Sunday, August 2, 2009


Is this not the ugliest flooring that you have ever seen?

The irony is that this is the second house that I have had with this same ugly flooring. Ha. I was so happy the day that I got rid of it in my "real house". I lose that house... live for a time in a strange little house with two rooms plus two bathrooms. (I've no idea why you need two bathrooms in a two room house, but there weren't as many fights over who got to use the john.) Then I buy this house and presto... there is that same awful, ugly flooring! Some Jake did a bang up job peddling this crap to builders and mobile home manufacturers. He must have gotten a heck of a bonus in the 70s.

Well, that ugly crap is now history, except for in my bedroom. Maybe under the living room carpet too. StbX says that is not unusual for them to just put it down and layer other things on top with a mobile home.

I took crazy4coens' advice and began attempting to do this job myself... with Squeaky's help. StbX could not stand it. He says "Just stop... STOP, you're going to f*ck it all up. I'll do it."

Believe it or not, those
words made my day. StbX is good at things like this. I am terrible at them. I have tried everything I could think of to get him to agree to help...

hee hee and the old "Tawanda! I can do it myself." thing scared the crap right out of him and set the ball in motion.

It's getting there. Most of the dining room is done. There is still the foyer area and the kitchen to do after he finishes this part.

All it has cost me so far is two cans of Foster's Ale and a nice diner.

Which happens to be homemade mushroom - red onion soup. I made it with a lovely ball joint pot roast for the broth... this I take out and serve to the guys as part of their meal but I don't eat the meat. I do not cream the soup. It has a nice dark beefy onion broth when it's done. Very yummy! No one likes the carrots but me, so they're all mine! Bonus.

I am very happy about this new decorating development. StbX has always taken over every decorating project I've ever wanted to do. I don't just mean the work part, though that is nice. He thinks he has better taste and drives me nuts. Sheesh!

Granted, I did once want to do my kitchen floor in "tiles" that were actually pieces of torn paper bags. Yes... and it would have looked really cool like quarry tile. But he had a fit and I ended up with some ugly white junk. White in a kitchen on the floor! Insanity.

This is in my new to me room. I painted this when Max was a baby to dangle over his crib. He's kept it all this time.

I like looking at it. He was such a great baby.
Nice memories.

This is also in my room. It's some of Max's ink of his comic. The walls as you know are one big nightmare of a collage. I do think it is very cool, but it gets a bit overwhelming to my senses.

This is on the wall too. There are 24 posters woven in with the clips and bits.

It is a great movie... isn't it?

I love Dewight with his red sneakers. I love red. Reminds me of Sammy Hagar, but I won't do that to you today... that's for another day.

Below is Squeaky's opinion of what I should do with my camera.


Okay, so you've seen my new flooring. It's not too bad for inexpensive stuff.

However in older mobile homes like this, you have paneling everywhere. Very ugly, dark paneling.

My idea was to paint it sort of a coffee with cream in it color.

Not off white, but something with a bit more carmel tint.

Then give the whole place a nice cottage at the ocean feel.

Normally I would never paint paneling, but I think this will work.

What do you think? I'm open to suggestions too... do you know of anything clever that can be done to crappy wood paneling to spiff it up?



  1. I think there is a P.T. Barnum of floor-tile salesmen working in the western part of the country. Fooling floor tile buyers everywhere.

    The shroom meal looks great.

  2. That may in deed be the ugliest floorin ever. It's remarkable. I once rented a house with wall paper that had glittery cherubs on it - it would have gone well with those tiles.

  3. That linoleum is pretty hard on the eyes. You were lucky to have the replacement installed for such a low price.

    The soup sounds yummy. At my house, I have to use mushrooms in stealth mode because my girls won't eat them if they know they're in a dish.

    I wouldn't advise you painting the paneling until you first try it on an inconspicuous spot and see how it looks. Then again, I'm not handy with home decor/repair, so what do I know?

  4. That flooring is damn ugly. I've never replaced flooring, but I've helped dad do it.

    I don't have too much on the walls. I am going to do some artwork down in the basement in the next couple months.

    If the paneling is that smooth, glossy stuff, run it over with some fine grit sandpaper to let the paint stick better. It should look pretty good.

  5. dmarks-- Well there's a lot of suckers here in the northwest too it seems!

    The soup was divine... thank you! It was still a perking when I snapped that. The red onions get grilled on the griddle and dropped in all caramelized. Oooh.... yum.

  6. secret agent woman-- Oh no... rented house. Does that mean you had to live with it? Yikes. I rented a house once with a black and salmon bathroom... ended up apologizing to everyone who ever asked to use it before they went in.

    Oh the horror!

