Tuesday, September 22, 2009


There he is... BBC in the flesh... sitting next to his 5th wheel. He arrived last Wednesday earlier in the day while I was at work. We met at the "beer church" closest to the school.

(Yes we have a bar next to our school here.)

Beers done, we went to my house and unloaded the very nice solid wood four poster bed frame and lifter that BBC brought to me. I'll post a photo of the bed and lifter once I get a mattress and get it all set up.

Up there BBC is showing me about the brake pads and how they can be more easily replaced with the type of wheels my car has, than just taking it all apart. One of the things that BBC did, was replace my brake pads in front.

Another stunning thing that he did was replace my front tires as well. That really blew me away. He said that because of a shimmy that my car had, my front tires were worn almost through on one side. I had no clue at all. I could have blown out going 75 on the freeway in a front wheel drive car. An easy to crush car. Yikes. Thank you BBC!

BBC was very patient with me. I asked him to explain things that I could do myself to maintain my car better. A lot of guys would have poo-pooed that. But he took me seriously, which I do appreciate and spent time telling me what I can do to make my car last as long as possible. He explained all of the repairs he made and told me what caused the problems.

He did not have the tools to do everything it needed. But he told me what to ask for and what I was looking at. He made adjustment to my clutch, which is wearing out and did what he could to tune it up. I'd say he did about 100% more than I imagined that he would do. I cannot say how grateful I am. He's a very generous man.

An interesting old curmudgeon too! I had a nice time visiting with BBC. We went to the local Eagles for a drink... I had a bloody mary in an ice tea glass. I did not know they made them so big. Ha.

The last day we visited I introduced him to a friend of mine. I had promised her that I would go into P'land to Sears with her. She sat and visited with us for a bit before we left and I said my good-bye to BBC and gave him a hug. I hated to run, but after Sears, Larry was waiting. The lure of Larry is strong... off I ran.

Actually it was not that easy. The trip to Sears was a frigging nightmare. She went for paint... I did not know this. It took some baby-faced joy-boy just out of knickers HOURS to mix the paint. I about had a nervous break down on the spot.

Larry was expecting me to leave Dumb Potter's Hell by 7:00 at the latest. I did not arrive until 11:15 and had Larry's daughter Carrie worried sick about me. Larry was asleep... she thought... but I had been texting him on my progress. I would not worry Larry. But I never thought that Carrie would be worried. Poor dear.

I arrived in one piece after several freeway delays and some foaming at the mouth, spitting at guys in orange vests and someone swearing viciously. Okay, I was practicing my pirate skills.

In the end you could say it served me right. I had a guest who had done much to help me out... but I rushed off for what? Oh yeah... lust... er... love! Both!

So BBC, thank you again from the bottom of my heart. You did me a wonderful kindness and it is appreciated. I am not sure how yet, but I will find a way to repay it.

I hope you are all functioning better than the twitterpated Miss Bliss. What a space case!


  1. BBC must be grandpas long lost brother... we should look it up! Does he drink "lawn mower" beer too? p.s. Michael loved the hair cut, thank you Mommy! To the moon!

  2. thebear-- You've got that right! They are two peas from the same pod.

    You look beautiful, Bear. Happy birthday! Glad "the man" liked it. Give that Turkey a squeeze for me. Oh and one for the Masked Wonder too.

    All the way to the moon and back!

  3. Lawn mower beer? Is it a light beer? Cuz I only drink light beer. Damn, I'm getting old, oh well, there's a lot of miles on me and not all those roads were paved, I've earned that wear and tear look.

    Hey, the car had a shimmy cuz the left front tire was worn through too the cord on the inside and just looking for a place to blow out, I was worried about just getting it to the tire shop in the next town over.

    My changing the toe in some should help keep the tires from wearing on the inside. Of course the frigging tire shop put your wheel bolts on too tight and I had a hell of a time removing them to replace the brakes the next day, I hate it when those sons a bitches do that.

    I don't care about being paid back, never kept track of how much I spent and it was just a few hundred bucks, I would have just pissed it away on booze and women, ha ha ha. Or a new tool, I love my tools.

    Do like in the movie, PAY IT FORWARD.

    Anyway it was nice meeting you, I enjoyed the trip and may do it again someday. But now I'm off and away for a few more days to do some painting for a lady. It's not everyday I get paid to go camping while screwing around doing a little painting.

    Here's to ya, *clink*

  4. Everybody should have a friend like BBC. It seems that the word "curmudgeon" has been thrown around quite a bit (I was called one). BBC seems like a really good guy, you're lucky to know him.

  5. BBC sounds like a hoot. Love the jaunty feather in his hat.

  6. Oh, I'll email you the pictures I took after I get them resized and such. And after I return from my painting/camping trip I'll start posting some of them on my blog.

    I got a great picture of one of the trains coming down the track just as it was getting dark, guess I shouldn't been standing on that narrow trestle to take it though, the son of a bitch almost ran over me, I got off it fast.

  7. Oh, just one more thought, the beer church isn't that close to the school. And the cafe next to it is a great place to eat, and the prices are reasonable, I enjoyed my breakfast so much that I personally complimented the cook, the one with the nice boobs. :-)

  8. BBC-- Cheers! I'll pay it forward. Promise.

  9. AlienCG-- You do not seem like a curmudgeon to me! I've been calling BBC one for awhile now. He likes the title. Yes... I am lucky and I know it.

  10. BBC-- I'm looking forward to the photos. Glad the train didn't get you. It killed someone I care about in the recent past. He was only 23 years old and one of the nicest people on earth. That is a hungry train.

    The road that goes down the side of the beer church parking lot is the road to the school... our gym is just above it by the motel. The road out front curves and makes it look farther away. They are actually right on top of each other. I can see the beer church easily from my library window.

  11. i guess beer isn't the fountain of youth after all.

  12. BBC sounds like a savior.

    Hey, I just wish I was lucky enough to have someone to get all twitterpated about.

  13. billy pilgrim-- LOL! Well, my dad is 83 and it sure hasn't helped him. Oh wait... he is 83. ;-)

  14. Churlita-- Yes, BBC was the best do-gooder I have ever met. I'd call him an angel, but he doesn't belive in them I don't think. I'll have to ask him.

    Oh my gosh, Larry is great. I wish everyone had thier version of Larry. I do not know how I got so lucky.

  15. Ananda, I'd write what you could get BBC (a tool) but he's reading the blog (a tool) and not sure you want him to know (a tool).

  16. Or, get him a date with the cook with the big boobs.

  17. Pamela-- Why whatever do you mean? hahahaha

    As for the cook with the big boobs... she's been married for years. I'm not sure if its happily or not.

  18. BBC is very photogenic, as well as handy with the tools!

    And when I called Alien a curmudgeon I meant it in a nice way :-D

  19. Now THAT is a face with some tales to tell! I see by his comments above that he likely would admit to a few. Maybe we'll all be privy to some in the future?

  20. laura b.-- Haha... it was funny, when I read that above I had not yet been to AlienCG's place... when I got there and saw it was you, I laughed because you are one of the nicest people and I knew you were jesting. ;-)

  21. Suldog-- Yes sir... I do believe that you are correct. I would not doubt that he would be willing at all.

  22. I think I need a beer and a chat with him and you....

  23. Braja-- You will always be welcome at my table. I would love to chat with you and you would find BBC interesting indeed.

  24. Ananda - I love the pictures!

    The one right above the finger picture is a wonderful portrait.

    I want to learn to take portraits, but getting that intimate with a camera and another person is kinda scary.

    You did good, kid!

    Thanks for sharing all the BBC info.