Tuesday, August 11, 2009


! I was up too late last night... like almost all night. And the night before yakking away on line. I simply do not have the energy to do much today. Ananda girl is wiped out!

So... I want to invite you folks to use the soap box provided and say your piece on whatever subject you feel like addressing. Or comment on the comments of others. Or tell me this was a chickensh*t post... so why post at all if I'm not going to put some effort into it? A valid question. I guess I'm just like that.

This is an experiment... so let's see how it goes.

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Go on then... get it off your chest! And thanks for participating.


  1. Soapbox? hmm... what do I have to wax about? I may have to think on that one. I have general irritation about the whole health care reform thing - just get it done dammit! But intellect is failing me right now.

  2. Where the F*** did the summer go? My youngest went back to school today (sophomore in high school).

  3. *stands up on soapbox*

    i hate it when mr.lime makes unilateral kneejerk decisions that involve vehicles and large sums of money. pisses me off no end!

  4. (i think that was sparked by seeing "father knows best" on the graphic and having been awakened to the spousal unit telling me he is leaving now to sell the motorcycle, which had also been bought on a whim.)

  5. Hmmmmm. Well I am having a big debate on my blog about bear shirts vs. wolf shirts so I could talk about that but already did on my blog so I guess I will not talk about it anymore. Well at least here on your blog. I heard a new phrase I liked: locking antlers. Usually when I am pushing Mrs. Shife's buttons she will ask me why I am buzzing the tower but now I tell her that we are just locking antlers. I don't know if it is going to make the final cut in the Shife word usage thingamajig.

  6. I am sick to death of how badly my typing deteriorates from the beginning of my commentary to the end. I mean, you would think that ones skillls wold remaain constintt, butthatsno tthe way ithhap ens andthen noobnebody unnastnsme anymuh nnn

  7. Pamela-- Wouldn't it be great if the wheels of government were not bound in red tape?

  8. Cube-- It is a f**king shame if you ask me!

    I have begun the whining and sobbing that generally takes over my life just before I give up my glorious summer off and return to the land of the working.

    And I honestly do love my job!

  9. lime-- My soon to be ex husband had a motorcycle when we got together. One day he sold it to get enough money for an apartment for us... no word to me. A lovely surprise!
    I thought it very romantic.

    About 10 years ago he began to hold that over my head... how he'd given up his bike for me. I did not ask him to do it, did not know about it until it was done. Now if he even starts to mention the bike... I go a bit nuts.

    There seems to have been some implied "us" in the sale of that bike that I didn't know was happening. Normally I love the way men think... but I do NOT always get them.

  10. Shife! Hello--- So glad you showed up. You must read Suldog... he is kindred!

    "Locking antlers" is a great phrase! Calls to mind some snorting and clacking noises too. A good tiff should have those in my opinion.

    I smile when I fight. I don't know why. It has a funny effect though... he never smiles back. He wears "sneer gear".

  11. Suldog-- My dear friend, you have "f**king fingers!" syndrome. I get that too especially by the end of the day. I also suspect that my keyboard has a sense of humor and the keys switch positions as a joke, then jump back and act as if they stayed in place all along.

    Ask crazy4coens... my typo ability is staggering. If only there was a market for them! Think how rich we would be.

  12. All-- Okay... Here is my soap box issue. My friggin secret admirer is back... the one who likes to write my name all over its naked self. Or so it tells me.

    Jeepers, Jasper and Jehosephat! That sort of thing is only fun if I'm the one doing the writing and it's in person... Okay? I also don't want to guess who you are. Spit it out or f*ck off.

    Does anyone else get stuff like this? I laugh at it. I can't believe that someone does this to drum up business... which I am sure is exactly what it is.

    So there you have it... my annoyance for today!

  13. Soapbox, eh? I guess given this ripe chance I will spout off about the computer at my desk and how it often whimsically decides that blogs are streaming media, so unviewable by me. A few minutes later, it decides, no wait..it's fine, view away. Guess it could be worse and I could never read blogs at my desk...which would be justifiable, but would make my work day a total bitch.

  14. laura b.-- Now you may correct me if I am wrong... but blogs are reading matter and therefore fall under the obligation of all librarians to read them even at work! Am I wrong?

    But be wary of Suldog's blog at work.

    My computer is fickle too. The one at work anyway. But I have a computer goddess that I email who remotely forces mine to do as I wish. She is the ultimate woman in my head.

  15. Hmmm, soap box, soap box...I got nothing to complain about. I did rescue a computer today for a church which is why I'm so late commenting.

  16. my soapbox will also be of the motorcycle variety. my husband has purchased - count them - 2! both of them i said no to. yes, he asked and i said no, both times. so he has two motorcycles - both in yountville where he works. the first was supposed to be sold after he bought the second. neither have been sold. now neither is ridden either. i know someone whose husband bought a motorcycle on mothers day - for her - hahaha! okay - hear this - motorcyclces are bad, mmmk?

  17. I don't have to worry about motorcycles in Mr. Cube's life. He had them out of his system before I even met him. Hitting a truck while riding one and nearly losing your leg will do that.

  18. I do not remember what it was that I was going to write about yesterday. I got busy with other things and couldn't get to it.

    Today, God does not want me to post anything. At least, that seems to be the opinion of Blogger, so it isn't allowing me to do anything. I am surprised that it has allowed me to sign in and comment on other people's blogs. But I went to edit a post and start a new one, which it originally allowed me to do, but then changed it's mind and would not allow me to save or publish anything.


    Yesterday was an awful day, and today and tommorow will be damned long days too.

  19. laughing-- I am having trouble with Blogger too. It lets me on, then it doesn't, then it does. So it's them.

    There seems to be a lot of that going around... terrible days. I had one a few days ago that was a doozie. I'm sorry that you are having trouble.

  20. I'm currently irritaed with the kids in my neighborhood who stand in a clump waiting for the bus, smack in the middle of the road. They will NOT move and I have to go into the other lane to get around them as I'm driving my own kids to school. The tought occassionally crosses my mind that maybe if I bumped them just a little, they'd learn to get out of the freaking road.

  21. Blogger seems to be working again.

    And screw the watching my weight thing for a while. I'm having a soda.

  22. laughing-- I just recently found Fresca again. I love it. O cal O carbs. Very cool beans.

    But you may be a cola person. What the hey... live it up!