Saturday, July 18, 2009



Not the worst obsession.

Watching the sun rise is a good obsession for me.

Following healthy eating rules and working toward getting fit is my most important obsession.

Reading is a healthy obsession.
Ah... you can see that I do get carried away.
Yep, that is my bedside reading pile.

Max's obsession with collage has left the room I am moving into covered in images like this. You honestly cannot see the walls beneath.

My favorite obsession; music.

Dropkick Murphys are darned special to me. You don't need to know why.
This Murphy song is sweet and sad.

This song below by Don Henley is sort of my current theme song. It is all about forgiveness and that's an obsession of mine too.


  1. I'm obsessed by Salem witches, I think....

  2. Great obsessions. I took kind of the same approach. I am also obsessed with coffee, I love it. Good post, good pictures, have a good Saturday.

  3. We share some obsessions. I noticed on your bedside a book by Palahniuk. I've only read his "Haunted" and that was one frakking weird read indeed.

    When I hear the word obsession, I always think of The Eurythmics. That was the first song of theirs I ever heard and I was instantly hooked.

  4. Braja: Funny you would mention witches. Your name is only one letter away from bruja which means witch in Spanish.

  5. very nice to see harry turtledove at the top of your reading stack.

    the spirits of emperors past will be happy.

    i have one obsession, punctuality. my therapist is trying to cure me but she always keeps me waiting.

  6. Braja-- They are a fascinating subject matter. But not what I expected you to be obsessed with!

  7. aliencg-- I am switching to coffee I make myself again. The Starbucks mocha that I was buying has 350 calories. Yikes! I can make a nice cup at home with unsweetened cocoa powder that has zero calories.

    But all that is part of my food rules thing.

    Thank you for the nice words. I hope you have a wonderful Saturday too!

  8. cube-- Oh yeah... Annie. Sweet dreams are made of these, who am I to disagree, I've traveled the world and the seven seas everybody is looking for something. I drove my family nuts singing that one. ha.

    Palahniuk deals with obsessions that are a bit out of the ordinary. In Diary there is a contractor who walls up rooms. He has painted graffiti all over the walls inside the room. All this is done to vacation homes. The people show up for vacation and can't find their rooms!

    Worse, he kills himself and leaves his wife with a bunch of angry customers. She becomes obsessed with reading the walls of the walled up rooms and trying to make things right for everyone.

    Palahniuk must be a fascinating person! I would dearly love to have a good conversation with that man. I have not read haunted yet... but I've got a copy.

  9. billy pilgrim-- Superior Sir, I am up to Striking The Balance. I know that I am dragging my feet. Its what I do when I really like a series that is coming to a conclusion and I don't want to let go of it. But I just learned that there is to be another one. Yay! (Emphatic cough.)

    It must be liberating to only have one obsession.
    I out loud laughed at your therapist problem.

  10. billy-- That would be "laughed out loud". hahahaha

  11. Wonaful, wonaful post!

    You seem to be much less obsessive than me - and in a good way!

    Your reading material is so much freer than mine. I have all this dogma in my head.....

    and I LOVE the Max walls! Tell him, beautiful work!

  12. crazy4coens-- You should know that's not true. You know my "bad" obsessions!

    hee hee. (but oh so good too);)

    Yes, I read anything. Everything. Give me more!

    Max is one of the most creative people. He is in constant artistic mode. Explosive artistic temper though. He gets that from his dad... did you know that StbX is a extremely talented illustrator? Give me shivers to look at what he can do with a pencil. I will tell Max. He will glow.

  13. crazy4coens-- If you click on the collage, you can check out the Japanese poster Max has of Connan O'B Vs the Bear. He's wearing the "In The Year 2000" collar. We are obsessed with Connan here at Ananda's house in a box.

  14. ananda - I loved the poster!

    you are a good artist, too, as i recall - always turning things inside out to show the truth.

    please encourage StbX to use his talent. He could start a blog, too - somewhere else, of course!

  15. I CANNOT believe I left reading out of my post! I love your books, Ananada :-)
    I definitely should get more obsessed with eating healthy, as opposed to just eating. And I L.O.V.E. your collage walls. That is so kickass.
    Great post, Ananda, and thanks for the tag! The word is SUMMER :-)

  16. crazy4coens-- I have not picked up a pencil, ink or brush in decades... they scare the crap right out of me!

    StbX is afraid of computers. In prison drawing was an escape. You should see the landscapes of our area that he did while caged, out of his head! He says he prefers to work with wood. I'll have to post a photo of some of the furniture he's built me over the years. Talent is not something he lacks.

    He knows my blog name, which I did not want him to know. He says he will respect it and stay away. I'm not sure that I buy this. He's not got a good honesty record these days. It is an opportunity for meanness, should I piss him off enough. I seem to have an amazing talent for that. :<

    So if Funch suddenly vanishes do not be surprised. It will be reincarnated as something else.

  17. laura b.-- That's okay, I can't believe that I left men out of my obsessions. ha! Just joking. (wink)

    Max is quite the guy. I'll leave much of it up to be surrounded by Maxishness.

    My daughter was into Peter Max style paintings (like Yellow Submarine) and painted all our doors that way in our old house. Max brought one of the doors with him, but Bear stole it back and took it to her house. I'll have to show you a photo.

    Oooohhhh... SUMMER! Fun word...and the brain begins to whirrrr...

  18. I have that same Harry Turtledove novel crammed into a shelf nearby as I type.

    I finally have my obsessive post up in my blog.

  19. dmarks-- I have enjoyed the Turtledove series tremendously... thanks to billy pilgrim's suggestion that I would like them.

    Great... I'm off to see your post!

  20. dmarks-- Great readers read alike?

    Big grin.

  21. That cereal looks really good! Excellent examples of obsession!

  22. You see allllll sunrises? Even in winter?

  23. Pamela-- Especially in the winter. I am up at 4:30 a.m. to give myself enough time to walk and then shower and dress before work.

    Crazy huh? I used to think so, but it's addictive. And I just read that people who get up early have less trouble with depression than those who sleep late. So there's another bonus.

    Actually, winter the sun comes up late. In summer I have to race to get up before the sun does.

  24. You have excellent obsessions. Can completely agree with books and caffeine :)

    I'm also a big health nut as well. I hope you snag a cool bike soon and have lots of healthy fun on that!

  25. Sebastien-- Thank you, good sir! We have the best taste don't we? hahaha

    I'm so glad that there are other health nuts out there. I am indeed going to get a bike, do my part to help the earth out by not wasting gas so much... and have a ball doing it. Thanks for your help in the vein! It was much appreciated.

    BTW... Sebastien, I just got my Pogues tickets today. Very cool beans!

  26. POGUES! you lucky ducky, can't wait to here about it!

  27. Sebastien-- I'm taking my camera and hope I can get close enough to get in a few good shots out of the ten thousand I'll take to share. Of course that may be hard to do while jumping up and down for joy. I'm thrilled that they didn't sell out before I had the money!

  28. dmarks-- What a fantastic post! So that was H.P.'s inspiration for Arkham Sanitarium! How lucky you got to see it before they tore it down.
    What spooky place. Love the history. I hope you do another post on it with your photos.

    BTW I own Section 9. Big cheesy grin. Thanks for the link... I'll pass it along to Braja too.

  29. You guys have the healthiest obsessions I've ever seen. That's so great.

  30. Churlita-- Thanks, but to be honest, I had to develop mine to combat the bad obsessions I had for so long.

    And... hee hee, I did keep the fun ones. That's the fun bad ones. ;)