Friday, August 21, 2009




Above, a little yellow steamroller.

In Oregon, the color yellow is not the same as it is in California where I grew up. Down there yellow means "caution" and "loading zone". In California, red is the color of fire hydrants and no parking lines on the curbs.

This is the yellow car I'd like to be driving.

Now this is the most traditional idea of yellow that I could find.

It does catch your eye....and it does serve as a warning.

Sort of a modern day yellow brick road...

My favorite of these photos... yellow journalism.
(hee hee)

This yellow reminds me of American Graffitti

I love Swedish Fish... especially the yellow ones!

I guess we will end today with everyone's favorite yellow guy.... Sponge Bob Square Pants!

I hope you all enjoyed today's hunt offerings.

A reminder... there will not be a post on Sunday.
Hopefully I'll be having too much fun. ;)


  1. All great pictures. We both went with cars at one point (I have one), but I didn't use Spongebob. Excellent showing of YELLOW.

    Congratulations, you've been tagged, now do me a favor today, PICK A WORD.

  2. Your yellow theme made me think of this Big Bird

    Have fun tomorrow.

  3. AlienCG-- I had a lot of fun with yellow. I was babysitting and my darlings were rowdy, so I took them for a drive to knock them out... which why I ended up with so much street related yellow. It was everywhere. Fun!

    I picked the word "SHADES" for next week. Thanks for tagging me. I love this game.

  4. Cube-- Aaahhhh... attack of the 50 foot First Lady! I'd forgotten about that one. She would have "fit" perfectly in this post wouldn't she? Ha. Nice addition... thanks for the link.

  5. A very clever post which reminded me that I saw a great classic car yesterday which was yellow. My husband LOVES yellow. He's color blind and it's just about the only color he can see.
    Have fun, Ananda. We'll be thinking about you!

  6. Great examples of YELLOW! Oh, we love our Spongebob round here :-) And thanks for picking a word so quickly! You and Alien have been most efficient.

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  8. they call me mellow yellow, quite rightly.

  9. Peggy-- Thanks. The color yellow actually creates feelings of anxiety... I can't have it inside my house. How weird is that? Little bits here and there. But I could not have a yellow room. But I can wear yellow clothes.

    Hey... I'm not going to be thinking of you guys at all. No offense. ;)

  10. laura b.-- Thanks! Yeah... I get up early, so I did what I like to do for word choices... I sat down with a magazine and waited for a word to show up that stimulated my imagination. I like the ramdomness of that.

  11. billy pilgrim-- I am ever so pissed! (stomping my foot here). Last night when I did my post I was going to go to youtube and get that!!!!

    Donovan was the first concert I ever went to in the way back.

    This is what sleep depravation gets you... the ability to forget in the blink of an eye a perfect video for this one.

    But you got it... I should have known. So...

    I'm just mad about Saffron, Saffron's mad about me.

  12. I don't know about painting a cool sports car yellow - makes it toy-like.

  13. secret agent woman-- You would have liked the perfect shot I missed. I had two sleeping toddlers in the car and couldn't park the car close enough to leave them in it safely... so didn't get the shot.

    I was a work site that i was looking down off of a cliff at below full of life sized yellow Tonka toy like construction vehicles. It would have been so wonderful.

    Yep. I agree, it does make vehicles look like toys.

  14. Oodles of yellow at the blog Oodles of Funch! Perfect examples, especially the road signs and stripes and Mr. Squarepants!

  15. Excellent post, as usual! All that yellow from a car drive - you are amazing!

    Having fun, I hope!

  16. In an ideal world I would live in a yellow house, with a yellow hydrant outside, and my yellow Porsche parked in the drive.

  17. Tara-- Thanks! Yes, it is oodley here. I think I usually go a teensy bit overboard.


  18. crazy4coens-- Those little buggers needed to sleep and let grandma's nerves take a break. I made it a marathon drive.

    Yes, I had fun. Not quite as much as the first day, but fun. Next week we go again.

  19. Michael-- That reminds me of something else I waned to put in here. The man with the yellow hat! How could a librarian miss that! (Curious George). ha

  20. Mo-- What a lovely dream. I shall wish that for you... that it should come true. But you know it's hard to change clothes on a ferry in Porche... though I am willing to watch you try.

    Yes, I am still laughing at that one.

  21. I want a yellow steam roller for Christmas! We get goldfinches around here, they are the first thing I think when I think of yellow :)

  22. Sebastien-- I have never seen a Goldfinch... but they sound wonderful.

    I'll tell Santa about your request. I thought it was so cute sitting there all little amid the giant blue and green and orange construction monsters around it.

  23. Whew - a lot of yellow!
    And it's Monday - where's the report on Sunday?? ;-)

  24. Pamela-- Okay... yes, I owe you a report. I'd do it too if I could stop answering emails on the subject long enough to get my post done. hahahaha

    (I'm having lots of fun with this.)

  25. I think you covered every degree of yellow there is. I hope we get some details today...

  26. I've always liked yellow. I once ordered yellow uniform jerseys for a softball team I was managing. I thought they were really cool. Everybody else hated them. Oh, well.

  27. Churlita-- I had more fun than I have had in years! Let's leave it at that. I know you've got a good enough imagination to fill that in.

    Thanks about the yellows!

  28. Suldog-- In my years running our town's softball program and buying uniforms... I found out the hard way too that with looking cool vs. laundry ease I'd better go with laundry ease. Mothers can be scary.