything that helps you to sleep.

    There isn't much fall here. There isn't much anything here. It will just be very nice here for a while, except when it is raining, and then once in a while it will be cold or there will be ice on the ground and everything will just stop for a few days. Then it will rain a lot more and be spring. But here and now we don't have much in the way of beautiful red trees or anything like that, just pleasant temperatures. A high of eighty yesterday, I think. Not even time to wear a sweater yet.

    Well, not time for anyone else to wear a sweater yet. I tend to carry one around with me, just in case. I am very sensitive about things.

    I dug up some of the sweet potatoes Sunday. I could not leave them out to dry, as it is not very dry in the garden anyway, and the rabbits would have found them. So they will not keep long, and I should figure out what to do with them now.

  2. oooph ! hell lot of proofs of the fall. no need to give more, i feel fal is never gonna go by seeing this, lol, keep posting

  3. Fall has come to Cleveland very quickly. One day I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt, the next day I'm wearing jeans and a hoodie. We get plenty of snow here, including lake-effect snow. It only happens in four areas in the world.

  4. Laughing-- Where I came from was sort of that way. Mild temperatures in fall and winter. It was not unusual to have a sunny Christmas.

  5. spongebobsquarepantscoloringpages-- I do love your name!

    I tend to over do most things. I'm a tad bit obsessive.

  6. AlienCG-- Now I am hooked... what is lake-effect snow? Oh I hope you post about it! Sounds very special and different.

  7. We got a "cold" front over night and when I stepped outside this morning, the usual shot of summer vapor was absent. That's a clear sign of impending fall in Florida. By 11 am, it was only 74 degrees. We're still in shorts, but it is definitely cooler.

    I haven't lived with snow since 1968. It's not something I would like to revisit.

  8. i miss summer already. soon i'll be watching the gas and electricity meters spinning around and seeing money fly out the window.

    plus no more riding the bike in a t-shirt picking up empty beer tins.

  9. Cube-- That's the way it was in Hell... my previous location... a different sort of Hell so titled by Peggy. We "went" to the snow. It was a big deal. It did snow twice while I was growing up but did not stick for more than an hour.

  10. billy pilgrim-- Now that's exactly what I mean. Fall means different things to everyone.

    That's a problem that I have as well... watching that meter spin. This year I hope to be able to get some wood for my wood stove and keep that meter under control.

    I bet you miss the bike. Or do you just dress warmly?

  11. I dated a guy who lived in St Louis one Winter. It did suck trying to get there (5 hours) and back, but we made it work. I'm sure you guys will too.

  12. Churlita-- I asked Larry about that last night after I posted. He said he's never had any trouble getting around with his truck and can come get me if its a problem. :-) Yay!

    However, they do close the gorge sometimes in the winter. Once for 5 days straight, 25 miles out on either side of us. I suppose I'll live if that happens. But I'll be mighty crabby. Ha.

  13. I kept imagining I smelled roast beef cooking the whole time I was reading your post :-)

    Is Larry still thinking about moving closer?

    I seem to find things to complain about in all sorts of weather, but I really do prefer warmth. Right now it is still quite warm here. That is normal here and sometimes lasts through most of October. You know! So when I think of "Fall" it is mostly about the holidays...Halloween and Thanksgiving.

  14. I like summer best, got our first frost here this morning, guess I'll pick those three green tomatoes, or put the plant in a pot and move it inside?

    Icy roads don't bother me, grew up on them and have had an 18 wheeler all over the states on icy roads and not gotten in trouble. I don't even bother to buy snow tires.

    But I do carry some chains for the truck, had to use some last christmas to get out of a campground with 15 inches of snow in it.

    The nice thing about fall is turkey, pass the breast !!!!

  15. laura b.-- Yes, Larry would like to move closer but must sell his place first... its a waiting game. Such is life.

  16. BBC-- I do very well in town in my little clown car with its chains. Its freeway traffic where the 4WDs that think they are magically safer and do not see me that scare the tar out of me. I'm a little car that will crumple like paper if hit by an idiot who thinks that 4-wheel drive guarantees traction at excessive speeds for the road conditions.

    I agree, turket rules the roost. I make at least one a month in the winter and buy when they are on sale cheap at holiday time.

  17. I feel so conflicted about winter. On the one hand I love it because it has a magical feeling, especially when it snows at night and you are out walking in a peaceful area. On the other hand, it is soooo cold, and gray a lot of the time. But living in Phoenix, I can say that I enjoy our winters, but do miss the midwest snow and change of seasons.

    Things that make think of fall: wind, colored leaves all over the ground, vampires. Ummm, my mind is kind of blank actually. I do get depressed knowing that the days get shorter, that's one thing about fall that strikes me, less light.