Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Max and I stepped out for a bit of fun.

Tonight it was
Brown Beers (us) vs Pale Ales (them).

We are the ones pictured here... this is my teamma
te, who is a great pool player. I was thrilled that he asked me to play.

It's been decades since I last tried. I had a blast.

He was nice
about showing me the shot and explaining why each one was a good way to go.

This is our competition. What? Actually she's very good. One of my past students... all grown up!

She is a major sweetie pie! Every
one loves this girl.

Here is the second half of the competition. He's an ex-student too.

Part way through our secon
d or third game his wife came and brought words for him.

He was not laughing then. He was in trouble. He was also four and a half hours late getting home... a block and a half away. Oops.

I almost took a photo of her face to share, but the self-preservation alarm in my head told me that this was a very bad idea. We had to get a new partner for the sweetie pie.

Here is one of the first students I ever had. He's doing that weird thing with his hand to cover up his shiner with his thumb.

He didn't play so he loaned me his stick. It's the kind that has its own case and you get to screw it together and look much cooler than you actually are.
It was a lot of fun.

Back home in the bat cave... I had a nice treat waiting. A friend of mine from way back showed up on my Facebook.

She got into my profile and read Oodles of Funch. She even talked about my Quansit hut. (However you spell it!) and got a kick out of the Fables... having been there "when the magic happened". Ha! It was a great surprise! I hope she is a frequent visitor here. You will like her.

You know, I don't really like to go to bars. But I did have a very good time. Finding P was nice icing. I fell into bed a shamefully happy person. Its good to get out once in a blue moon. Its even better to find old friends who were actually looking to find you.

What did all of you do last night?



  1. aww, glad it turned out to be such a great evening. i spent mine making zucchini pancakes and working on a quilt.

  2. lime-- Yum! I love anything zucchini. I've never had pancakes with it in them. What a grand idea! I sneak it into cookies and cake, so why not?

    You have to photograph the quilt. I used to make them but stopped awhile back. Hum... maybe it's time to do it again.

  3. Your evening sounds great :-) I haven't played pool in quite awhile and never had a great knack for it, but it is fun...and being found is fun too!
    I spent my evening babysitting and then watching tv. haha! Guess I can't compete in the Oot and Aboot Olympics :-D

  4. It's good to get out once in while. I'm glad you had fun. It's all about balance and socializing is all part of it. That's great about your FB friend too.

  5. laura b.-- I had such a fun time. These are great people pictured here. It was also great to have my friend show up. She's a kick... you will like her.

    Sorry you missed the Oot and Aboot Olympics... but you had the home with people you love night that I like too. Yay!

  6. Churlita-- I did not realize how much I missed having fun until I had some. How odd is that? For once I wasn't looking at your fun photos and thinking... sigh, wish I was there!

    I think your photos are better though. :D

  7. I own a pool table and a dart board. I don't drink, so I don't really go to bars.

    Last night, I wrote my post for this morning. I didn't do much else since I wanted to get to bed at a decent hour.

  8. I spent the evening reading and watching TV. I wish I had been shooting pool. That is so much fun.

    Since you & lime brought up quilts, I will share that I made one back in the 70's entirely from denim from old jeans. It turned out nice.

  9. cube-- I had a ball. I am fortunate that the younger folk here like me and include me. Otherwise I'd never do anything. Where are the people my age? Darned if I know, but not here.

    Oh... I bet that was nice! I made a rag rug out of jeans and it was wonderful. Heavy but wonderful. Jeans now are much lighter that they were then.

  10. AlienCG-- How did I miss you? Today I am juggling Facebook, Myspace, Funch and two email accounts. I think I'm losing my grip!

    Oh lucky you! A pool table to play with whenever you want must be nice indeed. I do love darts too. Not good at either. The closet door in my brother's room was filled with dart holes... mostly mine.

    That was smart thinking... to get it done and to go to bed. I was up way too late. But I don't do it often. Tonight I'm hitting the hay early.

  11. i blew my lifetime budget on bars by the time i was thirty.

    i think i had fun last night but i'm not sure.

  12. billy pilgrim-- I can see why... after last night.
    I had way more fun than I should have and more beer than I should have. Spent more money than I should have and vowed not to return... then that pool shark up there tells me he owes me some brew.

    Now what's the question: "what character do I want to be today?" or "do I have any character?"
    We'll see what part of me wins.

  13. zuke pancakes are basically like potato pancakes (latkes) only with zuke instead of spud.