Sunday, August 9, 2009


For those of you who do not know the rules to this game... each of the following clues represents one of my regular readers. You get to guess who!

1) Look up... who do you see here? I first saw this video on her blog...

Bollywood zombies aaaaaahhhh!


This one should be easy!

Bob Dylan - Like A Rolling Stone 1966

A fragment of this song is the title of a documentary. What reader mentioned it?

Red Rider - Lunatic Fringe

Who does this one make you think of ?

Nurse: Rocky bought a coconut
He bought it for a dime
His nephew had another one
He paid it for a lime. Okay... this one is obvious!

6) Can you get this one? Or maybe I should say two?

Librarian doo-wap number from the short film "OVERDUE", an entry into the 48 Hour Film Project 2004.

That's all for the game. I'm on a different computer for the next few days up in the town to the left. I am babysitting Mikey while Michael and Bear get away for a few days of owl puke collecting. So romantic!
Fortunately I have all the same things here as at home. So I'm still in business.



  1. The video is funny, at one point it looks like the zombies are doing the Ed Grimley dance.

    For some reason, my mind is a jelly-like substance this morning and it is preventing me from making any guesses. I look forward to seeing who each one represents.

  2. I watched the Bollywood zombie video and thought it was premium cheese. The lead dancer's vampire fangs were just too much.

    I am at a disadvantage as far as guessing because I don't know all your bloggers. I will sit this one out too.

    As far as what I'm doing today... well, if it stays sunny, I will be out by the pool with a book and a cold adult beverage or three.

  3. AlienCG-- It cracks me up. Its okay to sit this out. I understand the jelly brain!

  4. Cube-- Aaahhh... sounds like the best sort of Sunday to me. One of the things about growing up that I miss is sitting around the pool. Cheers!

  5. I always enjoy seeing the videos, even when I can't guess! But let me throw out a the tea rocket science one for Cube? Lunatic Fringe just makes me think of Medusa, biggest lunatic ever. Lime in the Coconut is for Lime, of course. And I am hoping the librarians are for me and you, Ananda! :-)
    Hope you and Mikey are having fun and that his parents return with many owl pellets.

  6. laura b.-- Yay! You are so good! Five in one shot! Excellent.

    Mikey and I are having a blast. Grandma is teaching him the important things in life, like the phrase "That's the fact Jack!" and how to sing the tuna tunes. I taught my kids all the tuna jingles for car trips. Mommy will be so glad. tee hee

  7. laura b.-- I had forgotten how much energy it takes to hang out with one of these guys for an extended period!

  8. The tea rocket science video was me? Cool beans.

  9. All here are the answers:
    1) Braja... lost and found in India
    2)Cube at The Blog
    3)billy pilgrim at Anubis, Anubis, Anubis
    4)Medusa... straight from hell
    5)lime at House of Lime
    6)The salt of the earth... libraians Ananda Girl and my personal favorite... laura b.!!

    Thanks for playing whoever did.

    Hi you lurkers!

  10. Cube--Yep. There are so many fun educational science videos. I'm gonna have a ball going through them all.

    I'm still laughing at you dog story. Too good!

  11. Lime was the only one I guessed. I don't think these things are my strong suit.

  12. bwhahahaha! such a fun one! i am so glad you picked the kermit version for me. i just love kermit!

  13. lime-- Glad you got a kick out of it. I had several options including a chipmunk version. But I love Kermit and you know, he is lime green.