Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Sweet! Yesterday I met my kids for lunch in the next town over. This is my ice tea. It was pretty warm. I like sweet tea when it's warm, but my sweet tea days are over. Artificial sweetners are not healthy for you. I'm better off not having any sugar than using it. That includes the new made from sugar stuff. It's all crap for you. Now I drink it straight.

We met at a Shari's Restaurant. They are like a Denny's.

Squeaky has been staying with the Bear. He's been rebuilding her computer and updating it.
But he is ready to come home now. Yay! I have enjoyed alone time very much, but have missed his crabbiness as well. Isn't he handsome?

Max, my bruiser... mosh pits beware... is enjoying his new bachelor life-style. Note the exhausted, but happy look.

Mikey calls Bear "Hot Mama".
Cracks me up. He calls me "Happy Grandma". I like that name fine.

Here's the golden boy! He was in a good mood most of the time. He did get a bit fidgety by the end of the meal. But you do when you're two.

This is a mostly fluff post... my brain was tired today. So here is a trivia question for those of you old enough to maybe remember this... okay a lot of you won't know and maybe no one will... Can you tell me what movie the picture below is from? Yes, he is a sheep-man. Not my StbX, though I could sure see why you might think so. ;)

Oh... my apologies for that. I don't want to be an ex-basher.

It is a weird picture. So here are some weird things for you to check out that I found at . Have fun with the links. WARNING: The site has adult humor.
The links below are fine for anyone.

Michigan: Prisoner jailed for stealing from jail

Weird cases: possession of pie with unlawful intent

Comics artist Mark Sable detained for Unthinkable acts

Luxury Yacht Company Offers Pirate-Hunting Cruises

Stoned wallabies create opium crop circles

(My favorite... it explains quite a bit don't you think?)

Yesterday's post was so heavy... I just wanted to give you some laughs. You guys are the best!



  1. (For some reason, I can't post a comment to your blog from my work computer - I have to save it as an email draft and copy it over when I get home.)

    In spite of the fact that I am mostly a Southernor, the love of seet tea escpes me. In the rare event that I drink iced tea, it has to be unsweetened.

  2. I drink tea and coffee unsweetened. I don't turn down a little fat-free creamer or milk for my coffee though. Don't like it black.

    I can't ID the sheep man movie although it looks like something I should know. Maybe the memory was lost in my misspent youth ;-)

    BTW your kids are a good looking bunch. The little one is a cutie pie.

  3. I like my tea sweetened with lemon. I prefer making it myself by the gallon (I'd make a 55 gallon drum if I could store it).

    It's so nice to all of the kids in one place. I usually get fidgety by the end of the meal if I've eaten too much.

    I'm gonna guess House 2: The Second Story. It looks like like something from that series.

  4. revenge may be a dish best served cold but tea is beverage best served steaming hot and unadulterated.

    my dentist once asked if i smoked. no, i have tea stains.

  5. secret agent woman-- Oh no! Sounds frustrating.

    My mom grew up in the south... there was not a summer day that did not have sweet tea in it.

    Now I find I prefer it unsweetened. Especially chai spice black tea. Yum

  6. cube-- Thanks. I think they are good looking but you know... biased on that issue.

    The little one is really funny too.

  7. aliencg-- Good guess, but nope. Thanks for guessing!

    Yes, it was very nice for us all to be together.

    If I eat too much I get the slows.

  8. billy-- I like tea hot and plain too. Even in summer I start my day with hot tea and switch to iced as the day goes by.

    Sadly, I smoked for a long time before quitting and won't give up tea. I scrub the heck out of my teeth.

  9. Yowskers! Squeaky has the StbX look down, doesn't he?

    And I am sure that guy on the strecher is StbX - you're just joshing us!

    I usually love unsweetened ice tea in the summer - but I am getting more caffeine senstive and don't drink as much as I used to.

    My teeth, too, are caffeine stained and it appears no amount of scrubbing will help. I have a cap on my front tooth and am hesitant to whiten ........

  10. You have a beautiful family...And even better you all seem so happy together. I love seeing that. It looks like you did a great job of making them all such great people.

  11. crazy4coens-- Is that the look that Squeaky is giving me or do you think he looks like his dad?

    Cause frankly, I think Squeaky is handsome and his dad... looks kind of like one of the creatures from House II.

    I'll give you a clue about the movie... That is Malcome McDowell, who StbX used to look a lot like in the day. No wonder you're confused!

    Yeah... I fear bleaching my teeth too, but only cause I am paranoid.

  12. Churlita-- Thanks! We are very happy together. In fact, I just got back from lunch with the Bear, the boy and Great Auntie "Whee-tah". We are together as much as we can manage.

    I do think they are great people. I think that was an accident though.

  13. Dang...I tried to leave a comment earlier, but I see it didn't take. Let me try again :-)

    Your kids and the baby are a very good looking group. And I LOVE Mikey's name for you guys!
    I don't know where that sheep guy is from, but he looks disturbingly familiar.
    Oh, and thanks for all the fun links! There is lots of crazy stuff going on in the world...

  14. laura b-- Thanks!

    Mikey is so funny and fun.

    I just got such a kick out of those silly high wallabies. Now we know... crop circles are caused by drug addicted animals, not aliens. Ha!

    I'll let you guys know about "sheep-man" in tomorrow's post. ;)

  15. Aww, kids look great! And the grandchild... so cute. Too bad you had to add that disturbing photo at the end. Going to bed soon, probably have some seriously troubling nightmares. I will hold you accountable!

    So happy to hear you have a Bear in the family. I am planning on getting my first bear, a grizzly, this coming christmas. (I am a huge bearophile, or is it ursinophile, I really don't know... but I often include them in drawings :)

  16. Sabastien-- You know when I read your comment in my email, I couldn't recall the last photo. LOL
    Now I get it! Ooops.

    I too am a ursinophile. Your drawings are marvelous, really. I like your blog a lot. I hope you stop in often.