Sunday, August 9, 2009


This is a wonderful traditional Irish band called Athenrye... and this song happens to be a favorite of mine called The Fields of Athenry. Dropkick Murphys have the version I like best, but this is nice too.

This is what I found in my park this past
Saturday. They call themselves M.A.B.E.
I'm not sure what that stands for...
Medieval Armed Battle Exhibition?

I conned my friend into taking me down so
that I could take photos
. She's a lovely
retired school bus driver who has zero
interest in role playing adults. It took some

There was no parking... so I needed her to
keep her van running while I hopped out
and took some shots.
... then hopped back
for the escape.

I love this shot. Oh, the indignity of losing! Then it was back to the deli for mochas and time for me to head east to take care of Mikey.

All in all, my weekend was wonderful. Good things all around. Mikey was a hoot and a half. I stayed at the Bear's house. Cousins Angel and Jason were with me. Yes, it took all three of us to keep up with that boy.

I had a good laugh when I made a big pot of Chili Verdi. This is funny because I do not eat pork anymore. Jay recently gave up meat except for fish, like me. That left poor Angel to eat a giant pot of Chili Verdi. Oh well, Boo is coming over later... after the Big Horse closes where he works. I'll send halfof it home. He can eat it with Sookie for diner tomorrow. Bear and Michael don't eat pork anymore either. Pig farmers must be feeling it.

Today I'm off to the foot doc so she can verify that my feet have not become weird again.

I'm sure I'll get kicked loose. Yay! I have the meeting thing with StbX tomorrow and Boo wants

me to come for diner. That will be fun. Sookie is heavy into pranks these days. I'll have to

watch out. I think I get to sleep at home today. That will be nice. Visiting here is okay, but I

don't walk around in my nightgown here. I'd scare the cousins. Enough chit chat. :)

Here's a few more tunes if you are interested. They're a bit rebellious...
Athenrye - Go On Home
Athenrye - Sunday Morning

Do something fun today. Hey, what did you do this weekend?


  1. Reminds me of my childhood - we used to hold huge 20-a-side medieval battles in the woods. Swords, sheilds, bows, crossbows, quarterstaffs, even giant crossbows (parents didn't know about that one!)

  2. We had sword battles with anything we could get our hands on as kids, but we never dressed up. Back then, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, it wasn't like it is today with video recording devices everywhere. We just played.

    I didn't have an exciting weekend, just a quiet, relaxing one. Mr. Cube played golf and the girls and I used the pool intermittently.

    Funny you would mention chili because I made a pot on Sunday night. Don't tell crazy4coens, but I used ground beef.

  3. And all was going on swimmingly with the medieval fighters until the ninjas attacked. It took SWAT and the Nation Guard to sort out the mess.

    Great pictures, I want to see a medieval battle. Hell, I want to participate.

    I have "Fields of Athenrye," by Dropkick Murphys. The song before it is "The Dirty Glass," which is great. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Mo.stoneskin--Oh what wonderful battles those must have been! It sure makes a great picture in my head!

  5. cube-- Hey I was a kid even earlier... before they even had imaginations! Hee hee. Hanging out around the pool is divine.

    Okay... I won't tell crazy4, but I bet that was yummy!

  6. AlienCG-- Wouldn't that have been fun? I'm all for dressing up as adults and doing whatever makes your boat float.

    Thanks... it was fun to be right there seeing it in person.

    Yes, I do love Dirty Glass very much...Dulce, Dulce Darling Dear!

  7. I'll take a big pot of chili over this way, if you can't find anyone to finish it :-)

  8. Suldog! Becareful what you wish for... I once made a pot of chili that was so hot that after I cut it four different times with more beans, my dog still refused to ate anymore than the first bite... and he cried all night. ;)

  9. Oops... that's "my dog still EAT...not ATE anymore. Sheesh.

  10. Hiked this weekend, which was fun.

    I never quite got the whole role-playing thing. Not the medieval kind, not the Civil War re-enactors. It baffles me.

  11. secret agent woman-- I saw your hike... looked great.

    I guess it's like being a computer geek. Some are. Some aren't.

  12. i'd have gone with you. it looked like fun!

    good luck with the foot doc.

  13. lime-- thanks! They were having a great time.

    I am back from the foot doc and all is happy. Thanks for asking.

  14. Good call getting your friend to be your accomplice in getting those great shots. I will go ahead and embarrass myself and say it looks like lots of fun.

    Hey, you know how it is in a big family...that chili will get eaten :-)

    Thanks for all the good music!

  15. laura b.-- How right you are! There isn't an ort left in the pot!

    You would be amazed at the lengths I go to... in total doofus and dork fashion... to have fun. I say....Do not put that amusement in front of me if you don't want me to play with it. haha

    I like the mechanical supermarket ride-ems and threaten my children constantly with using them.

  16. you have a fun park with all kinds of fun events!

    i did a lot of driving this weekend. it woasn't much fun, but it did get done, without any incident - which is a good thing!

  17. crazy4coens-- These folk were very amusing. I knew a few of them. We have Mountain Folk who camp and dress up here and these people. I try to avoid the Rock and Gem folk. They only want to sell me stuff!