Wednesday, September 9, 2009


This has nothing to do with anything.
I thought it was cute.

Here's the deal. For some reason while I am having a nice lovely time, those that I care about are NOT.

Larry had an accident and hurt his back. Yikes.
He's in pain.
He goes to see the doc tomorrow. Your back, like your feet can make your life a misery when they hurt. I'm no help at all there... all I can do is pester him on the phone at this point or on the computer. Waiting for the weekend to be helpful. Crap. The distance makes it difficult. My car is not well. Double crap. Otherwise I'd be there spoiling him and getting up ultra early to make the drive to my town to work. Poor guy.

I am concerned too for crazy4coens. Her computer is on the fritz and she cannot post or do much response. She has other things going on in her life right now that are unhappy. She is missing the support and fellowship with her blogger buddies. She asked me to make sure that you know that she is not absent, only unable to communicate at the moment. She is still following your blogs. She will return when she can. Until then, generally speaking, prayers or good positive thoughts would be a big help. She is such a wonderful person and a great huge part of my life... my safety net and sanity, my protector. Everyone should have the gift of such a friend. I know that I am blessed to have her.

On the work front... today was the first day of actual school at my school. It was oddly quiet and lonely for me without the high school kids. Of course, my own high school kid... my senior made enough noise to fill the gap. He had to register up river today. I had to find a way to get him there, registered and back without screwing myself up at work.
Contrary to what my family has always thought, they do expect me to show up and work for the pay they give me.

Deals were made. I now owe my Thursday afternoon to the secretary after my usual hours end. A time exchange of sorts. She is great about stuff like that. So in the space of two hours, I made two trips up river and back to drive Squeaky and another student. He got all the classes he wanted and could not have a better senior year load. He even has off campus time that he can spend at Bear's house.

Speaking of Bear... her birthday is on the 12th. We were supposed to celebrate it with a BBQ tonight. Nope. Family stuff came up on his side. Bear will be 26 I think. (I was there, you'd think I could recall.) Yep... did the math. That is about the age where birthdays and holidays stop being as big a deal as they used to be. Your needs give way to the needs of those you love. Sorry Bear. We will celebrate soon. I will make it happen one way or another. All the way to the moon and back, baby!

Well, that's all for today folks. Sort of a rambling post of my concerns. I'm fine personally. Happy even, except that it is hard to be too glad when those I care about are not happy. I hope happiness finds you today in some small way that gives you a smile. Meanwhile I'll do what I can to bring one to those mentioned above. Grins!


  1. Glad to hear you're happy. Your name is Ananda, after all :)))

  2. All that does rather suck, except for the kids getting the classes they wanted.

    I wonder what the other high school students were supposed to do about that, as some of their parents will not have friendly co-workers to trade hours with.

  3. laughing-- You know that's an excellent point. What did the other parents have to do? Some of the kids drive, but not all of them.

    That is one good thing about my job at the school... I am off when the kids are off and do not have to worry about child care or anything else. That is hard on parents.

  4. Thanks for the happiness. sorry about Crazy. And Larry. Healing thoughts to both.

  5. Ooops, I think I commented on stuff from this post on your previous post. Like I said, I need a vacation to recover from the last vacation.

    Keep good thoughts in your head because stress will only age you. I keep telling myself that while I stress out about stuff I can't control *sigh*

  6. did moe poke larry in the eyes again and push him down the stairs?

  7. Pamela-- Thanks. Crazy and Larry will appreciate the good thoughts.

  8. Cube-- That's okay... I have been doing the same exact thing, my blog twin... trying to catch up and confusing myself. Ha.

    I have yet to figure out how to avoid stress.

  9. billy pilgrim-- You've no idea how close you are... though Larry swears that I'm the one who pushed him down the stairs, not Moe or Curly. Ha ha ha!

  10. Thanks for the happy thoughts. I hope all your people get better.

  11. Oh, a back injury is awful. I hope Larry feels better soon. Thank you so much for news about C4C. I was, in fact, wondering what had become of her. She is missed and I will be sending good thoughts to her.
    Glad you got your baby all set in school...let the games begin!

  12. Churlita-- You are welcome! Me too. Thanks.

  13. laura b.-- It is terrible, back pain.

    C4C will be so happy that you guys know. I didn't even know and had to poke her with a sharp stick to get a response. (joking) She will appreciate your good thoughts very much.

    Yes, the games are a foot!

  14. Secret agent woman-- I will pass that on to Larry and he will appreciate the sympathy. Thanks.

  15. I hope that Larry gets better soon, I had a screwed up back for years after messing it up in race cars and went to chiropractors for years.

    Then after trying to shove my leg up my butt with a motorcycle and turning my knee into a piece of crap I had to have it operated on and while I was rehabilitating it with an exorcise bike for hours a day I devised a exorcise program for my back and that problem went away also.

    I know that Larry isn't a fairy, just having some fun. :-) On the other hand, maybe I'm a fairy, he he he.

  16. I know that I've gotten to the point to where I don't give a crap anymore because the available women here are all members of THE INSANE CHICKS SOCIETY (TICS).

    So I just enjoy them the best I can and avoid close relationships with them. At least I've gotten wise enough to do that after being ran over so many times. :-)

  17. thank you for all the good thoughts - i am back on line and already feeling better!

    ananda, your kind words brought tears to my eyes - i have thought of you as my protector on our adventures - when the elevator got stuck in san francisco, for instance.

    tell larry that he needs to man up for the weekend ;) i am sorry, that was unkind --- i know how much back pain hurts---tell him i'm sorry for being so mean! (i still hope he mans up - for your sake ;);)

  18. Welcome back to work, what is not to love about four letter words? Like, well, work, ha ha ha.

  19. tell larry that he needs to man up for the weekend ;) i am sorry, that was unkind

    Not really, this is a dangerous planet and you have to be tough to survive here, especially considering the fact that we are always doing things that could get us dead anyway. Hell, I suppose I've spent at least half of my live teasing death with all the things I've done and the roads I've been down, not all of them paved.

    So Larry, cowboy up because when I get there next week we are going to see who can do the most push ups. I'm up to, well, four. :-)

  20. BBC-- Larry is going to live. They gave him pain pills. The nurse told him to stay off his feet and the doc told him to walk! I laughed at that.

    Turns out the nurse told him this over the phone. The doc told him to walk when he examined him. Makes more sense that way, but I think I like them being at odds better. Funny.

  21. C4C-- I am glad that you are back and feeling better.

    I do recall the elevator vividly... and still laugh at it. I'm sorry, I know you were feeling claustrophobic. But it was funny that the only thing wrong was that the door didn't open. I saved you by opening the door. ha ha ha... (

    It felt like a bigger deal at the time when I forced them open.) Too funny now though.

    You have always been there to save me.

    Hey! No Larry bashing!!! I don't even know if I will see him this weekend or not. Sheesh!

  22. All-- As you can see, Larry is feeling better. Pain pills are helping and he went to work.

    C4C as you can tell is back to her internet ways.

    My Bear had her b-day diner tonight and it was fab.

    All have appreciated the good wishes directed to them. Thanks guys... you are the best!

  23. Glad to hear Larry is feeling better and Bear had her birthday dinner. Now we just need to will your car back into shape and things should be all good.