Thursday, September 3, 2009

I have a student who took these two shots... these are from her show.

They look much better in person. I don't do them justice.

I wish that you could see them... she has such a wonderful eye and point of view.

She is only 15 years old. Amazing young woman.

This is the view I had from the room where my oldest was born.
What a nice place to enter the world.

It reminds me of Riverworld by the late Phillip Jose Farmer.

It is about a world created with the purpose of testing the morals of human society. It is populated with historical figures, including Alice... of Alice in Wonderland. (Yes there was a real Alice who was tutored by Lewis Carroll. The Alice stories concocted for her amusement.)
Sir Richard Burton, Alice Hargreaves, Samuel Clemens, King John of England, Tom Mix, Mozart, Jack London, Lothar von Richthofen and Hermann Göring and others.

These people awake, naked, hairless with a tube tied to one wrist containing what they need for immediate survival in a strange new world that seems to be only the banks of a long, long river. You can die in Riverworld, but will be resurrected in your original awakening point to begin anew. People meet, bonds are formed, groups gather. Some quest for the why. Others for explanation... ie; religion. Naturally wars begin... people are after all, only people.

Do they pass the moral test? How do they change and what lessons are learned? Interesting stuffs. Some of the books are better than others. What I enjoyed most about them is the history and insights to possible personailities of historical beings otherwise unknown to me.

Riverworld - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lovely sunset.

Two identical hot rods seen at the Shell station, side by side.

Mickey Mouse on a motorcycle...
I had to photograph him sitting there straddling that headlight. If you enlarge it... you will see a pony tail hanging from that right handlebar... the driver's right, not yours. That's the hair that used to be on this fellow below.

We had a very long conversation in this parking lot. His hair? Cut off so that he could qualify for his job as a carney at the fair across the river. Now I ask you... since when do carneys have a dress code?
Lovely man. Recently surprised by divorce... the money he spent on his bike was all he left marriage with... and soon after put a huge dent into the tank with his head... leaving him in a brain trauma sitation. Four years later he is still trying to piece together what caused his crash. Yet his damaged head can recall all sorts of Disney memorabilia. The brain is strange creature.

Sman again... my fish-man hero.
Here because my freezer died. Heck, my whole refridgerator bit the big one! My fish supply with it... (large sobbing sound here).

Sman to the rescue... with more steelhead fillets. I am smiling once more. Fat and happy full of fish.

So back to school in the morning. I bought stuff for my lunch. Often the PTO comes in to feed us our first of the year meal. But I hate to count on that and be hungry... then end up settling for food that isn't good for me because it is available. The fridge there works.
It will be safe if the PTO comes through again.

Time for bed. I can't belive that this day is here yet. Trying to wrap my head around it with little affect. I wonder if I will be able to sleep?

Had a meeting with StbX to hammer out final issues so that I can get the damn papers filed before my time on them runs out and I lose my hundreds... divorce is expensive. It's my "treat". I do that tomorrow too... because I am not giving up any of my weekend for anything.

Cross your fingers for me and wish me luck. Here we go....

Supertramp performing 'School' live


  1. Great post. I was huge into Riverworld back in junior high. I remember they had a real cool paddlewheeler steamboat in the books too.

    There was a movie of it on the Scifi channel once. It fell short of the mark.

    As for Mickey Mouse on the motorcycle.... well, you have heard that Disney bought Marvel, right? You are probably looking at a forerunner of the coming synergy at Disney/Marvel. That is, when they replace "Ghost Rider" with "Mouse Rider".

  2. Seems like he got the idea from someone else, like he was a translator or something. Can't remember what it was translated from.

    Anyway, I haven't read any of the books, only saw the SciFi movie. I was disappointed that they didn't make more movies or a series.

  3. dmarks-- Hahahaha... Mouse Rider! I had not heard that about Disney and Marvel. Not sure how I feel about that. It has been awhile since I really got into anything that Disney has done. I hope Marvel survives the transition without getting too flat.

    Yes, I've seen the Riverworld on Sci Fi and you are so right... it fell flat on its face. More like a long TV show episode that never really makes its point. That was a disappointment.

