Saturday, August 8, 2009



Laws and regulations give us directions for living in society.

Some directions are given for safety purposes.

If you want to use any of these products, be responsible... follow directions and choose ecologically wise products.

Which direction is this truck headed?

These are the silliest directions that I found... How to do the "Triple Swing!" made popular by Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers.

It never would have occurred to me to put bronze foot prints in the concrete to teach someone how to dance.

Here are a tasty set of directions.... yum!

That's all for our Saturday Scavenger Hunt this week. Great Word Tara! Thanks for the fun direction!


  1. Did you notice the grammare flub in the first sign? Should be "are."

  2. And of course, the typing flub in my own comment. Should be "grammar." :)

  3. secret agent woman-- Ha! Yes, I did when I first took the photo of the sign, then I promptly forgot. Thanks for pointing it out. Funny! Let's hope it wasn't one of my past students.

    That's okay... one of my friends and I chat often and our typos are legendary. Sometimes we get way off track laughing at them and forget where we were.

    But you're leaving a comment and blogger sometimes plays funny tricks on us when we post... not to mention that you are not selling your comment as a product. One would hope that a serious sign would be a bit better produced.

    A sign like this sort of says: "Our kids is real good readers."

  4. I love signs that show how educated people are. I have my favorite picture of a sign from a school across the street from my parents. It says, "PARENT COMFERENCES."

    All of these are excellent examples of DIRECTION using different meanings. Great job, AG.

  5. AleinCG-- Hahahaahaha COMFRENCES! Way too funny to have on a school. I love it. Thanks for that giggle.

    And thank you for your compliment. I am on my way to check you out now.

    big grins

  6. i knew you would have lots of neat pictures! great work - now i'm going to check out the links - have a great day Miz Ananda!

  7. You have DIRECTION so well covered! I like that pictures of the mirror where we can almost see you :-) I like those bronze footprints too...I'd give the triple swing a try :-)

  8. crazy4coens-- THanks! I'm off to see what you've come up with in a minute. I'm going to have to try that ice cream in a bag with the kiddos at school this year.

  9. laura b.-- Almost... but not cigar! tee hee
    ananda is camera shy. But that's great hand there. Maybe I'll give it to you guys in bits and pieces.

    I tried to get Max to Triple Swing with me, but he refused and ran across the street to avoid being thought as with me! HA I love to humiliate my children.

  10. you have me thinking of the dylan/scorsese movie no direction home.

    if there's one thing i hate doing, it's reading a long set of directions. i don't need some chinaman telling me not to take a bath with the toaster.

  11. billy pilgrim-- Great documentary!

    Don't forget to watch out for the top step on that ladder... I know I want to use it! hahaha

    It drives me crazier that they come in three languages all the time. I get a book of 20 pages and three are actually helpful.