Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Doesn't this look like some teenaged girl's scrap book?

Yes dear friends... it's Kevin's birthday today and we are celebrating at Oodles of Funch! I know that Kevin may not be your cup of tea... if so, you are excused from the activities. No one will be offended. I understand that not everyone likes Kevin... even if the reason for this escapes me. A list of all his movies and bio can be found here...

Kevin Bacon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The fact is that Kevin is fun. There is a cart load of stuff about him on the internet and the reason for that is because liking Kevin is the "guilty pleasure" a lot of people'.

However, I am not ashamed to admit that I like the guy. He's funny when he talks in interviews. He does not seem to be stuck on himself and he tackles whatever he wants to do.

Footloose... the story of a small town not unlike Dumb Potters Hell... chock full of fundamentalist gone out of control fanaticism. Children who are not allowed to dance! Yikes. What perils await a boy who loves to dance?

Maybe you already know about Kevin and his brother's band. You know, I can't sing worth a hoot. In my younth I spent a lot of time around those who could sing and play instruments. People in bands. I am a big admirer of anyone with the balls to get up in front of everyone and sing. I would curl up and die! So would my audience.

The Bacon Bros :: Official Artist Site Coming Shortly

Here's a video with a Bacon Brothers song

A Kevin Bacon and Kira Sedgwick Tribute to the song "Ten Years in Mexico" By The Bacon Brothers off their "No Food Jokes Tour" Album.

And here is another site of his that is really better:
Kevin Bacon Funny or Die site .

Ah... the best photo of Kevin that I could find on google images.

Maybe you've heard of the game...

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Here's a bit of a twist on the game above... you plug your own name into it and it tells you how you are related to Kevin Bacon in the order of the universe:

The Associate Degrees of Kevin Bacon | The Brunching Shuttlecocks

Here's what my name turned out:
ananda girl

would love to have cheekbones just like
Nadia Heck
who thinks of carefree summers in Maine upon hearing the name
Gregg Heck
who went to summer camp with
Roy Fortuitous
who owns a hand towel discarded by
Kevin Bacon

Too funny!

What about "real" Kevin Bacon news? We've got that right here too:

People Plus: Bacon plays charity concert atop a Colorado fourteener

Kevin Bacon And Kyra Sedgwick Lose Big WIth Madoff

How can you not like a guy who does stuff for charity and gets swindled ? How much more real can you get?

One last Kevin Bacon "bit". It's a doozie and I do not endorse this particular group!
Warning... I did not listen to them for long. They are screamers. Okay? We're good.

I hope you enjoyed your Bacon Bits. I had a lot of fun finding them and choosing from the train load of crap out there to present to you.

I returned to physical therapy one last time for the big good-bye. The therapy god and therapy goddess were both there. I got hugs and the god gave me a nice pedometer and showed me how to use it. I am supposed to keep them posted on how my fitness obsession goes. They're rooting for me. Nice people.

Max was with me. When we left he says "I can see why you like him." and laughed.
"He calls you darlin'. "

It has been a long while since anyone called me darlin' or anything close. I'm sure he calls all old bats like me that. Mostly, it's just great to be treated so nice. And you know... that's why I like it here too... because you're all so nice. Thanks!

I think I'll celebrate with bacon for breakfast! How about you?

*Hey! Today at 5minutes and 6 seconds after 4:00... it will be 04.05.06 ! This will never happen again in our life time.


  1. Bacon Bits... gotta love that title. My favorite KB movie is "Stir of Echoes".

    I don't do heavy breakfast often, but when I do crispy bacon is a must.

  2. cube-- We really were separated at birth! Stir of Echos is my favorite too. I have it.

    The family sit down whenever a Tremors movie comes on... it's like a zombie thing. We seem to be helpless to pass it by. ha.

  3. Alien Coffeeground
    invented a new kind of cheese, but the idea was stolen by
    Lisa Heck
    who can't get enough of
    Penelope Cohen
    who certainly took some time getting around to returning the phone calls of
    Reggie Hopper
    who invented a new kind of cheese, but the idea was stolen by
    Troy Gilly
    who was at a cocktail party and spilled Merlot on
    Kevin Bacon

    Alright! I'm connected to Kevin Bacon. I also have a pound of bacon in my freezer while I wait for my tomatoes to ripen.

  4. miss ananda - thanks for the 10 years in mexico video. what a cute couple! and they are still a couple? amazing - how does anyone keep their head under all the media scrutiny? anyway - i get the kevin bacon thing, i really do!