    The Alice character has always looked like crazy4coens in my head. My brain often assigns the faces of people I know to my book characters. The convict in Great Expectations looks like Yule Brenner. Funny brain.

    Have a terrific day dmarks! Thanks for the kind words.

  4. Wow, what a busy post for your last day of summer freedom. I'm impressed.

    I saw the SciFi (now SyFy) channel movie and I didn't like it much. I should've known the books would be better, they usually are.

  5. Good luck on the "Big D" if that's the right thing to say. It would not be good to lose any money these days, so take care of it.

    I like the first pictures you posted, very good eye on this girl's part. I like black and white photography.

    It seems like this years is going so quickly. I wish it would slow down a little bit.

  6. samson wouldn't make him get his hair cut.

    good luck on the divorce.

  7. laughing-- I kept waiting for more but it never happened. You would like the books. They were so much better.

  8. Cube-- I can't seem to help myself. I am like this in life too... chatty me! Ha. Mr.O told me that I can be "as goofy as I want". I thought... I'm goofy? Yeah... truth. I just get going on things and its hard to stop. Don't be impressed. I'm sure it's OCD.

    I do recommend the books.

  9. AlienCG-- Thanks. The divorce stuff is almost over except for what the court demands. Yay!

    She's great. She's going to do some work for me that I'll share when it's done.

    I agree... we're rolling like a freight train.

  10. billy pilgrim-- Sampson would understand if anyone would. He was a nice man. He's going back to college... I say good for him!

    Thanks for the good luck wishes. When I was a K things used to work for me like magic. I wonder if that will come back....Of course I was young and cute back then and that helps.

  11. I hope your first day back is great and that you get divorced and have that one less thing to worry about.

  12. Churlita-- Thanks. So far my day is great... I'm on break. I love my library. It's my dear old dusty friend.

    It would be nice to have one less worry. ;-)

  13. First day back at school! I hope it is continuing to go well. And I'm glad to hear the divorce is almost finalized. That will be a relief and it's been a long time coming.

  14. I've never heard of Riverworld, but I've watched Waterworld two times, cool movie.

    Testing the morals of human society. Ha ha ha, yeah, right.

    I like her chaos picture, if you click on it to get a bigger picture it's sort of interesting.

    I hitch hiked across the US four times one year, a carney picked me up in N.M. and took me all the way to Salt Lake City, he was headed to a gig in Ogden. Nice guy.

    I'z gots three fridges, small apartment size ones, but if one goes bad it's not the end of the world, I'll get by fine until one pops up on Yahoo Freecycle.

    I did buy a Freezer after moving here but it's small by most standards, big enough for me though.

  15. laura b.-- It was a great day at work. Everyone was happy to see each other. My air conditioner worked like a charm. Yay!

    Yes... I need to end it and be done with it!!!!

  16. BBC-- I liked the idea of webbed fingers and toes in that movie. I used to want those as a kid.

    That is a wonderful photo with the music sheets flying around.

    I figure I'll be watching Freecycle and Craig's list both. Something will come up. I have a friend who will let me put stuff in her big freezer chest.

    Right now I am officially on my long weekend and I don't care about anything until next week.
    I am going to enjoy myself. No worries allowed.

  17. I liked the idea of webbed fingers and toes in that movie.

    I liked how he was a survivor, the things he did to keep going on, I'm like that.

  18. BBC-- That's a good trait. You have to be inventive. You are like that.

  19. Funny kind of treat you have for yourself. Good luck with it. When I think about how much I spent for divorce, and couple's therapy before that, it makes me almost want to weep. But then again, I spent that much on all my doctor's appointments with getting on meds and balancing myself out. So, life goes on.

  20. NoRegrets-- "I took the long way home." to quote a song by Tom Waits... or Supertramp if you wish. Ha. It has taken me ten years of stupidity to get here.

    To me it is a treat. A way to celebrate being just ME again.

  21. NoRegrets-- No insult intended there. It sounds like you had a very rough time... my sincere sympathies. And the cost... heaven help us both!

  22. Hope school is going well!!!

    That poor guy, what a story. Mickey is the man, he will find a way to help him.