Monday, August 17, 2009

Dire Straits - Walk Of Life: Video

Music video by Mark Knopfler performing Cannibals: Video
with Chuck Ainlay [Producer], Mark Knopfler [Producer]
(C) 1996 Mercury Records Limited

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When I finally crawled back out of bed today at about 4:00 PM... this video's song was playing in my head. It's been churning around in there since. There are not many songs that get stuck in there... that I like. Usually it's some horrible "ear worm" (as dmarks called them in a post) that I detest. So this was a nice treat to share.

I thought these would make a good start to your week. I tossed in the second one, which is not Dire Straits, but Mark Knopfler by himself and a lesser known song about little boys and their daddies. I hope you take the time to enjoy them. But if it's not your cup of tea... pass on!

Yes... I got up so late because I stayed up so late on my date. My date was funny and nice. We ate out at a great Mexican food place. I did have one margarita. We went back to his motel room... ah... ah... behave! ...and watched DVDs and stayed up talking. At some point very late, I fell asleep. Sorry... despite motel room.... no dirt to report as yet. He was a gentleman. We are going out again next Saturday.

OOOps! Laughing pointed out that I omitted why I would have a date in a motel. Okay... I should explain that one. It does sound a bit odd. He lives a couple of hours away and did not want to drive back late. I had nothing to do with this decision. I could have had him over to my house but my boys would have massed and been pains in the neck.

It did give us a place to visit where no one else was staring at us. We had beer at the only bar in town when he first arrived and there was Aman keeping a close eye. The motel is staffed by ex-students with puzzled and curious faces. It is rare that I am truly alone in Dumb Potter's Hell. I am now the object of speculation and idle gossip. What fun!

I got the welcome back to the new school year letter that arrives this time every year. Heavy sigh... my summer is drawing to a close. Unlike Crazy4coens... I do not return each year with a light heart. My feet drag and I grumble all the way. I love my job, but hate to lose my freedom. I don't get excited until the night before school begins for students.

The good news is that I have not lost any hours. I have gained 30 additional hours that will be dedicated to working in special ed as an Instructional Assistant. I've always been one. Until now, I did that job in the library helping high school students one on one. Now I will be working with younger readers in need of extra help. Close enough to library work for me. I am still the librarian as well. Cool beans.

But I will miss my high school students terribly... especially my Squeaky who gets to escape mom for the first time in his life. I know this is good for him. Probably good for me too, because this time next year he will be going off to college. Mom is not clear yet how she will feel about being alone at that point. What is best for Squeaky will always come first.

Have a wonderful Monday! What is one of your favorite "upbeat" songs that can get you going on the right foot on a Monday?


  1. I think that I must have missed something. Why was your date in a motel room anyway?

  2. laughing-- You didn't miss it... I cleverly forgot to mention the why that we were in a motel.
    Thanks for pointing that out... I'll edit an explanation in. ha haha

    I think I'm still a bit loopy.

  3. Glad your date was a success. Too bad he lives so far away because the motel option will get real pricey real soon. It could also serve as a way of pushing things along a little faster that you might be comfortable with. Just take it slow and don't do anything you don't want to do.

    Listen to me. I sound like your mother. Just forget I said anything.

  4. Well, glad you had a great time and glad I'm not the only one with crazy stories. Thanks for the music. I will check out the second one - I like hearing new things.

  5. Great song (also a great video to go with it.) Well, you know that "Highway Star" will get me ready for just about anything. A few others? "Flight Of The Phoenix" by Grand Funk; "High High High" by Paul McCartney; "I Want To Take You Higher" by Sly & The Family Stone; and about 80% of everything The Ramones ever recorded :-)

  6. Thanks for the music :-) One of my favorite get going songs is Jump Around by House of Pain.

    I'm so glad to hear that your date guy was a nice man and that there is another date on the horizon. Two hours away isn't ideal, but honestly, how much time during the school year would you have for dating? Mostly weekends, right? So driving a couple hours every other weekend (if you guys took turns) probably wouldn't be that bad. Just thinking out loud, so to speak :-)

  7. Cube-- I love the advice! I've needed a mom... and though it would be an impressive physical impossibility... you being younger than me....I'd happily accept you as mine. Heaven knows I need someone to keep in from self-destruction.

    Yes, the motel thing is too expensive and we've addressed that. Next week we are meeting in the middle. We both drive home an hour and make sure each other got home okay. Not ideal, but do-able. Beyond that I've got a standing invitation to stay weekends there if I feel comfortable with that.

  8. Pamela-- Oh but you're my muse in this adventure!
    You can't move on by standing still. The world of crazy is an interesting place to be.

    I'm glad you like the music. I think it's funny that Knopfler dresses normal for the most part and his buds there look so Miami Vice! Ha. I do love that man's voice.

  9. Suldog-- I've been wanting to use Hot Fun In The Summertime... by Sly and the Family Stone all summer. Many happy baked memories go with that one and Higher. I'd be thrilled with all your choices. :)

  10. laura b.-- I don't know that one but I'll be checking it out now. I love finding new to me music.

    Check out what I wrote to Cube. So far things are looking good for weekends out of town. But I'm being careful. He has a full grown daughter and two grandsons who live with him.

  11. So, wait. Do you have two dates with different guys? Good for you. I've been so sadly lacking on the date department...At least with a guy who wants to be more than just my friend. I guess I'll have to live vicariously through you.

  12. I'm glad to hear that your date went very well. Don't you love being the subject of hot gossip? It's also good to hear that you're happy with the teaching change. Have a wonderful Monday, yourself.

  13. Churlita-- No, same guy. I think I have confused everyone. We were supposed to meet next weekend for the first time. But he called and asked if he could come here this past weekend as well. So he asked me on two dates before we met in person.

    I am not used to dating, let alone like this... meeting strangers and spending the evenings in motels. It feels odd and dangerous. But has been pretty mundane so far. Check out my comments to Cube and laura b. for more detail.

  14. AlienCG-- Thanks! Yes, I am happy with my teaching change. And yes... I do love being the subject of gossip in this case. I'm waiting to see which person calls me up to find out what is really going on... and then watching the thread travel back again.

  15. You need to give Mr. Overnight a cutesy blog name.

  16. dmarks-- You just did! Mr. Overnight it is. ;)

  17. Dude, I'm so happy your date went well!!!

    Shonen Knife makes me so happy, their I am a Cat song is too silly and fun.

    Did you properly vet him (ie ask him these sorts of questions)?

    How do you feel about clowns?

    Where do you stand on the position of sharks and their insane drive to kill everyone?

    Do you think God should give me a 55 million dollar helicopter because I'm so awesome?

  18. Sebastien-- Why no... oh dear me! I forgot to ask those important questions! I will ask him tonight and get back to you. hee hee

    I will check out Shonen Knife! Their name alone demands a listen. With a title that is right up my alley (cat) as well.

    Big cheesy grins. Oh and BTW... God really should do that for you.

  19. Secret Agent Woman--Me too! Greatly relieved, actually. Thanks.

  20. I love the Fine Young Cannibals and She Drives Me Crazy

    That always gets me dancing.

    Wowskers on the date!

    You ao deserve it!