  5. Oh yeah, Tremors, but only the first one is really good. The rest are just meh...

    I love aliencg's comment. I have 3 lbs. of bacon in my fridge right this minute. (Yes, Mr. Cube went to Sam's Club. Something that should not be allowed for precisely this reason) Does that make me even more connected ;-)

  6. aliencg-- So even aliens are connected to Kevin... I knew it!

    Yum... BLTs. mmmmmmmmmm

  7. cube-- Oh yeah, the others are way corny. Not even Kevin wanted to be in them or Fred for that matter.

    Mr.cube should not be allowed to shop alone. lol
    I'd say that moves up your connection a few pounds.

  8. crazy4coens-- Good. Glad you get it. I just think the whole fan fare over him is fun.

    They are a nice couple and it is remarkable how they have managed to stay together.

  9. I must admit I commented about Kyra but deleted everything. OK, it was about that awful lipstick...

  10. I think I'm two degrees away from Kevin Bacon. My college roommate was a stand-in for Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams. Kevin Costner and Kevin Bacon were in JFK together. Does that count?

  11. cube-- lol! Isn't it horrid? Why do they do that!

  12. regarding her lipstick - they even wrote something about it into her show - the closer.

  13. Churlita-- That's fantastic! And you didn't even need a machine to tell you how you were related.
    Thanks for sharing that.

    I get such a kick out of that Will and Grace where Kevin Bacon thinks Will is stalking him.
    That would be my luck. Ha.

  14. crazy4coens-- Well? What did they write in about it?

    Lipstick has fish scales in it. Ugh. Another reason I don't wear it. The best being it does not look any better on me than it does Kyra. :(

  15. Can't argue with Kevin Bacon, nor of actual bacon.

    As much as you can tell from interviews, he seems like a cool dude. Someone who can laugh at himself, and knows not every film he's made has been high art, but just keeps pluggin' away.

    My favorite Bacon exchange, with Tom Cruise in "A Few Good Men", as the judge enters the courtroom:

    CRUISE: Last chance, I'll flip you for it.
    BACON: Too late.

  16. Michael-- Isn't that a good movie?

    I think you have captured him perfectly in your assessment. I admire people who can do that.

  17. Michael-- Speaking of degrees of separation... Max and I were talking the other day about our connections to names. I have nine Michaels that I am connected directly to in some manor. You are one of these.

    The only other name that I am more connected to is Bob and I have 19 of those!

    Just an interesting ort.

  18. Nickie Goomba-- Welcome to Oodles of Funch! I love your moniker and your I.D. photo. Thanks for signing on to follow. I hope you find that you like it here.

  19. In Dilbert, they had a version where you had to know some guy named Kevin who ate bacon.

  20. dmarks-- I love that... what a hoot! Good addition. Thanks.

  21. dmarks-- Hey... I know a guy named Kevin who ate bacon! I bet he still does.

  22. Oh, I get the Kevin Bacon thing. He does seem like a cool guy, with a normal marriage and family life.
    Of course I love Diner and Footloose, but I also enjoy some of his darker roles, like Mystic River and The Woodsman.
    What a fun post :-)

  23. laura b-- Oh, I do like his darker stuff too. I own both of those.

    Oddly enough, I have never gone out to purchase a movie because he was in it. It's not like I meant to collect them. They still make it into my house.

    I liked The Woodsman a lot, despite the fact that he is a "woof" in it. Mystic River is painful to watch for me, because of that particular"woof", but I watch it anyway. Kevin Bacon did an outstanding job in both movies.

  24. Did I ever mention how I ran into Kevin Bacon in an LA subway and he tried to punch me in the face. Not a true story, but I wish it were.

  25. Sebastien-- Oh...rats! I wish that were true too. Oh, wait, that wouldn't be very nice. Not saying I'd like to see you get punched in the face. But what a great story. lol

  26. how could someone capable of battling those giant worms get taken in by bernie madoff?

  27. billy pilgrim-- It certainly is a mystery. I can't think of a more noxious worm than Bernie Maddoff!

    Maybe it was because Fred was missing.

  28. He was dark, and subtle in "My Dog Skip"

  29. dmarks-- Yes he was. I'd forgotten about that one. Thanks for the reminder. I might celebrate by watching it tonight.

    I honestly think that he has grown in talent considerably. Johnny Depp is still my very favorite actor and I believe the most talented. But Kevin does a great job with a good script and role.

  30. I love telling people that story, in a very excited manner and they get all excited. They are always soooo disappointed when I break the truth to them.

  31. Sebastien-- I love that you did that though... you have a wicked sense of humor and that is always a very good thing. :)

  32. Sebastien-- And I mean that in a nice way!