Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Okay... this is where my head is today... come on in, the cerebral fluid is good and warm... but not terribly productive. So this is abunch of mutterings from a sleep deprived... yet very happy at the moment... individual. Just don't expect clarity or sense to come out of this. I guarantee that is not going to happen.

I am finding it increasingly more difficult to keep up with my on-line life. I was doing very well until I allowed in some real life. Now reality is eating my life like the Worm Orobus eats his own tail. Worse, reality is conflicting with reality. Heavy sigh. I cannot seem to keep up. Something has to give... these post will likely be the ones taking the hit. But as summer winds down, I am sure that you will all understand. I'm thinking that instead of 7 days a week, you will find 5. That may be pared further if required.

No, I’m not high. Mostly I am sleepy and delightfully confused. Sleep is something that other people do. I take naps. I intend to sleep but I take naps. Tonight I have to sleep… I have to sleep… no excuses… because I am taking care of my babies on Friday and must be able to think and respond quickly. You know how 2-3 year olds are. No slackers allowed there. So the phone will be turned off… sorry fella! The computer is going down… I know you folk will understand. Thank you for that.

My lyric for today:

“If I had a shotgun, you know what I'd do,
I'd point that shit straight at the sky
and shoot heaven on down for you
Because the bars are always open, and the time is always right
And if God's good word goes unspoken, the music goes all night
And it goes...

I want a lover, I can't find the time
I want a reason, I can't find the rhyme
And I want to start some static, but I can't afford,
Just lay on the ground like I fell off my skateboard
Now a days as clear as you please, strap with protection or strap with disease.
Laughter, it's free any time just call me… ”

(I do believe that I get that. So sad that boy took the early train home.)

On the good news front: I know that I have raved about the cousin, J. He is such a good dad. Only one son… an adored and cherished son. Well, little guy’s mom has been having troubles. I try hard not to be too judgmental on folk’s troubles. God knows that my family has had troubles that would make a consumptive two dollar whore blush. I have no right to judge others in a harsh light and I do, honestly, truthfully wish this mom well. I hope this serves as a wake up that inspires her to do the work and get it straight. Today she lost custody of our cherished boy and he has become the legal responsibility of a truthfully great dad. YAY J! Good for J, but the very best part is that this is what is good for our cherished boy. And I am stunned… simply stunned… that DHS made an intelligent choice for a change. They have a very crappy track record as far as I am concerned. Today I give them a happy thumbs up!

Tomorrow the Bear is going to take me shopping for date clothes. My wardrobe is so very sad. I know I’ve hinted at it… I’ve lost quite a bit of weight and my clothing hangs. Talk about a gunny sack… yikes! Time to think about getting clothes that actually fit and don’t look like a “rag picker” as my mother would have said. Besides… date clothes can also be my professional work clothes. Right? I mean, I am supposed to look decent at work too. Two birds with one stone… let’s hope they are big fat black crows. So that will be fun. I’d like to look good for a change. I mean, really… I am going to leave Dumb Potter’s Hell for the real world. I don’t want to frighten the populous.

There is a problem naturally. Mr. O works graveyard. Ah…. Yes, you are starting to get this lack of sleep deal. I am day shift and the time is rapidly flying toward me that I will be expected to be a coherent individual capable of teaching young minds. As much as I have enjoyed the attention and the crazy schedule, all fun things come to an end. We are going to have to work out some sort of system where we can communicate and not destroy my brain’s ability to function.

Okay, enough with the mutterings. I will be back on Friday with a Fable. Until then…

“Oh well the bars are always open and the time is always right
And if God's good word goes unspoken the music goes all night
And it goes...
If i was Bob Marley I said could you be loved
If I was half pint I'd ball the lord up above
If I was Mike Tyson I'd look for a fight
If I was a Boomtown Rats I would be stayin up all night
IF I was the king Ad-Rock I would get stupid dumb
If rhymes were valiums I'd be comfortably numb

If I had a shotgun, you know what I'd do,
I'd point that shit straight at the sky
and shoot heaven on down for you…


  1. I love Sublime...good choice, Ananda.

    I think everyone can fully understand that the blogging schedule is subject to outside influences. Sometimes we can manage it, sometimes it has to fall by the wayside a bit. And always, real life rules :-)

    You and your graveyard shift man will surely work something out. That early intensity will be made up for with that ooh we finally got it together intensity!