  7. Cube-- Yes, the installer was pretty darned cheap.
    He's actually be very, very nice lately.

    All my minions love mushrooms. It's the tomato issue that gets them in my house... and I am big on tomato based foods. If you have a stealth mode for tomatoes... I'd love to have it.

    I'll try it on the tiny strip next to the pantry that doesn't show unless you pull out the fridge. Good thinking. Thanks.

  8. AlienCG-- Oh boy! A reason to use a sander... I do enjoy power tools. I'm thinking the palm sander... lighter and easier to use that the belt sander. Very helpful suggestion. Thanks!

    I'm anxious to see this artwork... will you share it? I love stuff like that! Your basement is sounding more fun all the time.

    Naturally I don't have one in a mobile home... but I grew up in a house with one. My dad and my brother build a boat in it... and forgot to measure the door first. Yep...we had a boat in the basement for years and years. It had to be destroyed to get it out.

  9. i kinda like the old flooring.

    tres retro and it must contain a lot of memories.

    if only the linoleum could talk.

  10. the house i live in now had a very similar orange, black, brown, and yellow version of that ghastly tile in the kitchen. i still have nightmares about the decor of this place. the change looks good. paint the paneling. pulling it down and repairing the walls will be a horror. just make sure you sand it well and get a really good primer or the paint will be peeling off it.

  11. billy pilgrim-- Most of them are not mine. I've only been living here for a few years... but wouldn't it be interesting to know? Now my old linoleum...

    tres retro... tres chic! Okay, maybe not chic.

  12. lime-- Kind of reminds me of the fabric they use for fat women's clothing. Have you ever noticed how the put the most garish and obscene fabric on large sizes... because no one else in their right mind would purchase and use that pattern... fat women are stuck with wearing it or going naked. Not much choice there. ha

    That's what StbX said... get a good primer.

    Thanks... I may actually let someone step inside my house again! Could it be... ananda could get a social life and see real people? naw. Still a hermit. ;)

  13. i actually really like that picture of your old lino. i bet it large doses i wouldn't like it though.
    i love the new flooring. did it come in that pattern or did you guys design it?

    i would do the wall a lighter color - but i am a white white kind of person - painting room after room with navajo white in the early 80's turned me off to darker walls, although i am now painting my own walls with a golden kind of color - so i am not even true to my own convictions - so go with the color you like! indeed, please do sand those walls and primer is a good idea, too. have fun! it will look sooo good when StbX, er, you, are done!

    have a great day, my friend!

  14. I've seen uglier faces on Secretary of State's

  15. It sounds like a great idea. I'm glad you got X to do the work. I have a feeling he more than owes you...

  16. The Gray Headed Brother-- Hello! Welcome to OOdles of Funch sir! A pleasure to have you in.

    It is simply ghastly.

  17. Churlita-- Thanks. I kind of feel that way too!

  18. crazy4coens-- It came that way. I picked it out. Yay! Me... all by myself! No StbX interventions.

    Any color is lighter than dark brown wood paneling.

  19. There's no better reward than a good Aussie beer like Foster's!

  20. That old flooring, at least color-wise, reminds me of the flooring and designs in old Roman homes. I was never a fan.

    Sin City is great. The comics are top-notch, beautifully done, they have a oldschool german-woodcut sort of feel, except totally modern, naughty, and dynamic.

  21. david mcmahon-- Hello david! It's always fun to have you stomp around my parlor.

    Yes... Foster's Ale is tasty! But then... aren't you a bit biased? hee hee.

  22. Sebatein-- Hey there! It's impossible to be a fan of this crud.

    Yes, I love Sin City... comic and movie. Very fun. Murph is pretty special and so is Callahan... I have a thing for every Callahan I run across it seems. And I think you know how I feel about the rest.

  23. Now I think of Mr Haney. Convincing Oliver in Green Acres that this floor tile is the best available in the country.

  24. dmarks-- It does! hahahaha And I am in the country.

  25. Oh, I really admire you taking this home improvement project on. I am total crap at stuff like that. Of course, now I am renting an apartment, so I am off the hook there. It is just as well.
    Make sure you have pictures of the paneling when you get it painted!

  26. laura b.-- I'll show the whole effect eventually. My house is a real pit of a place... but its all I could afford. On the upswing, I only pay $290.00 a month in space rent and since I own it outright... hee hee... I live better than I should on what I earn. It's a trade off. The extra I save is going into it to make it better.

  27. Not even going to tell all of you how bad my house looks. I'll tell you this much: Bathroom has black and pink tile. I once painted the walls blue. StbX has nothing on me when it comes to bad fashion sense. Glad he's doing such a good job.
    Love Sin City. I hear RR is coming out with a new movie soon. Hope he gives us a new recipe.