Friday, August 14, 2009


This is my oldest, Boo and the first used son I ever adopted.
We will call him Big John for obvious reasons.
He dropped into town yesterday for an evening of ma
n boob groping fun!

These were some my star entertainers over the past 21 years in Dumb Potter's Hell. Big John, Boo, Jman, Aman and this lovely, lovely we call McGoo. Do you doubt that she was star of this group's show?

Big John is a Sergent in our army stationed in Germany. I should have known he'd go army when I caught him and Boo playing with his dad's hand guns. Eh-hem!

Always at my very best after a pounder of Barefoot Brown...
I cleverly captured the back of the Pool Shark's head.

I cannot tell you how much fun these people are, but they are so funny and great to be around.

Jman is with the lovely lady below... shy C. Their boy is now a student of mine.

This is my lovely grand daughter, Sookie Toots... who's mysteriously missing top front teeth have shown up at long last and are just peeking out of the gums.
(No, she is not in the bar with the rest of us Pounder People.) This shot was how my day began... with Sookie and her dad.

My social evening ended with Dumb Potter's Hell panache... went to drop off one of the guys and fell into a domestic disturbance complete with the Po-lice.
Life is never dull in a small town.

Upon my return home, I got asked out tomorrow too. So now I have a new problem... I have only one nice outfit and two dates. Crap.

The fables of Miss Bliss will return as normally scheduled next Friday.


  1. two dates with the same guy? if it were 2 different guys that would make the outfit thing easier - but not the background search - i don't know if there is enough time for a background search before a date tonight. hmmm- mix and match i guess is my only advice on the clothes, not that you asked - oops!

    have a fun date and report all, please!

  2. crazy4coens-- Yep, two dates, one guy. I could not endure another back ground search for my family's peace of mind so soon. This poor guy has been all but strip searched and remains a good sport.

  3. Good sport is good. Have fun tomorrow.

  4. I like that. Used son.
    Have a great time!!! And you could wear fewer clothes for the second date... ok, maybe not.

  5. Hey...looks like Miss Bliss still knows how to have a little fun on a Thursday night :-)
    I hope you have a great time on your date tonight and that we get to hear about it soon.
    Also...Sookie Toots? Adorable!!!

  6. I guess that you should have adopted a slightly used daughter. Then you could ask to borrow her clothes.

    Since sex on the first date is out (and hopefully the second date at so on for a bit), maybe on the first date you could wear your top backwards and put a jacket on over it, and then the second date wear the top the right way and it will look like a different top. He's a guy, maybe he won't notice.

  7. Cube--Thanks. The more I know the better I'm feeling about it. I think I may actually have fun and not puke from nervous stress.

  8. Pamela-- Well, I guess that all depends. Haha

    laura b.-- Always the positive one... thank you... you will certainly be informed, but the date is tomorrow. I get things screwed up time wise when posting.

    Yes, my Sookie is such a treat. I love it when she is here.

    laughing-- Hahaha... yes, I should have adopted one that stayed in town. I have several of them too, but they have all grown up and followed men off to other places.

    I had to laugh when I recalled the time Mork from Ork wore his coat backwards and people thought he was a priest. I will have to try that and see how it looks. I'm game for anything that could help.

  9. What a wonderful cast of characters, and such a cute grand daughter!

    PS. I bet big John knows how to lay a beat down. I wouldn't tangle with someone like that, looks formidable!

  10. What.... you take sundays off? I was just lurking to see what you are up to today. I think I have become addicted, such a secret life you lead. Vasha machine.

  11. thebear-- Ooooohhhh Ollie!

    Welcome to my "secret life" Miss Bear!

    But you do know when you publish your life it really isn't very secret anymore. hee hee

  12. Sebastien-- Yes! Thank you! I would not make John mad either. But he really is the nicest guy you'd ever want to meet.

    Sebastien, I'd like to introduce you to MY BEAR who is in the comment above you. We have all kinds of bears here... yours, laura b. and mine. Bears are so much fun.