    Things sound good, Ananda. I'm feel so happy for you :-)

  2. laura b.-- Yeah, something had to give. The hardest part is giving myself permission.

    Yeah, things are good. So far... so far. I hope it stays that way, but you know life.

    "Just when things are going great... bad news comes knocking at your garden gate." --Joni Mitchell

    For now I plan on having as much fun as I can. If it's good, then it will stay. If not, it's better gone. I be true to me.

  3. have fun shopping! have fun sleeping! have fun taking days off from blogging! have fun with real life! have fun being you! love ya!

  4. How fun. I'm the opposite. I have tons of date clothes but no dates in which to wear them. I like your situation better. I love how your life is taking off. You deserve all the fun attention you can get.

  5. crazy4coens-- Yep, I am going to do just that. It has been so long coming... that I am going to shake the sky. How nice... for a change... to be me!

  6. Churlita-- How curious... here I have been envying you for so long. I love your life! So many friends. So much fun stuff to do.

    Thank you for your kind words. I am having a great time. Of course I could crash and burn anytime. Ha. But you never get any place if you do not try to fly right? And believe me, I've got that crash covered too.

  7. it is good to be prepared. that reminds me of something stewart smalley's mother said to him. you have GOT to see Stewart Saves His Family!

  8. I wish you all the best. Enjoy your break. The ebbs and flows of life are way more important than blogging.

    That said, I do hope you do find a little time to let your blog buddies know how you're faring.

  9. you blog when you can. i'm sorry my commenting has been kind of spotty. i do read though. i appreciate those lyrics. i connect with them very much. just thanks.

  10. "... would make a consumptive two-dollar whore blush..."

    Not much I'm going to read today could top that!

  11. crazy4coens-- Yikes I am typing with a two year old and a three year old in Michale's sound studio... busy hands! I am saying "Hey... we don't touch the vinyl" over and over. Life is a trip today. I'll see if I can shake my movie tree and have that one fall out. Yay! G just gave me an icky bug.

  12. Cube-- I can't go away now... not far, not long anyway. I'm addicted and I like it like that. Besides you guys are my sounding board... I know if I feel weird about telling you, I better not do that. Ha.

  13. lime-- It's okay. I don't always comment when I read either and I don't keep track of who leaves words. I'm glad that people read my drivel.

    Wow... one of my little guys is on a bug killing mission... and I get the trophies! Yay! I better go save the bugs.

    Glad you like the lyrics. I love them... poetry.

    Oh no... G just told me he killed the bug because it was a "bitch". Heavy sigh.

  14. Suldog-- Ha! Aren't words fun! I've been watching old Deadwood on Hulu. (Thanks.)

    The three year old here thinks words are fun too... he's said most of the "7 words you can't say..." that George Carlin gave us. Yikes.

  15. I'd love to have a VW Bug again... one of the originals, not the phony new ones.

    They were great little cars, when I was a master mechanic I worked on them. But I never did own one.

    I have a good friend that has a custom automotive upholstery shop a block away from me and he does the interiors in them all the time.

    These days it costs twenty-five hundred to five grand to do an interior in one, ouch !! I'm glad that he is my friend and he does my stuff for free.

  16. BBC-- Born Before Christ... I love that! Good deed doer... love that too. Welcome, Bug lover!
    I have owned a red one, an orange one and a sky blue one... all Supers. I also owned a maroon KarmanGhia that I adored. I hated to part with each and every one, but the Ghia was the hardest to let go of... I called it my poor man's Porche.

    I don't doubt that it costs that much, but consider that a fair and decent price for restoration of a true classic vehicle. But wow... lucky you BBC to have such a friend!

    Thanks for coming over from billy's tonight. It has been a real pleasure for me. I hope you'll poke your head in again sometime.

  17. My parents owned a red bug and later a sky blue bug, but never an orange one. Weird concinnity, eh?

  18. Real life? I don't care to know what that is. I prefer the online world where I get to bully 12 year olds with impunity ;)

    I agree about date/work clothes, they can work both ways! I went to the retro clothing store today with the gf, we found her a very cool dress, 1960s mod style. We were both so excited at the cool find!