Sunday, August 2, 2009


Welcome to Sunday Snickers... the weekly post where I put a video, or other clue to the identity of my regular bloggers... you get to guess who! Do you see yourself? Not everyone is in it every week... but there's next week, etc. too.

Can you guess who Chocolate Jesus belongs to? I bet

you can.It has 2 of this blogger's best known "blogging

subjects"And one other one if you pay close attention...

which I happen to do!


This guy's wife is funnier than you, me or him.
I go to his place to dance! Ha. Now you're confused. ;) Here's another clue... his favorite Dane Cook quote is "Back in the day, which we know was a Wednesday..."

One of Dane Cook's acts from "Back in the Day". He talks about Car Accidents, and Bad Cops, and his only single.


Award winning musical Jerry Springer the Opera... the Klan are invited onto the show!

Now this totally outrageous bit of nonsense came to me via this blogger. He's been nominated and showcased on Authorblog a couple of times. The first story of his that I read was about religion and Easter. I have been hooked ever since. I even enjoy his work blog! We share the same favorite Deep Purple song... Highwaaaaaaaaaaaay Starrrrrrrrrrr!


Okay if you don't get this one... you really are not observant at

all! I love this video. It cracks me up.


This blogger has been a real inspriation to me. I

admire her greatly for her independence and

wonderful upbeat attitude. This video is very tongue

in cheek, because she is not that kind of single mom.

This is a very self-reliant woman!


I think that will do it for today. Did you guess who

these bloggers were? I hope so. These are all great

people that I respect. It's wonderful to have them

stopping by from time to time. It's my wish that you

will enjoy them as much as I do. They are the best...

and to quote Kurt Vonnegut... "As are we all! "


  1. I can only guess two this week, The Sleestak video is for dmarks. The single mother song is for Laura B. Those are my two guesses. How'd I do?

  2. AlienCG-- You got dmarks! And yes, laura b. is all those things too... BUT this is another single mom that I was thinking of.

    Here's another clue... she and her friend go to a placed called the Dublin.

    hee hee

  3. I guessed dmarks, but that's the only one. I do remember seeing a post about the chocolate jesus on an artist's blog, but that was some time ago.

  4. secret agent woman-- I thought for sure that you would get this one! He loves to show photos of Jesus and he loves candy and he loves his dog...

    Oh well. Nice try!

    I'll be stopping by. It's hard to remember without you on my roll! I get scatter-brained.

  5. i dunno, an argument could be made for me to be chocolate jesus since i love choc. and just got done teaching vbs ;) but i guess chocolate hugh jackman would be more about me:P

  6. lime-- Hahahaha... I am looking for chocolate Hugh Jackman myself! Of course that is all your fault... mixing two of my favorite obsessions, though I'm not limiting myself to just Hugh. ;)

  7. so from your clues i know that chocloate jesus is billy, and dmarks is sleeestack and single mom is churlita - (my first guess by the way) she and laura are very up beat -

  8. Yay! Crazy4coens! YOu got billy! I honestly thought that one was so obvious. Sometimes the obvious escapes us.

    Churlita is the right answer too... though the same can be said of laura b. as well! Both are wonderful inspiring ladies.

  9. crazy beat me to it because i took the long way home.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. billy pilgrim-- Wow, Funch freaked out so much it used my real name! WTF? Funch has flipped out.

    Ha! I guess crazy4 did! But that makes you my favorite "super tramp" of the day.


    Gosh I love this sh**! fun stuffs!

  12. All-- Well shoot... I guess it's there now... I can't seem to get it off of here. Does anyone know why Funch would freak out and change my name?


  13. i was thinking of tom wait's long way home.

    "i love you pretty baby but i always take the long way home"

    i think it's his best song.

  14. billy pilgrim--

    Oh! I don't know that one! Crap... I hate it when I guess wrong.

    love the lyric though. he's quite a guy.


  15. I got Dmarks and myself. Thanks. You are WAY too nice.

  16. Churlita-- No I am not. I am spot on! You're the best.

  17. Ohhhhh, Tom Waits... fun, not familiar with this song of his. I really like his Big in Japan song, otherwise, I have some random music of his, he is too good.

  18. Sebastien-- Tom Waits is wonderful. He's so old school bluesy. Even love the little dance. Isn't he fun?

  19. I didn't have my internets over the weekend, so I am coming around late...but these are so fun :-)

  20. laura b.-- thank you! I have nothing to do today, so I'm glad you're here now... so I have a reason to do something other than housework. My minions want me to feed them. Dreamers!